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Chapter 55

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After spending half a month in this trouble, everyone in the capital knew that the handsome Lord Xu, who bombastically pursued General Yu’s Fourth Lady, was unyielding and unstoppable .

In the shortest amount of time, the Fourth Lady, the daughter of a commoner, went from being unknown to rising to fame, receiving the attention of all the ladies .

How divine is it that she can be favored by Lord Xu, but cruelly refuses to even see him?

All of a sudden, invitations from powerful people flew to the Yu house like snowflakes . They all invited Fourth Lady Yu to be a guest .

“The wife of the director of the Board of Rites invites the Fourth Lady to the theater!”

“The daughter of a judicial officer invites the Fourth Lady to attend the poetry society meeting!”

“The second wife of the cabinet scholar invites the Fourth Lady to a banquet!”

Mu Shi looked at the large stack of invitations on the table with a terrible headache .

She can’t offend any of these people!

It’s not known how Yu Linglong, being such a fierce lady, was so lucky . Not only did she get the favor of the Ninth Lord Xu, but she was also praised by so many dignitaries as a guest .

Wasn’t it enough that Yu Linglong caused trouble in Changting Hou Mansion last time? She’d offended Princess Xinlin, how do these people want Yu Linglong to be a guest? Aren’t they afraid of her getting into trouble?

Mu Shi rubbed her eyebrows tiredly and pushed the invitations on the table to Mama Cui: “Send them to her . Let her go wherever she wants . ”

Handing the right of choice to Yu Linglong would allow Mu Shi to not come forward and offend others .

In the evening, Yu Linglong’s reply came back .

Very simply, she didn’t want to go to any of them .

Listening to Mama Cui’s words, Mu Shi had an urge to cry without tears .

These people are the ones she can’t find in a rush . Yu Linglong is just a little daughter of a commoner . Shouldn’t she be flattered to get so many invitations? Why doesn’t she go? This is a good opportunity to show off!

Not only didn’t she go, but she refused so easily . Didn’t this involve the Yu house?

Mu Shi sighed: “Return them all . The reply will be softer, and it won’t offend the others . ”

Yu Linglong was not afraid to offend people, but she was afraid!

Within three or four days, a new saying began to circulate in the circle of dignitaries in the capital: the fourth lady of the Yu house was so arrogant and conceited that ordinary people couldn’t invite her to anything!

The more unavailable things are, the more precious they become . Yu Linglong refused everyone’s invitation, but it made her appear mysterious and aloof . She was just a daughter of a commoner, but her status was doubled, and she almost became a legend .

No matter what the people outside were talking about, at that moment Yu Linglong was focusing on something else .

The sorceress Bai had recovered from her injury, but she still refused to leave the Yu house, just because she wanted to get more benefits . After all, she was beaten up by the lady in front of everyone for no reason . This kind of thing can’t happen often, and it’s hard to come by . Naturally, she would have to be compensated for this mistake .

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What the big families are most afraid of is corrupting their reputation . Sorceress Bai decided to stay for a longer time only after knowing this . Anyway, the Yu house had food, drink, and housing, and the conditions were much better than her shack .

But she didn’t expect that what was waiting for her was not money, but another storm .

Yu Linglong couldn’t help sneering when she heard that sorceress Bai was still living in the Yu house . [Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse . com]

She was really insatiable . Mu Shi had given her so much money, yet she still stayed here!

Since you are not leaving, don’t blame the sister for not being polite .

Yu Linglong had always been vigorous and resolute in doing things, and now that she thought it through, she will act immediately .

That night, she ordered Ling’er to “invite” sorceress Bai over .

Seeing sorceress Bai’s robes were ruffled, and she was standing with a sad face while rubbing her arms, Yu Linglong nodded in satisfaction .

Well, it seems that Ling’er lives up to her expectations and was not polite at all .

You don’t have to think about it to know . As soon as she heard that it was Yu Linglong who called her over, sorceress Bai refused to go even if it killed her . The reason why Yu Linglong used Ling’er was because Ling’er could fight, and dragged her over .

Seeing Yu Linglong, sorceress Bai knew that this was an unbeliever who didn’t believe in heaven or the way . She simply didn’t pretend to look like the celestial spirit . She lowered her head and asked, “I don’t know why the Fourth Lady called me over, what do you want?”

She didn’t claim to be immortal anymore, so it was good to speak normally .

Yu Linglong raised the corner of her eyes and looked at the sorceress Bai: “The last time Yu Peng came back, why did you frame me and trouble yourself again?”

Sorceress Bai was taken aback . This matter happened so long ago . Why did Yu Linglong ask about it today?

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Remembering that Yu Linglong had beaten General Yu so hard that for several days he couldn’t get up, sorceress Bai shuddered, and honestly replied: “Yes…the lady gave me silver and asked me to say that . ”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly, knowing that it was Mu Shi who made the ghost . Yu Linglong had also heard of the fighting between Mu Shi and concubine Mei . After a little thought, she knew that Mu Shi must have used her as an excuse to find a chance to give concubine Mei a certain look .

She didn’t care about this, and it didn’t matter how much she fought between Mu Shi and concubine Mei .

But right now, she could just make a fuss about it .

Looking at the guilty sorceress Bai, Yu Linglong smiled coldly: “You asked, how should I settle this account with you?”

Sorceress Bai shook in fright, raised her head, and gave Yu Linglong a quick glance .

What does this mean?

She was just using Yu Linglong as an excuse . There was no loss to Yu Linglong . Is it possible that she had to pay for it?

Sorceress Bai was used to corrupt people, and based on her thinking, she immediately thought that Yu Linglong was also going to blackmail her .

Seeing sorceress Bai’s suspicion, Yu Linglong smiled slightly . She stood up and slowly walked towards her .

With every step, sorceress Bai couldn’t help but shiver . She had already experienced Yu Linglong’s heavy hand . Could it be that she had to be beaten again after she had just healed her body?

Watching Yu Linglong walking to her, she stared at her coldly with a pair of glistening, star-like eyes . Sorceress Bai felt that her heart was in her throat, and she insisted, “What-what are you doing?”

Yu Linglong smiled suddenly . Her small face was like the first bloom of a lotus, and the brilliance emanated out from it .

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“You’re afraid of me . ”

It was a faint sentence, but it had a positive tone .

Sorceress Bai tried to support herself and not collapse to the ground under Yu Linglong’s fierce gaze, but she didn’t even have the strength to speak .

Yu Linglong looked at sorceress Bai’s shrunken shoulder and continued: “You think I’m a demon, don’t you?”

Sorceress Bai’s legs began to tremble . This girl was either a monster or a devil, definitely not a human!

How could ordinary people have such sharp eyes, and how could they see through her mind so easily!?

Yu Linglong looked down at sorceress Bai, who was getting lower and lower, and said softly, “I am not a demon, but I know where there are demons . ”

Sorceress Bai was about to collapse and suddenly raised her head . What does Yu Linglong mean?

Yu Linglong gave her a rare smile: “I want you to do one thing . After doing this, you can get out of the Yu house in peace . ”

Her voice had an oppressive aura, and sorceress Bai was absolutely convinced that if she did not agree to Yu Linglong, then she must not be able to leave with all her arms and legs .

At this time, sorceress Bai began to have regret . If should had rushed pack up and leave after she got her silver, then she wouldn’t fall into Yu Linglong’s hands again like now .

At this point, sorceress Bai had no other choice but to agree .

“…Fourth Lady, please give me your instructions . ” With a slightly trembling voice and tears of helplessness, sorceress Bai bowed her head, waiting for Yu Linglong’s assignment .

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