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Chapter 27

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Xuan Cao laid out everything like she was coming clean: “Pinlan Park used to be where Aunt Lan and Second Sister lived . After Aunt Lan passed away, Second Sister did not want anyone to live here again, so she made some tricks in the courtyard to let everyone know that Pinlan Park was haunted—“

Yu Linglong narrowed her eyes a bit when she heard Xuan Cao’s words .

Was it that simple?

It was not difficult to infer from Xuan Cao’s words that Aunt Lan was Yu Qianfang’s mother-in-law, and she died early . Yu Qianfang didn’t want others to live in the yard where her mother used to live, so she designed this haunted conspiracy .

Was it just because of Yu Qianfang’s selfishness? Did she just happen to become an innocent scapegoat?

Yu Linglong’s intuition told her that it was not that simple .

But seeing that Ling Jiao was scared to death, Yu Linglong knew that her maid only knew so much .

As expected, since Yu Qianfang could use Yu Qianliu’s maid to do things, how could she let Ling Jiao know her true purpose?

It seemed that the fight in the inner house was not something she could avoid if she wanted to . Just because she fixed Yu Qianliu once, Yu Qianfang remembered her, and even wanted to use her to fight Yu Qianliu .

The thoughts of these little girls were really overwhelming .

Seeing Yu Linglong appear contemplative, Xuan Cao was frightened . She didn’t know what the poisonous Fourth Sister would do with her . She walked forward on her knees, fell under Yu Linglong’s feet, and said bitterly, “Please, Fourth Sister, the maid knew she was wrong! The maid would never dare anymore!”

Maybe Yu Qianfang can buy her with silver, but no matter how much silver, her life was not as important! Fourth Sister even dared to fight with Miss Mu Shi, so what is a little maid to her? Xuan Cao completely believed that Fourth Sister would never judge her too harshly .

Yu Linglong looked at the scared Xuan Cao, and a smile gradually appeared on the corner of her mouth .

She wants to use her? Ok! She would see how capable this Yu Qianfang was!

Mu Shi was in her bed, and the pain in her body made her toss and turn and she couldn’t sleep . Mother Qian, who was by her side, brought her a bowl and said dully, “Miss, it’s time to take your medicine . ”

Mu Shi’s gaze fell on Mother Qian, who covered her face with a white cloth, and felt sad for a while, and almost cried . “What kind of evil did I do that provoked such a fiend to come back!”

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Mother Qian lied to comfort Mu Shi: “Miss, don’t worry, there will always be a solution to everything . You should take your medicine first . ”

How could these weak words persuade Mu Shi? Mu Shi felt she could not drink the medicine at all . She pushed aside the medicine bowl, and tears fell endlessly: “You said that in just a few days, the house has changed . What’s going on!? Even Brother Wu was injured and hasn’t woken up yet . Xu Wang still doesn’t know what’s going on . If I am to blame, how can I tell the master!”

Mother Qian and the others couldn’t help feeling sad when they heard this . Yeah, let’s not say that everyone who followed Mu Shi was injured, and Mu Shi couldn’t afford the injury . Now, even the biggest male protagonist in the Yu family was beaten by Yu Linglong and was still unconscious . The backbone of the Yu mansion has fallen . Who else can preside over everything?

The more Mu Shi thought about it, the more her head hurt: “It was Yu Linglong who caused trouble! If I knew earlier she was such a shrew, I wouldn’t have taken her into the house with a kind heart!”

Mother Qian said, “These four young ladies were honest when they first entered the household . Who would have thought she had such a temperament!”

Shuang Tao said bitterly on the side, “She is just pretending!”

Mother Qian thought for a while and said, “Yes, nothing happened the first few days, but since the lady said that she would use her blood to detoxify Sixth Sister, she seemed to have suddenly changed her personality . He was lying on the ground not moving . In the blink of an eye, as if possessed by a ghost, his whole upper body looked like all the servants beat him! Ouch, this hurts the servants—“

Mu Shi frowned . “What did you say?”

