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30 minutes!

1 hour!

2 hours!

The concert had already gone past its closing time. But at center stage, Zhang Ye was still holding his microphone and howling into it. One by one, the next song's music came on immediately after he finished singing the previous song. There were no costume changes, no guest appearances, and no breaks. Not even a single minute of them!

Zhang Ye went crazy with his singing!

Below stage, the fans went crazy from screaming!

The audience viewing the livestream went crazy from watching!

If they had to describe it, 99% of people would say: This was a crazy concert!

Everyone sang together!

Everyone went crazy together!

Every screamed together!

Even the audience members' voices went hoarse in the end!

Whenever a song ended, screams would immediately come from the audience.

"Another one!"

"Sing us another one!"

They were all afraid that Zhang Ye would announce that the concert was over!

They hadn't heard enough!

It wouldn't be enough no matter how many songs they listened to!

Zhang Ye laughed heartily, "Alright! Another one!"

The music played again!

The fans were all cheering!

At Old Wu's parents' house.

Li Qinqin said worriedly, "Why is he still singing?"

Wu Changhe scoffed, "That rascal will surely die from exhaustion!"

Spring Garden's studio.

Amy said dumbfoundedly, "He's still singing?"

Xiaodong said, "How many songs does Teacher Zhang intend to sing?"

Li Xiaoxian said, "I've counted. He's already broken the record."

At Old Rao's house.

Chenchen asked, "Aunt, what is with Zhang Ye?"

Rao Aimin said with some suspicion, "This kid is not behaving normally today."


Ha Qiqi was panicking. "We have to get Director Zhang off the stage!"

Zhang Zuo gave a bitter laugh. "It's not like you're unaware of Director Zhang's temper."

Little Wang said, "Yeah, no one can persuade him to get off the stage."

"His voice has already gone hoarse. How can we let him go on like this!" Ha Qiqi said, stomping her feet in frustration.

At the venue.

Quite a few fans were also feeling sorry for Zhang Ye.

"That's enough!"

"Teacher Zhang, that's enough!"

"You can continue singing in the future. Rest for now!"

"Right, there are still a lot of chances in the future. Even if we didn't get enough of listening to your songs, we can still wait for your next concert!"

On the stage.

The makeup on Zhang Ye's face was a mess. To sing this many songs continuously, even an ironman would find it unbearable. The audience sitting in the front row could clearly see the sweat beads on Zhang Ye's forehead dripping down. And with the heat from the strong spotlights, even those sitting further away could see how messy Zhang Ye's makeup had become. Without any rest, without touching up any makeup, there had never been a celebrity who looked so miserable at a concert. It was only Zhang Ye who was like this!


What on earth had happened?

Did he want to finish singing all of the songs today?

Couldn't he do that another time?

Perhaps only Zhang Ye himself knew that he might not have the chance to do so in the future. He would also have liked to sing to everyone all the songs that he wished to sing, but there was really no more time left! So it didn't matter even if his voice had gone hoarse, nor did it matter that his makeup was a mess. He didn't care about any of that anymore!

All of a sudden, a rock and roll melody played!

Zhang Ye closed his eyes.

"If there's a tomorrow!

"How would you mask or make up your face?

"If there's no tomorrow,

"How do you say goodbye?"

Everyone was stunned!



What did he mean by that?

Zhang Ye sang.

"If you see my hesitation,

"Don't you want to also ask me:

"'Exactly how many things haven't you done

"If there's a tomorrow?'

"If I can really get another tomorrow,

"I might finish singing all of my songs.

"Maybe everything might vanish away

"If there's no tomorrow."

At this moment, even a fool could sense that something was wrong!

If there's no tomorrow?

Why wouldn't there be a tomorrow?

What had happened?

Just what on earth had happened?

Zhang Ye sang loudly.

"If there's a tomorrow!

"How would you mask or make up your face?

"If there's no tomorrow!

"How do you say goodbye?"

Suddenly, the emergency exit door at Zone A was opened, and over a dozen police officers filed into the stadium.

Followed by the one at Zone B.

Then Zone C.

Then at another two of the exits used by the staff as well.

A dozen exits were filled with police officers.

Director Dong, Fan Yingyun, Fang Xiaoshui, Meng Yi, and the others were also part of the groups.

The concert staff did not realize anything was wrong at the beginning.

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the rest received this news very quickly before looking in dumbfoundedness at several of the exits.

Little Wang said in a panic, "What's going on?"

Little Zhou said, "Why are the police here?"

Ha Qiqi's heart skipped a beat as a sense of unease suddenly built up.

At the venue.

The audience also gradually realized it.

"Why are there so many police officers?"

"What are they here for?"

"Is there a big case going on?"

"What big case could there be at this place?"

On the livestream.

When the camera swept across, a lot of people also realized it.

"The police?"

"What's up?"

"Heavens, why are there so many police officers there?"

"There are also armed police officers?"

"They're blocking off all of the exits?"

"Who are they here to arrest?"

Back at home.

"The police?"

"Why are they heading towards the stage?"

His mother was stunned.

His father was becoming anxious.

At Old Yao's house.

Yao Jiancai jumped to his feet.

Yao Mi asked anxiously, "Wh-What's going on?"

At Old Wu's parents' house.

Li Qinqin grabbed her daughter. "What on earth is happening?"

Wu Zeqing did not say a word.

Wu Changhe shouted, "Quickly tell us! What the heck is happening there?"


He had just finished performing "If There's a Tomorrow."

Then Zhang Ye also saw a few of his old friends coming over from afar. He smiled and looked up into the night sky, then took another look at the densely packed audience at the venue. His grin got even wider. He raised his microphone and said, "Tonight was such a good night. I've never sung like this before and have never felt so good and satisfied before. Although there are still a lot of things I would like to say, although there are still a lot of things I have yet to do, thank you for coming to my concert. Thank you for accompanying me while I sang."

Many of the audience members stood up!

The people watching the livestream were stunned!

Over a 100 million people around the country had their eyes on him at this moment. They all knew that something had happened, and it was a major event.

After a pause, Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I've actually been thinking in recent days how I should say 'goodbye' to everyone. Should I do it with a smile and casually say it? Or should I shout it with a serious face? Or perhaps I can be a little artistic and do it with a poem? Until now, I still hadn't thought of how I should say it. I've come to realize that I'm unable to say this 'goodbye' to everyone—so let's just leave it like that. This is pretty good too."


Why goodbye?!

At this moment, the ringtones of cell phones could be heard!

There were calls!

There were texts!

Beep, beep, beep!

Ring, ring, ring!

A girl looked at her cell phone in shock!

A young man was reading the news on his cell phone in bewilderment!

"Hurry! Check the news!"

"What's the matter?"

"Look it up!"

"It's an arrest warrant!"

"Teacher Zhang! He's…he's—"

The entire venue blew up!

The outside world also descended into chaos!

All across the country, no one could believe what they had just seen. This was because it was too shocking! How could this be possible? How could it be Teacher Zhang?!

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