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Chapter 852

Yu Feng gently tapped on the table, making a tut-tut sound, which annoyed Mu Chen for no reason .

“I only know now that no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better . ” Fortunately, there was only one person who was so powerful . They could take turns fighting that man, or fighting in groups to defeat him . If there were more than one man, then their tactics would fail .

Mu Chen nodded silently, yes, they had always felt that their strength was strong enough before this, but they only realized how weak they were after meeting that man .

“You are right, it seems that we have to increase our own strength in the future . ” Mu Chen said .

“Yeah . ”

Situ Xuan listened to their conversation silently, she glanced at the two of them, then touched her nose: “Aren’t you two concerned about the wrong thing now?”

It did not seem to be the right time to talk about this now, didn’t it? What they should be thinking now was what they should do to settle this troublesome matter properly .

The two of them exchanged glances, they couldn’t help laughing: “Xuan Xuan is right, let’s think about this afterwards . ”

Wei Luo was looking into the distance in the palace, her eyes flashed with heavy bitterness as she sighed softly without speaking, then she turned to her room .

While things were messy in Miaojiang, the Xiao Empire was also in a state of tension .

The reason was because of Mu Xue . After Xiao Qi Feng came to Qi Tian’s residence that time, he showed up once again afterwards for who knew what reason to see Mu Xue one more time . Ever since then, Mu Xue was in a trance, as if she had been possessed .

Mu Xue finally told Xiao Qi Tian everything after much soothing and persuasion .

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So what happened was that Xiao Qi Feng did not believe that Mu Xue had really forgotten about Tong Bao Zhai, so he purposely met up with Mu Xue privately and he even threatened her with the child in her belly .

Naturally, this led to Mu Xue being too frightened and caused her to experience symptoms of getting a miscarriage .

If it was not for Xiao Qi Tian who found out about it earlier and snatched her back from Xiao Qi Feng’s hands, perhaps the child would be gone by the time he saw her .

Because of this, Xiao Qi Tian and Xiao Qi Feng could no longer maintain a friendly relationship even if it was on the surface .

Xiao Qi Feng placed Xiao Qi Tian’s family on housearrest, and Xiao Qi Tian took care of Mu Xue in the residence and never once left .

Actually, Qiao Qi Feng did not really mean to do any harm on Mu Xue . It was just an accident . He did not expect such a thing to happen, but he even more did not expect Xiao Qi Tian to give such a huge reaction because of this matter . Not only did Xiao Qi Tian attack Xiao Qi Feng, he even said he wanted to break their brotherly relationship .

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This was a shame for Xiao Qi Feng . His own brother actually wanted to cut ties with him, and because of that, Xiao Qi Feng placed the arrest in a fury . They were not allowed to go out at all . The purpose of him doing so was actually to let Xiao Qi Tian admit his mistake and apologize first .

Xiao Qi Feng had waited for several days, but Xiao Qi Tian showed no means of retreating, on the contrary, he and Mu Xue spent their time leisurely in the residence .

“You really do know how to relax . ” Xiao Qi Feng said coldly at Xiao Qi Tian .

Xiao Qi Tian glanced at Xiao Qi Feng and replied faintly: “Oh, I’m not as laid-back as the Emperor . There are so many things happening in the Xiao Empire right now, but the Emperor still has time to hang out with me . ”

Xiao Qi Tian countered his brother’s comment, then brought a bowl of soup to Mu Xue and asked her to drink it .

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Xiao Qi Feng felt very uncomfortable at the way Xiao Qi Tian was acting .

In the past, Xiao Qi Tian had always called him his elder brother, and he would only call him Emperor Brother during official occasions . However, he had never called him his elder brother ever since the problem with Qiao Tian Chang, instead, he had always just used a distant tone to address him as Emperor Brother .

Despite this, Xiao Qi Feng still had some thoughts in his mind, but Xiao Qi Tian was not even willing to address him as Emperor Brother anymore . He actually called him the Emperor now .

Xiao Qi Feng had heard this title every day, but it felt really disgusting at this moment .

“Qi Tian, we’re brothers, do we really have to come to this point?”

“Oh, don’t you think it’s too late to say this now?” Xiao Qi Feng should know that things between them could not go back to how it used to be when he had almost caused Mu Xue to have a miscarriage .

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