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1366 Escape from DC

“Join forces to resist him?” When Greg heard what Derek said, his eyes immediately lit up. “That’s right! We can still join forces now! However, it’s unrealistic to think that we can resist Lucas Gray with just the strength of our three families. It’s not that I’m not underestimating us, but let’s talk about the facts. The combined strength of our three families is not a match for Lucas Gray and his group.

“On the other hand, if our three families join forces to leave DC, it’s completely possible!”

Hearing this, Derek and Rayson were shocked.

Rayson was the first to stand up and object. “Greg, what did you say? You want us to leave DC together? How can we do that?! We’re among the eight top families in DC. We’ve been rooted in DC for decades. How can we leave just like that?”

“That’s right! Our foundation is in DC. If we leave, how are we going to answer to our families? How are we going to face the people in DC? This… this is simply running away. I don’t agree!” Derek also frowned and expressed his objection.

Greg sighed. “Aren’t the Steeles also an old family who has taken root in DC for decades? I’m not saying that our three families should move out of DC and escape. Leaving together is just a temporary measure.

“We’re only temporarily avoiding Lucas Gray’s group. We don’t want to clash head-on with them. As long as we preserve our families’ strength and assets, with our foundation, even if we leave DC, can we not survive?

“I believe that it won’t be long before we can develop our families to become even stronger. Then, we can come back to DC and take back everything that belongs to us!”

Greg spoke firmly while waving his fist. Then he looked at Derek and Rayson and continued, “Also, don’t forget Mr. Jensen. Although he left without saying anything today, which is indeed very surprising, perhaps the Hamiltons suddenly encountered an urgent matter, so he had no choice but to leave immediately.

“That’s why I don’t think that Mr. Jensen has abandoned us. As long as we take root outside DC and Mr. Jensen settles the Hamiltons’ matters and comes back, we can still ask him for help!

“By then, our families will be even stronger. With Mr. Jensen helping us, what’s there to fear about Lucas Gray?”

Greg spoke passionately, and the eyes of Rayson and Derek, who had been lost and desperate, lit up.

“Greg, you’re right! Mr. Jensen definitely didn’t abandon us. He had no choice but to leave suddenly because of an urgent matter! We can avoid Lucas Gray temporarily and conserve our strength outside. Then after we grow stronger, we can come back to DC. When the time comes, no one on Lucas Gray’s side will be able to escape!

“At that time, there will no longer be the eight top families of DC. Only our three families will be left!”

Thinking of the scene of their three families dominating all of DC in the future, Rayson and Derek felt extremely excited and couldn’t wait to see that day come.

With this in mind, they naturally accepted the temporary departure from DC.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s immediately gather everyone in our families and leave DC as quickly as possible!” Rayson said anxiously. “I’m afraid that if it’s too late, Lucas Gray will surround us, and we won’t be able to leave even if we want to.”

Greg nodded. “Alright, let’s go back now. Gather our people and prepare to leave DC immediately! When the time comes, our families will leave together, and all our experts will work together to protect the safety of our families!”

“Alright, let’s do this!” Derek quickly nodded.

After finishing their discussion, the three helmsmen didn’t waste any more time. They immediately came down from the top floor of the Capital International Hotel and left to make arrangements.

However, just as they walked out of the hotel, they found that there was already a large crowd outside the entrance. There were thousands of people blocking the hotel tightly, and even a fly couldn’t get out!

Rayson’s, Derek’s, and Greg’s expressions immediately changed drastically, turning into immense fear and shock!

Unexpectedly, Lucas’s people had arrived so quickly and surrounded the three of them!

The few people standing at the front of the crowd were familiar faces. They were Pete Howard, Roman Everett, and Oscar Smith.

And the tall figure standing in the middle of these people was none other than Lucas!

Upon seeing Lucas, Rayson, Derek, and Greg immediately felt their scalps tingle as deep fear surged in their hearts.

It seemed that this fiend had absolutely no intention of letting them off!

In particular, the moment Rayson saw Lucas, his calves twitched, and he almost knelt on the ground out of reflex.

Even though Rayson managed to grab onto the railing beside him to maintain his balance without embarrassing himself on the spot, his body was already trembling violently, and his teeth were chattering.

He was too traumatized by Lucas, so much so that he couldn’t help feeling fear whenever he saw him. He couldn’t face him at all.

In particular, he had done something wrong to Lucas, stood against him, and became his enemy. This made him feel even more guilty and afraid.

Derek and Greg weren’t reacting any better than Rayson. They had already been surrounded by this large group of people, and it was unknown if they could walk out of here alive.

If Lucas didn’t let them off, then the entrance of the Capital International Hotel might become their burial ground today!

Lucas narrowed his eyes and coldly sized up the panic-stricken people in front of him. Beneath his calm expression was billowing rage.

It was because Rayson, Derek, and Greg had listened to Jensen’s instigation and attacked the families on good terms with Lucas that DC was in chaos today.

If not for Lucas’s decisive order at the beginning of the turbulence to make the families on his side give up resistance and leave immediately, handing over their families’ territories, the number of casualties in these families would probably have reached an extremely terrifying number within a day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that corpses would have been everywhere and blood would have flowed like rivers!

But even so, the families on Lucas’s side had suffered extremely heavy losses today, and many people had lost their lives in the process of regaining their families’ territories. Moreover, Florence, Michael, Tyson, Connor, and Ray were still lying in the hospital, and it was unknown when they would wake up and be discharged.

And all of this was caused by Jensen, Rayson, Derek, and Greg!

Now, it was time to settle scores with these people!

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