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Chapter 32

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This morning, Yu Linglong had just eaten breakfast when Ma Changgeng hurried in.

“Miss, sorceress Bai has arrived and is coming over to our side!”

Xuan Cao thought this was a little strange. “Why is she coming to our side in such a big house? Miss, isn’t it the lady who’s looking for trouble?”

Yu Linglong put down the teacup and sneered: “Her? Forgive her for not having courage.”

A few days ago, she was so shocked by Yu Linglong’s thunderous tricks that she didn’t even dare to leave the courtyard. How could Mu Shi dare to provoke Yu Linglong this time? There must be another reason.

Contrary to everyone else’s unexpectedness and worry, Yu Linglong had expected sorceress Bai to go straight to Pinlan Park when she entered the mansion. Since she said she had to look at the feng shui, Pinlan Park, which has always had a reputation for being haunted, must bear the brunt of it. Sorceress Bai was able to directly rush to her residence, it just proved Yu Linglong’s previous idea: This sorceress Bai should have come prepared.

Of these fortune-telling and feng shui Taoist priests, nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine out of ten thousand are playing tricks. How do you fool people without real skills? You have to prepare ahead of time. For example, inquire early on about the situation of people who depend on feng shui. Generally, people who ask to see the feng shui to exorcise ghosts are somewhat faulty. As long as you find the key point, and then pretend to be a god, your reliability will naturally increase greatly.

It must be asked if a stranger comes in and finds a problem in the home, who would not believe that this person has real abilities?

But even if this kind of person can put on an act, encountering Yu Linglong is a dead end. No matter if you are a real god or a fake god if she dares to provoke her, even if the emperor comes, she will never let him save face!

There were buzzing discussions outside the yard. The haunting of Pinlan Park was already known to everyone. On weekdays, everyone tried to walk around it as much as possible. Today it was said that there was a fairy who was going to handle it. Everyone had the courage to come up and see the excitement.

It’s just that the gate of Pinlan Park was closed tightly, and the master seemed to turn a deaf ear to the voices of the people outside, completely assuming that sorceress Bai did not exist.

Sorceress Bai brought two little Taoist nuns who were holding magical instruments. She held a silver-white duster in her hand. She was wearing a blue and white Taoist robe, and her bun was tied with a delicately embroidered Zhou silk headband. A fluttering belt hung down from each side, making her face appear stern, with a sense of refined elegance.

At this moment, she walked around Pinlan Park and bobbed the duster in her hand around, muttering. Her expression gradually became serious.

Mama Cui accompanied her with a smiling face, and asked cautiously: “Sorceress, don’t you know what’s wrong here?”

Sorceress Bai nodded solemnly: “This is the fierce cavity of your mansion. All the yin qi from all directions is condensed here, and there is no auspicious beast or formation to suppress it, which is very bad for feng shui.”

Mama Cui’s face suddenly changed to fright: “What can I do then? Sorceress, is there any way to restrain it?”

Sorceress Bai was silent, and she looked at the gate of Pinlan Park for a moment and then slowly said, “There are ways, but from what I have seen, evil spirits have gathered here for a long time, and I am afraid it has affected the lives of the nobles. If you don’t try to resolve it, I am afraid that something will happen.

After hearing this, Mama Cui was very uneasy. Sure enough, as Mu Shi expected, there have been a series of incidents in the mansion that were because of evil spirits!

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With a light wave of her duster, she confidently pointed at Pinlan Park, “Which noblewoman lives here?”

Mama Cui shrank her shoulders subconsciously when she saw Pinlan Park, and said in a low voice, “This…this is the courtyard of our fourth lady.”

Sorceress Bai shook her head with a little regret, with a compassionate expression: “Since she lives here, alas, I am afraid that fourth lady will be the most affected!”

Mama Cui nodded desperately: “Exactly, we don’t know what happened to our fourth lady. Recently, her temperament has changed drastically, and even the lady can’t manage it!”

Sorceress Bai looked like she expected this: “This is the evil in the body. Don’t worry, after I set up the formation, the fourth lady will be fine.”

Mama Cui hurriedly laughed and said: “Then I ask the sorceress to cast the spell as soon as possible. If you need anything, please allow me to prepare it.”

Sorceress Bai pointed to an open space facing the gate of Pinlan Park: “Set a table here, prepare an incense candle, paper money, and a bucket of black dog blood.”

Mama Cui hurriedly asked the maids and servants to prepare things, and they arranged them in a blink of an eye. A crowd gathered around, and they didn’t dare to breathe. They all watched how sorceress Bai cast the spell.

Sorceress Bai calmly stood behind the table, and the two little Taoist nuns stood on both sides holding the magical instruments with serious faces. They did not move. The air suddenly became a little dignified.

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Sorceress Bai stood with a single palm on her chest, muttered a spell, and slowly stepped with Tiangang footwork, and people around suddenly sounded low exclamations.

In the inner courtyard, there were a lot of maids and servants, who had never seen such a formation. They all craned their necks and did not dare to blink, for fear that they would miss every move of Sorceress Bai.

After a set of complicated actions, Sorceress Bai’s duster suddenly pointed towards Pin Lan Park, and shouted sharply: “The great Laozi, urgently do as the law commands, break it!”

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned towards Pinlan Park.

At that moment, the door that had been closed slowly opened.

Everyone took a breath. The cowardly maid even exclaimed in a low voice, why did sorceress Bai open the door when she did it? Is there really a ghost in Pinlan Park?

Yu Linglong was dressed in a bluish-colored Tianse pinched waist brocade robe with a circle of dotted jade flowers of the same color. The hair around her temples was like clouds, which made her appear sharper, and her eyebrows were stern. Her face was not angry or pretentious but of grand temperament.

When the servants saw her, they immediately involuntarily took a few steps back. This fourth lady was not to be trifled with, and no one was stupid enough to touch her.

“What’s all this noise first thing in the morning? Are you all idle?” Yu Linglong said coldly, looking condescendingly at the black crowd.

“Bold evildoer, how dare you not kneel after seeing this immortal!” Sorceress Bai’s duster pointed directly at Yu Linglong as she cried out.

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Yu Linglong’s eyes slowly fell on Sorceress Bai’s face. This is the sorceress Mu Shi had invited!?

There was a broken broom and a duster in her hands and she was gesticulating, just and awe-inspiring like a dead person, pretending to be a half immortal? She is clearly an old liar!

Yu Linglong slowly walked down the steps. Ming Yan’s small face was full of cold frostiness: “Are you talking to me?”

Mama Cui, who was off to the side, was so scared that she drew back and courageously reminded the sorceress Bai in a low voice: “Sorceress, this…this is our fourth lady…”

Sorceress Bai yelled coldly: “Your eyes are dim, you can’t see the true nature of this evil! Where is your fourth lady? This is obviously a body possessed by a ghost!”

“Ah—” a burst of exclamation suddenly sounded from the crowd. No wonder the fourth lady behaved surly and irritably these past few days. It turned out that she was possessed by a ghost!

Everyone’s gaze at Yu Linglong immediately became complicated and frightened. Who is not afraid of ghosts? What’s more, these people have seen with their own eyes how Yu Linglong violently beat Mu Shi. Even the lady in charge dared to beat her. How could the ordinary lady dare to do such a thing? What is it if she’s not a ghost?

When Yu Linglong heard what sorceress Bai said, her beautiful face was not angry but had a smile: “What did you say I am? Possessed by a ghost?”

Yes, she is possessed by a ghost, it is the underworld’s eldest sister who got into the concubine Yu Linglong’s body!

Moreover, she didn’t plan to leave. What could the sorceress Bai do with her!?

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