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Published at 20th of October 2020 06:41:30 AM
Chapter 26

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Yu Linglong looked at that delicate but unfamiliar face and knotted her eyebrows . “Xuan Cao, do you know her?”

Xuan Cao hurriedly said, “Miss, this is Third Sister’s maid; her name is Ling Jiao . ”

Yu Linglong looked at the terrified little maid . Was she sent by Yu Qianliu? This was a bit interesting .

“Oh? You are Yu Qianliu’s maid? Did she not say why she sent you here?”

Under Yu Linglong’s energetic gaze, Ling Jiao shivered more severely, tears rolling down her eyes . She stammered, “Third…third sister just wanted the maids to come to Pinlan Park to see…”

“See what?” Yu Linglong took the hot tea brought by Xuan Cao and asked lightly, “Come and see if I’m dead?”

Ling Jiao was so frightened that she kowtowed . “The servants wouldn’t dare, the servants wouldn’t dare!”

“Wouldn’t dare? I think you are very courageous . ” Yu Linglong sneered, “Don’t you know that the courtyard is haunted? Aren’t you so brave when you run off by yourself in the middle of the night?”

Ling Jiao suddenly stopped kowtowing, and now her whole body was lying on the ground, shaking violently: “Servants…servants don’t know…”

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, the teacup in Yu Linglong’s had flown out quickly, forcefully hitting Ling Jiao!

“You don’t know!? If you don’t know anything, how dare you go into the haunted courtyard in the middle of the night to see the commotion? How dare you provoke me if you don’t know anything!?”

She couldn’t believe she had made such a commotion in the Yu household these past few days, how had this little maid never heard of her? She dared to spy on her secretly, and this little maid was still pretending to be pitiful!?

The hot tea was poured on Ling Jiao . It was so hot that she suddenly screamed: “Fourth Sister, please spare me! The maid, the maid said everything!”

Ling Jiao wiped her tears, and said stammering, “Yes…it was Third Sister who said that Pinlan Park was haunted, and she didn’t know how Fourth Sister was living here, so…so she ordered the maids to come and look…”

Seeing Ling Jiao kneeling on the ground in horror, Yu Linglong suddenly smiled .

Very well, it seems that the haunting of Pinlan Park is well known to everyone, only she herself didn’t know!

As soon as Mu Shi asked Mama Cui, she could already sense something was wrong . She was just a concubine, it was arranged by Mu Shi . How could Mu Shi be so happy to give her a nice courtyard to live in? It turned out that this was a haunted courtyard that no one dared to occupy!

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Before Ling Jiao finished speaking, Yu Linglong suddenly interrupted: “Are you really from Yu Qianliu?”

A look of panic flashed across Ling Jiao’s face, but for a moment she lowered her heard deeply, “The maid is from Third Sister, so naturally I listen to Third Sister’s instructions . ”

Yu Linglong slowly got up, walked in front of Ling Jiao, and looked at the trembling maid .

Her faint voice was colder than the snow on the Tianshan mountains . “You think I’m stupid and easily tricked, don’t you?”

Hearing Yu Linglong’s words, Ling Jiao was shocked, and she suddenly knocked her head on the ground like she was pounding garlic: “Fourth Sister, please spare the maid! What the maid said is true! It was really only that Third Sister wanted the maid to come see! Everything else, the maid has no idea!”

“What a witty girl!” Yu Linglong snorted coldly . She turned around, sat in the chair, and said sharply, “Come here!”

“Yes!” Ma Changgeng and others immediately responded .

“Go fetch a charcoal brazier!” Yu Linglong’s eyes were sharp like a steel knife . “What are you keeping in this lying mouth? Put hot goals on her mouth so she may never speak again!”

“Yes!” The people who were frightened by Yu Linglong’s fierce manner respectfully agreed, and hurriedly went to get the charcoal brazier .

“Fourth Sister, please spare my life!” Ling Jiao was so scared that her voice changed, but she was crying . “It’s really Third Sister who called the maid, the maid just listened to the mistress’s instructions—“

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The charcoal brazier was soon brought in and the hot charcoal crackled in the black charcoal brazier . The temperature in the room suddenly rose a little, but it could not stop the deep chill everyone felt in the room .

Yu Linglong’s pretty face was illuminated by the jumping charcoal fire as if covered with frost .

Ignoring Ling Jiao’s plea for mercy, Yu Linglong herself picked up a burning hot coal with tongs, and poked at Ling Jiao’s face without a care!

“Ah!” Ling Jiao jumped back with fright, and her face was full of horror, “Fourth Sister, please forgive me—“

Scorching hot coals passed by Ling Jiao’s ears and singed her hair . With a loud hiss, the air was suddenly full of burnt hair!

One could imagine what the effect would be if it was burned on Ling Jiao’s face!

“What are you hiding from?” Yu Linglong’s face looked particularly cruel in the red flames . “If you hide again, I will scorch your entire face, so that your mother can’t recognize you!”

“Woo…Fourth Sister is forgiving…” The hot air on her face instantly burned the last reason out of Ling Jiao, “The maid is wrong, please forgive the maid! The maid doesn’t dare to lie anymore!”

Off to the side, Xuan Cao and the others opened their eyes wide in surprise . Was Ling Jiao actually lying!?

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But how did Yu Linglong react!?

Holding the tongs in her jade-white hands, Yu Linglong slowly put the blackened charcoal back into the brazier .

Just when everyone thought Yu Linglong had let off Ling Jiao, Yu Linglong had already picked up another piece of coal .

“That piece was cold, I’ll replace it with a warm one . ”

The hot air gushed down Ling Jiao’s face . She was so scared she couldn’t move . She stared at the fiery charcoal, almost as if she was about to faint .

“The maid, the maid was sent by Second Sister!” With this screaming cry, Ling Jiao collapsed . “It was Second Sister who asked the maid to see what happened to Fourth Sister! She also said if the maid was accidentally discovered, say the maid was ordered by Third Sister! This way, the Fourth Sister will sort out Third Sister, don’t blame Second Sister—“

The tongs in Yu Linglong’s hands finally stopped moving, and staring at Ling Jiao’s terrified face, she curled her lips and sneered: “What else?”

“The haunting thing is also done by Second Sister! It was Second Sister who asked the servants to buy the iron flute from outside and put it quietly at the air outlet under the porch . As long as there was wind, it would make a whining sound—“

Ling Jiao crawled under Yu Linglong’s feet, bursting into tears: “Fourth Sister, please spare the maid, the maid will no longer dare!”

Yu Linglong slowly got up and sat on the Imperial Tutor’s chair: “Why is Yu Qianfang acting like a devil in Pinlan Park?”

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