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Chapter 33

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Sorceress Bai looked pleased with herself, and faced Yu Linglong’s blade-like gaze: “Yes, it’s possessed! If the immortal doesn’t make a move, within three days, your house will lose its wealth, and if it’s serious the family will be ruined—“

Mama Cui was terrified, she didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious . Thinking how Mu Shi trusted her with this task, Mama Cui asked for help from Sorceress Bai immediately to get rid of the evil demon that was inside Yu Linglong .

Just before she could speak, she saw a bright red embroidered shoe fly through the air, and it hit Sorceress Bai directly on her eloquent mouth!

“Who do you think is possessed by a ghost!?” Yu Linglong clapped her hands easily, as if the person who threw the red embroidered shoes was not her at all, “I think you are really tired!”

The righteous image of Sorceress Bai was instantly broken by an embroidered shoe, which immediately provoked her to be ashamed and angry . She wiped her mouth which had been slapped by the sole of the shoe . Sorceress Bai pretended to endure the pain as she shouted: “Bold evildoer, since you are not willing to be executed, just stop blaming the immortal for beating you out of your soul!”

As soon as she spoke, the two little Taoist nuns immediately rushed over, surrounding Yu Linglong on her left and the right . One was constantly beating the golden cymbals, and the other was shaking the copper bell, and the ringing noise made people’s ears buzz .

And the Sorceress Bai, with her white face still imprinted with dust from the shoe, fluttered the duster she was holding in the air, and in conjunction with screaming a spell, it really looked like she was casting a spell with some footwork formations .

Yu Linglong glanced at the two little sorceresses who were jumping like monkeys on both sides, knotting their eyebrows . This was really a ruckus!

The golden cymbals the little Taoist nun was holding had been directly taken out of her bare hands by Yu Linglong!

“You—you evildoer!” Maybe she has never felt resistance before . The little nun’s magic weapon was robbed, and her face flushed with anger . She forgot Sorceress Bai’s instructions and subconsciously rushed to grab her golden cymbals .

How can she cast spells without the cymbals?

It’s just that she forgot that the girl she faced was not the weak Fourth Sister from the Yu Family, but Yu Linglong who was “possessed”!

Damn it! Two golden cymbals patted the little nun’s head on the left and right, and directly pierced her ears!

The little nun with delicate skin and tender flesh had never received such a heavy blow . With just one shot, she passed out and fell to the ground, unconscious, unable to move anymore .

Seeing that her partner was knocked out, the other little nun was so frightened that she forgot to shake the copper bell .

Seeing that the disciple was suffering, Sorceress Bai shouted: “Qingyue, escape!”

The little girl who had not been beaten woke up as if from a dream, and ran to the side as if to escape, never daring to step forward again .

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Only Sorceress Bai was left in the venue . She deceitfully took out a yellow paper talisman from her cuff, inserted it on the peach wood sword, waved it randomly in the air a few times, and the talisman burned out of thin air!

Everyone immediately let out a cry of surprise . It was amazing! She was off being an expert, with a spell so advanced!

Yu Linglong sneered . Isn’t it just a piece of talisman paper drawn with white phosphorus? What’s so strange about the spontaneous combustion you see the air? This kind of trickery can fool others, but it can’t fool her!

This female swindler played cheap tricks like this, and she dared make a fool of herself in front of her!?

The Sorceress Bai waved her hand vigorously, and the burning talisman paper ball leaped towards Yu Linglong!

“Tut! Evil ghost, quickly show yourself!”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly, turned to one side, and took the burning piece of paper . The next moment, her fierce gaze fell straight on Sorceress Bai, sharp like a sword!

Those who dare mess with her are really looking for death!

Yu Linglong stepped forward and kicked over the case with the joss sticks . Sorceress Bai was caught off guard, and was immediately knocked to the ground by the heavy case!

Picking up half of a brick on the ground, Yu Linglong unceremoniously hit Sorceress Bai’s face: “You’re the one fucking possessed, your whole fucking family is possessed!”

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Sorceress Bai was beaten to the ground . Her white robe was covered with dust, her untidy bun was loose everywhere, and her bloody face was bleeding from being slapped by a brick . The crying wolf ghost was howling and screaming . Now this image really looked like she was a ghost .

“You stupid ghost! You even dared to fight the immortal!” Sorceress Bai was still struggling, reached out her hand to fight Yu Linglong, and yelled to the side, “Qingyue, black dog blood!”

The little nun heard what she said, braced herself and picked up the basin full of black dog blood, and rushed up, splashing it onto Yu Linglong!

Yu Linglong reacted swiftly, and lightly turned around . The thick and smelly black dog blood did not splash on her at all, but Sorceress Bai who was too late to hide on the ground had blood splashed all over her face!

“Oh, Mistress!” Qingyue broke into hysterics, and suddenly cried out, “Mistress, are you okay! Your disciple didn’t mean it!”

At this time, Sorceress Bai could not see the appearance of a Taoist nun . She was covered with dust and mud, which was mixed with blood on her face and exuded bursts of an unpleasant stench .

“You useless thing!” The angered Sorceress Bai shouted at Qingyue, no longer caring about her image .

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if she cares about it now, just like this ghost, who would believe that she was a brilliant and virtuous immortal?

“What are you doing in a daze? Stab her with the peach wood sword!”

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It must be said that Sorceress Bai is still a very dedicated sorceress, so she has become like this . She has not forgotten to order the last one with power, Qingyue, to step forward to subdue Yu Linglong, the “evil . ”

Qingyue tremblingly picked up the peach wood sword on the ground, and tremblingly walked towards Yu Linglong, like she was about to collapse on the ground . Even the maid watching the commotion did not believe that she could get rid of ghosts .

Yu Linglong frowned slightly . These people really wouldn’t stop until they reached their goal!

“Listen to what your mistress said!” Yu Linglong easily grabbed the black dog’s blood basin that was on the ground and casually slapped Qingyue’s head!

She didn’t use any force, but for Qingyue who was terribly scared, this was almost the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Suddenly, the peach wood sword in Qingyue’s hand slid weakly to the ground and fell down with the basin .

Pulling out a handkerchief and wiping the blood from her hands, Yu Linglong stood proudly on the messy scene, scanning the surrounding crowd with menacing eyes: “Who else wants to drive away the ghost from this lady?”

In the next moment, the people who were shocked and stupefied suddenly scattered, and the fastest runner was Mama Cui who had brought in Sorceress Bai .

With a cold snort, Yu Linglong turned back to Pinlan Park without looking at the mistress and her apprentices who were twisting in a pool of blood .

This rubbish group has to wait to be beaten down before knowing that it’s not good to provoke this sister!

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