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Chapter 283: Xirou's Death
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A group walked in the air above the inn that the College stayed at then descended. Those who went to investigate the Royal Xuan City had come back too. They brought the results with them.

In the Royal Xuan City, Xirou had come in contact with someone named Hu Tong. According to someone who knew him, Hu Tong was in the upper Arcana Plane with earth elemental power. Xirou had helped Hu Tong's family before. Then Hu Tong disappeared.

People from the College quickly went to find Hu Tong's family but found that they'd disappeared a few days before they went to Royal Xuan City. As the controller of the city, the Royal Xuan Temple could definitely make someone disappear without a trace.

When the news was brought back, everything became clear. However, the person was dead and the family had disappeared. There was no proof.

Over by the Cottage group, Zhuge Hui and the others sat together. Hearing this, Zhuge Hui smirked. No proof?

"Junior, let's go," she said to Ye Futian with a smile. It was already so clear. Was there still a need for proof? It was up to judicial discretion. Whether the evidence was destroyed or not, it was unimportant.

"Okay." After hearing the news, Ye Futian understood as well. Xirou was definitely the culprit.

That day, this woman had gone to Cangye to pressure his friends and family for Luo Junlin, threatening Cangye and taking away his relatives. Now, she killed someone for Luo Junlin.

She was unforgivable.

Back then, he hadn't entered the Cottage yet and had just returned to Cangye to wait for everyone's invitations. He didn't have the ability to touch the princess of the Royal Xuan Temple.

Now, the College and Cottage would stand up for him. His second senior sister would personally go help him. He wasn't solving it himself but this feeling was still heartwarming.

The group strode towards where the Royal Xuan Temple group was. People gathered wherever they went, creating a terrible flood that followed the College.

This matter had caused a great commotion in Chaoge City these few days. The inn where the College stayed was always surrounded by people waiting to hear the results. Now, the College's investigator had returned and they walked out. The people knew that the matter was about to be resolved.

The powerful cultivators gathered at the Royal Xuan Temple's inn. There were many people waiting there too, including people from the top forces. They all wanted to see the ending.

An invisible pressure enveloped the inn. The strong cultivators of the Royal Xuan Temple walked out and watched the College approach with cold expressions. The crowd cleared out a path. He Yulu, the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple walked out, looking at the College.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked, expression cold and indifferent.

Zhuge Hui gazed at him and smiled. "I'm sure the Royal Xuan Temple is already clear on who orchestrated this. There's no need for me to explain who Hu Tong is. You hid his family to destroy everything, and I can ignore that. However, if anyone dares to stop me from taking the person, I will assume that this is not only Xirou's actions. Instead, it is the wish of the Royal Xuan Temple in Chaoge City." Zhuge Hui's voice grew cold as she spoke. "If that is the case, none of you will be able to leave."

She didn't want to debate with the Royal Xuan Temple. The Cottage had their own rules: family would be untouched. As of now, Xirou seemed to be the only own responsible, rather than the Royal Xuan Temple. Then Xirou must take responsibility for it. However, if the Royal Xuan Temple wanted to protect her, it would show that they approved of Xirou assassinating Ye Futian. In that case, they were also responsible.

When Gu Dongliu had gone down the mountain, he had only wanted to punish the culprit. However, the top forces tried to protect the man, leading to the disaster. Thinking of this, the people of the Royal Xuan Temple grew uncomfortable. They were embarrassed by Zhuge Hui's threat and also furious for being involved because of Xirou's stupid actions.

If not for the stupid woman, would this be happening? Now that the fifth lord was here. Was he planning on protecting his daughter? If so, they believed the second disciple of the Cottage would really do what she said. It wasn't as if the Cottage had never done that before.

Even the strong cultivators gazed at He Yulu. Was he still not willing to turn his back on his family? Was he going to make everyone pay for He Xirou's stupidity?

Everyone around them was shaken. They looked at the fairy-like woman. The second disciple of the Cottage was so powerful. If anyone stopped her, no one from the Royal Xuan Temple would be allowed to leave. She didn't even care if the fifth lord was before her.

He Yulu did not know what to do and didn't reply. He knew his daughter had made a grave mistake. She could be as stubborn as she wished but she definitely should not try to assassinate a Cottage disciple.