Mother Qian replied, “The maid said that Fourth Sister beat the servants, and it looked like she was possessed by a ghost—“

Mu’s brows raised suddenly, as if she just understood something, “Yes! Possessed by a ghost! That girl must be possessed!”

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The more Mu Shi thought about it, the more she thought this was the reason . After Yu Linglong entered the mansion, she had been too lazy to care about her . She closed her eyes and pretended to be invisible to her subordinates’ blank eyes and fists . She was just a concubine . Who still cares about her? Regarding Mu Shi’s blindness and various abuses by the subordinates of the Yu family, Yu Linlong didn’t even dare to let go, but after being bitten by a scorpion, Yu Linglong completely changed into another person: grumpy, attacked, and becoming fierce . It was like she was a rich brat .

How could the same person have such a big change in the blink of an eye? Yu Linglong must have been possessed by a ghost!

Mu Shi was very regretful . She should have thought about this a long time ago . If she had seen that Yu Linglong was possessed earlier, she would quickly ask a goddess to perform an exorcism, and the things after wouldn’t happen, that would make her look less like a scoundrel now!

Mu Shi clenched her hand into a fist and slammed it heavily on the bed, “Come here, go and get me the best goddess! I’ll give them any amount of money as long as they can send this evil spirit away!”

In Pinlan Park, Xuan Cao was helping Yu Linglong wash up, and couldn’t help but ask worriedly, “Miss, what do you think about the situation?”

Xuan Cao was worried about Yu Linglong letting Ling Jiao get away unharmed . She did not forget how frightened she was last night . This was all Xuan Cao’s fault!

Yu Linglong wiped her face dry with her kerchief and said calmly, “The iron flute has been taken away, the haunting is gone . What else do you want?”

“But…” Xuan Cao frowned with a look of dissatisfaction, “The maid thinks that you should teach that girl a lesson!”

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Being with Yu Linglong for the past two days, Xuan Cao had a lot of courage . She couldn’t figure it out . For Mu Shi and Xu Wang, the lady of her own had the courage to beat and scold, and for Ling Jiao who was deceiving them, how could this lady let it go without saying a word?

“How would I teach her a lesson? Hit her?” Yu Linglong handed her veil to Xuan Cao, feeling a little funny, “How is it if I hit her? Even if I kill her, what good will it do for us?”

Xuan Cao was speechless . She also felt a little suffocated and wanted to get some air, but the lady was right . If she really hit Ling Jiao, it would have no effect on her at all except to vent her anger .

Yu Linglong looked at Xuan Cao’s disappointed face, and the corners of her mouth raised in a wistful smile, “Don’t worry, I’ve already decided the end . If I provoke our people, I will definitely not have a good life . ”

With this, Xuan Cao rejoiced again . Thinking of the things that had puzzled her for a long time, Xuan Cao curiously asked, “By the way, miss, how do you know that Ling Jiao was not sent by Third Sister?”

Ling Jiao is obviously Yu Qianliu’s maid, but how do the misses know that Ling Jiao was not sent by Yu Qianliu?

Yu Linglong sat on the edge of the bed, watching Xuan Cao squatting down and taking off her shoes, and said, “First, anyone caught in the spot will always have a few words ready to explain themselves, but Ling Jiao suddenly confessed . She was sent by Yu Qianliu, which was not normal . Second, the haunting must have been done deliberately . The people who could design such a game must be clever . And to Yu Qianliu, have you also seen this scheming? If she had this knowledge, I wouldn’t have filled her with stinky water .  

Xuan Cao suddenly realized, “Miss, you are so smart . What should we do next?”

Yu Linglong was lying on the bed, her dark eyes looking at the intricate patterns on the bed . She felt a faint chill, “What we have to do now is to wait for the fish to take the bait . ”

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