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Chapter 28

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In the capital, General Yu’s Mansion was not considered to be a big house . Although Yu Qianfang and Yu Qianliu are both ladies of Yu Mansion, they do not have separate courtyards . Instead, they live in the same courtyard arranged by Mu Shi . Yu Qianfang lived in the east wing, and Yu Qianliu lived in the relatively spacious west wing .

Yu Qianfang and Yu Qianliu live near to each other, and their relationship is even closer . Small conflicts are inevitable, but they usually can be considered decent to each other . With Yu Linglong as the common enemy, the relationship between the two sisters has become much closer .

Early that morning, Yu Qianfang was awakened by the noise on the opposite side and got up lazily . She called the little maid to serve her and asked, “What is the noise outside and why is it so loud?”

The little maid replied, “It’s Third Sister going to greet the lady . This morning, people were asked to fetch water to clean up and find clothes . The people over there are so busy!”

Yu Qianfang frowned slightly . Mu Shi had always ignored the concubines . Why would Yu Qianliu suddenly want to go there today?

Thinking of the situation she set up last night, Yu Qianfang suddenly sat up: “Hurry up and fetch me water, I’m going to see Third Sister . ”

Soon, Yu Qianfang went out with a personal maid, Chunyan .

As soon as she left the house, she saw Ling Jiao walking quickly from the corridor with a basin of water .

Yu Qianfang winked at Chunyan behind her . Chunyan knew, and hurriedly raised her voice and said, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Ling Jiao stopped and said with a smile, “The maid was busy bringing water to the lady, but she didn’t see Second Sister . The maid greeted Second Sister . ”

Yu Qianfang nodded reservedly, and asked knowingly, “Well, why are you so busy? Is Third Sister going out?”

Ling Jiao smiled and said, “In response to Second Sister, our miss is going to get dressed and go to up and visit the lady . ”

Yu Qianfang frowned slightly when he heard the words . Mu Shi never wanted to see these concubine young ladies . She thought they were all an eyesore . She had already told her to not visit her most days if nothing important happened . Today, Yu Qianliu was tormented . She was eagerly going to greet Mu Shi, but wasn’t she afraid to annoy her? What is going on?


The more Yu Qianfang thought about it, the more she thought something was wrong, and when she looked at Ling Jiao, her face was strange, and she couldn’t help but be suspicious .

If it is Mu Shi who wants her concubine to go over and pay a visit, there is absolutely no reason why she would call Yu Qianliu but not Yu Qianfang, could it be that…

Ling Jiao looked around, lowered her voice, and said something seemingly nonsensical, “I’m going to the lady, but I’m passing by Pinlan Park!”


As soon as Yu Qianfang heard this, she was facing her own thoughts and couldn’t help but smile . “I see . Go ahead, don’t wait for the water to cool, or else Third Sister will blame you . ”

Ling Jiao smiled and bent her knees to Yu Qianfang, then turned and left .

Looking at Ling Jiao’s back, Yu Qianfang showed a smug smile .

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It seemed that her strategy has been successful . Yu Linglong believes that the haunted person is Yu Qianliu . This is a trap and invites Yu Qianliu to put her in order .


Poor Yu Qianliu was dressed up with joy, but she was about to throw herself into the net .


Most days, Yu Qianliu relied on herself being slimmer than Yu Qianfang with a beautiful face . She often secretly mocked Yu Qianfang . Yu Qianfang has always held a grudge in her heart, remembering the last time Yu Linglong filled Yu Qianliu’s stomach with dirty water . Yu Qianfang felt very happy about the water issue . That time Yu Qianliu just cursed Yu Linglong, and Yu Linglong acted so ruthlessly . This time Yu Linglong would definitely not let Yu Qianliu go .

Anyway, Yu Qianliu and Yu Linglong had already broken up, so she just had to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight .

Thinking of this, Yu Qianfang’s footsteps were much lighter, and turned around: “Go, go back to eat, and later you can watch from the sidelines . ”

Chunyan couldn’t guess what was going on in Yu Qianfang’s mind, and said with a smile, “Miss really has a clever scheme . ”

Yu Qianfang couldn’t help showing the smile on her face anymore, and lightly nodded to Chunyan, “You girl, you love trouble!”

The mistress and maid joked as they went back to the room .

In Pinlan Park, Yu Linglong was drinking tea leisurely, watching Xuan Cao carefully embroider a handkerchief under the window .

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There are so many problems with ancient people . It’s just a handkerchief . It’s too much trouble to spend effort embroidering flowers and birds on it .


Xuan Cao embroidered for a while, then looked up at Yu Linglong anxiously, “Miss, who are we waiting for?”


This morning, Yu Linglong told her to make a big pot of tea, saying that she would wait for someone to come . It has been a long time now, but there was no sign of them coming .

Yu Linglong was in a rare good mood and said with a smile: “Why are you so impatient? Just wait . ”

As she was talking, there was a sudden noise outside, and Yu Qianfang’s angry voice could be faintly heard, “Where are you, servants? I dare you to do anything to me!”

Yu Linglong stood up and said, “The fish has taken the bait . Go out and take a look . ”

Before going out, she casually picked up a pair of scissors from Xuan Cao’s needlework basket .

“Miss, what are you…” Xuan Cao looked at Yu Linglong’s face with fear, remembering the same expression before Miss last went to find Mu Shi’s accounting books .

“What are you afraid of, hurry, come out!” Yu Linglong said this without looking back, raising the curtain, and walking out .

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In the courtyard, Yu Qianfang and her maid were being twisted by several cooks . Chunyan shouted: “You are so brave, look who it is! This is Second Sister! Who is your mistress, didn’t she teach you the rules?”

Before she could finish speaking, a cold voice rang: “I am their mistress!”

Hearing this sweet but chilling voice, Yu Qianfang’s heart trembled, and the movements of her hands suddenly became stagnant .


It’s no wonder that these servants looked so stunned . They turned out to be the cooks’ Yu Linglong hired from outside . Of course, they didn’t know who Yu Qianfang was . In their eyes, only Yu Linglong was their master!

Yu Qianfang responded quickly and immediately said, “Chunyan, don’t be rude!”

Turning her head, Yu Qianfang’s full moon-like round face showed a gentle smile . “It turns out to be Fourth Sister, I was just coming to see my younger sister . ”

She just wanted to watch the excitement! Who knew that when she walked outside Pinlan Park, she would be twisted and pulled by some cooks? However, Pinlan Park had a reputation for being haunted, and no one dared to pass by it even in broad daylight . The mistress and servant resisted and shouted, but no one saw them .

Now, looking at Yu Linglong’s cold and pretty face that was like a Tianshan Mountain Snow Lotus, she couldn’t help feeling nervous . She only hoped that all this was just a misunderstanding, so Yu Linglong would hurriedly let her go .

She has seen Yu Linglong’s methods, how dare she be half-hearted? She can only be gentler and more amiable, lest she provokes the tigress .

“My sister has moved into the new courtyard . I haven’t congratulated my sister on the housewarming yet . ” Yu Qianfang said with a smile on her face, suppressing the anxiety in her heart .

“Really? I received your gift a long time ago,” Yu Linglong sat in the chair of the master chef that the kitchen ladies had just moved out . Looking at Yu Qianfang condescendingly, with a small face that seemed to be smiling but not smiling, “Last night, Ling Jiao has already been delivered by you!”

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