But she was still his daughter. One could imagine how it must feel to give his own daughter up. Right now, he was full of fury and hatred towards the Cottage.

Just then, the Royal Xuan Temple voluntarily moved aside. Two more figures walked over. At that moment, countless gazes fell on the one in front. It was He Xirou.

Right now, she looked frail. However, her eyes were still cool and indignant as she looked coldly at the Cottage. These people were here to force her to die.

"I sent the man," Xirou said, halting. She admitted it.

With how things were, would the Cottage give up if she denied it? Of course not.

Xirou stared coldly at Zhuge Hui. So she's the second disciple of the Cottage. She was so domineering in how she bullied Xirou.

"Months ago, I saved Hu Tong's family, making him owe his life to me. I already started having these thoughts. Later, Hu Tong followed me and worked for me until he failed the assassination," Xirou recounted calmly. "I am the only one responsible for everything."

"What did I do to you?" Ye Futian asked. Had she been planning his death since months ago? Just how much did she want to kill him?

"Because you're so talented. I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Many forces in the Eastern Barren Territory want you, and even the Cottage, dead. They just didn't do anything." Xirou suddenly laughed. Everyone knew that she was speaking the truth.

The Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and Fuyun Sword Clan all wanted the Cottage wiped from existence. The Cottage disciples were too talented and skilled. Their only crime was that they were too successful. To many people, the talents of the Cottage disciples were a sin. Of course, Ye Futian's talent wasn't Xirou's only reason. More importantly, his talent threatened Luo Junlin.

"I will take responsibility for my own actions. I confess," Xirou spoke again. She was prepared to die.

"Shut your mouth," He Yulu ordered coldly. He looked at Zhuge Hui. "My daughter made a mistake because I failed in teaching her. Thankfully, nothing came out of it. Ye Futian is still alive and well. I am willing to apologize and give whatever you request." Here, He Yulu was still trying to save his daughter's life.

"Nothing came out of it?" Zhuge Hui smiled sarcastically.

The effect of an assassination attempt wasn't only the assassination. If she let it go just because Ye Futian didn't die or only wanted compensation, wouldn't the other forces try it too?

"Do it yourself?" Zhuge Hui asked Xirou, ignoring He Yulu.

He Xirou lowered her head, fists clenching weakly. Though she was ready, she still didn't want to die.

"Is that how overbearing the Cottage is?" He Yulu asked coldly. "Ye Futian is alive but you won't end this until she dies?"

"Yes." Zhuge Hui only gave He Yulu one word. Since you say I'm overbearing, then so be it.

Crack. He Yulu clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked. A wild aura spread from his body. Zhuge Hui looked at him. Her white dress fluttered but not a bit of her aura flowed out. However, the calmer she was, the more scared the others became.

If He Yulu really dared to fight back, what would be the consequence? The people of the College walked forward. The assassination had failed and now they called them overbearing? What a joke.

The people of the Royal Xuan Temple looked at He Yulu nervously. If he really fought back, what would happen to them?

"Father," Xirou called. He Yulu looked to his daughter and saw her shake her head. "I did it so I will bear it alone." Her eyes were red. She looked back at Luo Junlin, longing filling her eyes. Luo Junlin gazed at her with the same gentle and unwilling eyes.

"Father, I'm sorry." As soon as she finished, Spiritual Qi went wild around her and formed sharp daggers before her body. Then she closed her eyes.

"Xirou!" He Yulu's expression twisted in pain. He reached out to stop her.

"Father, don't forget what you promised me." When she spoke, she used her mind to guide the blades to her heart and relaxed her guard.

There was a soft sound and the blades pierced her, staining her clothing red. Xirou's body went limp and collapsed. He Yulu caught her. Xirou opened her eyes and looked at her father. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her body struggled in pain. She didn't want to die but she had to.

Finally, she closed her eyes and her aura disappeared. He Yulu scanned the people before him with red eyes.

"The Cottage forced my daughter to die. I, He Yulu, will remember this," he said in a frigid tone.

"The Cottage didn't force your daughter to die. It's your disciple and daughter's evil stupidity that killed her," Ye Futian said coldly.

The scene was very tragic and made people want to pity them. However, did they need pity? She had caused it and then turned to lash out at the Cottage, making the Cottage seem like they were bullies?

Ye Futian couldn't allow it.

However, this wasn't over!

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