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Chapter 34

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When Mu Shi went to the room and listened to Mama Cui’s report in a daze, she suddenly felt like crying without tears .

Even the highly skilled Sorceress Bai could not subdue that Yu Linglong, and she was instead beaten all over . What kind of evil is in this young lady!

Mama Cui wiped the sweat off her brow with a lingering fear, and said cautiously, “Madam, what can we do now?”

Not only did she not drive away the evil spirits, but she instead completely offended Yu Linglong, not to speak of how Yu Linglong would retaliate against Mu Shi when she came around . Just looking at the injuries of the mistress and her apprentices, would the Yu family be held responsible?

The evil spirit didn’t leave, but they provoked the sorceress who was now trying to recuperate in the mansion . Mu Shi really had a headache .

“Let their mistress and her disciples go to Yu Qianfang and heal in their courtyard . Please ask a reliable doctor to come and look at them . ” Mu Shi rubbed her temples and said this with a tired face .

Not only did Sorceress Bai fail to get rid of ghosts, but she was instead injured by those “ghosts . ” This incident must have greatly damaged Sorceress Bai’s reputation, and the Yu family certainly did not want outsiders to know that there was such a sturdy “ghost” lady in the back courtyard . For now, the only plan was to have Sorceress Bai quietly recover from her injuries in the Yu house, and then they would make a plan for the future .


If you want to hire a doctor, you also have to give the doctor the money to keep their mouth shut, and the Yu household will have to spend additional money on this .

“This…” Mama Cui hesitated when she heard Mu Shi’s instructions, “If the Second Lady is like this, I am afraid she shouldn’t see outsiders . Besides, there are still a few open buildings in the residence…”

Mu Shi glared at Mama Cui: “Why are you confused? There is an open courtyard in the residence, can’t you arrange for them? If the mistress knows that there is a place in the inner yard, I will arrange for the woman named Mei to take the courtyard facing the street . How can I explain to the mistress?”


Only then did Mama Cui think about it, and she couldn’t help but blame herself again and again: “I was so frightened that I forgot about it . I know my mistake . ”

Mu Shi snorted in annoyance: “Didn’t Yu Qianfang get shaved by a ghost? I let the sorceress live with her to drive away evil spirits!”

Mama Cui agreed: “It’s better for the lady to be thoughtful . I will go down and make the arrangements . ”

Mu Shi thought of Yu Linglong, and couldn’t help sighing: “Take out my set of red and gold headbands, find a woman who can speak, and send it to Pinlan Garden . ”


From previous experience, Mu Shi was really afraid of Yu Linglong . This time she got Sorceress Bai to fix her, Yu Linglong might decide how to deal with her . She should send someone to apologize to Yu Linglong ahead of time . With this posture, she couldn’t stand it .

Mama Cui looked at Mu Shi’s unhealed injury, and she couldn’t help feeling sad . The master of the Yu family had been high for many years . He hadn’t suffered many losses, especially not at the hands of a concubine . They had already lost money and taken a beating .   Nowadays they had to speak softly to not be blamed, it really was difficult .

Mama Cui comforted Mu Shi: “Madam will bear it in secret, and the master will come back after a few days, and he will definitely let the lady take charge . ”

Mu Shi nodded: “I hope so . ”

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General Yu, who had been fighting in the northern Xinjiang for three years, did not forget how warm and sweet Ruanyu was in his arms, and got himself a new concubine . Can he really get Mu Shi out of this predicament? Even Mu Shi herself was not sure .

In Pinlan Garden, Yu Linglong had just gotten up from a nap when she heard Xuan Cao talking outside: “The lady is sleeping right now . Sister-in-law, please wait in the corridor . ”

Yu Linglong couldn’t help but smile . She had been running around the Yu house, and even Xuan Cao has a lot of courage, so she dared to speak to the servants of the Yu house . She knew that just a few days ago, Xuan Cao was stealing food like a little mouse . Even the most inferior maid in the Yu house dared to open her mouth and raise her hand to beat her . Xuan Cao never dared to resist .

Right now, how can she let others bully her?

But listening to Xuan Cao, it seemed that someone had come to visit her . Yu Linglong thought about it and then guessed correctly .

Mu Shi invited Sorceress Bai who failed to expel ghosts . This was not a successful counter-attack, probably because she is afraid that she will beat her again when she gets angry!

Very good, she wanted this to happen!

Yu Linglong stretched out comfortably, cleared her throat, and called, “Xuan Cao . ”

“I’m here!” Xuan Cao promised crisply, raising the curtain and walking in, “Miss, are you awake?”


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“Yes,” Yu Linglong took the tea poured from Xuan Cao, rinsed her mouth, and asked, “Who’s outside?”


Xuan Cao couldn’t hide the smile on her face: “It’s sister-in-law Tian from the lady’s yard, saying that the lady asked her to give you something . ”

Yu Linglong nodded casually: “I see . Let her wait first . ”

Xuan Cao called for warm water, served Yu Linglong, and wiped her face . Seeing that Xuan Cao was busy, Yu Linglong remembered something: “It’s not good to have just a few people in our yard . When you go back, ask Ma Changgeng to buy some little maids . You will also be able to relax a lot . ”

Xuan Cao was flattered: “Miss, I am not tired, and if others serve you, I can’t relax . ”

Yu Linglong’s heart was touched, but her face deliberately became stern: “If I tell you to buy them, you will buy them? So troublesome!”

Xuan Cao was taken aback, and quickly lowered her head: “Yes . I will go let sister-in-law in . ”

Seeing that Xuan Cao was so scared, Yu Linglong couldn’t help but chuckle: “You, you won’t even enjoy good fortune!”

Xuan Cao was disappointed and then smiled: “Miss, don’t make fun of me . ”

The mistress and servant laughed for a bit before Yu Linglong said: “Go and call in that Tian person, ​​I would like to see how the old lady will resolve this with me . ”

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Xuan Cao agreed to go out .

Tian Feng was left hanging out for a long time, listening to the sound of Yu Linglong talking and laughing with Xuan Cao in the room, and tremblingly did not dare to breathe .

She really was unlucky . She was called by Ms . Cui to do this errand . Now no one knows that the Fourth Lady is a thorn, and she will be beaten if she is careless . What kind of evil did she do in a past life to have been sent to apologize to Yu Linglong on the lady’s behalf!


Hearing the sound of Xuan Cao lifting the curtain, Tian Feng hurriedly stepped forward and walked in fearfully .


When Tian Feng entered the house, she kowtowed and fell to her knees . Kowtowing heavily, she said: “Tian Feng pays respects to the Fourth Lady . ”

After waiting for a long time, she couldn’t hear Yu Linglong speak . Tian Feng boldly raised her eyes to look up, but she saw nothing .

At this time, the curtain rustled softly, and she heard the sound of rustling clothes, followed by a light fragrance . She could only hear Yu Linglong’s cold voice: “Get up . ”

Tian Feng did not dare to lift her head . She stood up carefully, forced herself to focus on the toes of embroidered cloud and satin shoes exposed under the hem of the exquisite dark green skirt, and tried to say in a steady voice: “I have disturbed the Fourth Lady’s nap . I have really offended you . ”

“Don’t say such nonsense,” Yu Linglong snorted coldly . “What did the old lady tell you to do here?”

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