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Published at 15th of October 2020 04:21:20 PM
Chapter 25

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Naturally, another night fell .

In Pinlan Park, Xuan Cao had been fidgeting since dusk . The new cook made a meal and asked Xuan Cao to try it, but she could not .

Last night at midnight, a cry came from nowhere and it was like a ghost, haunting her . It made her even more scared thinking about it, but Yu Linglong appeared indifferent . She wanted to ask but she didn’t dare, disregarding her nervousness .

Xuan Cao’s anxiety reached its worst when she saw the dark night once again enshrouding the cold Pinlan Park .

Will that horrible cry come tonight!?

As soon as night fell, Yu Linglong called everyone in Pinlan Park . The cooks that Xuan Cao went to hire from outside in the daytime were all gathered in the main hall .

Yu Linglong was sitting in the seat of honor, leisurely blowing at her warm tea . She had changed into a blue Magnolia Xiangyun patterned double-embroidered dress . Under the bright candlelight, she looked handsome and chilling, which made people fear her .


A few cooks couldn’t feel their new master’s temper and they didn’t know why she called them that evening, so they didn’t dare speak for a while .


Yu Linglong took a sip of tea, and then slowly said, “Since you are with me, you must do your work well . Your wages will never be unfair, but if you are unfaithful, don’t blame me for being rude!”

The cooks have all seen the world, and they knew with a new master there would be this sort of threatening speech, and they quickly and respectfully agreed .

“Coincidentally, I happen to need people tonight . It depends on whether you are willing to do your best . ”


With that said, Yu Linglong looked at Xuan Cao on the side . Xuan Cao hurriedly took out two silver ingots and put them on the table . Under the candlelight, the ingots glowed with a faint silver light, and the few cooks standing on the ground suddenly widened their eyes .

“Yes, yes!” An impatient cook hurriedly laughed and said, “Fourth Sister, whatever you want us to do, the servants will do their best!”

Yu Linglong smiled slightly and looked at the speaker, “What’s your name?”

The cook replied, “In response to Fourth Sister, the head of servants is named Ma Changgeng . ”

Ma Changgeng? This is an interesting name .

Yu Linglong nodded, “Okay . You will be in charge of the kitchen from now on . ”

Ma Changgeng was immediately flattered, and the other cooks couldn’t help but secretly regret that they didn’t speak first .  


But she was the first to show loyalty, and even got involved as the kitchen steward . You know this is an advantage!


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Seeing the complex looks on everyone’s faces, Yu Linglong calmly lowered her eyes .

She had just arrived in ancient times, and apart from Xuan Cao, there was no one who could help her . She could not trust the Yu family . If she wanted to cultivate her own power, she had to start from scratch .

Just like right now, although she only promoted Ma Changgeng to be in charge, she conveyed a message to everyone that she wanted to treat those who worked for her fairly .

Only by distinguishing rewards and punishments can others want to be loyal to her and strengthen her position .  

Yu Linglong cleared her throat and said, “Tonight there will probably be someone visiting . Please work hard and treat them well . ”

It turned out to be such a simple matter . The cooks were immediately relieved . Ma Changgeng promised, “Miss, rest assured, the servants will work to the best of their abilities to please your distinguished guest . ”

“That’s not necessary,” Yu Linglong said smiling slightly, with a faint cold light on her bright face, “You only need to do one thing, stay in every corner of the courtyard and bring our guest in . ”

Ma Changgeng was confused . “Miss, you mean…”

Yu Linglong rubbed the cold ingot and said slowly, “What I mean is, tonight, you have to stay in the dark and bring me in when you see outsiders . No matter who it is, don’t let them go!”

Now that people live in the courtyard, the instigator will definitely come to look around . All she had to do was just wait and see .


She didn’t believe it, she couldn’t catch this mysterious person!


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“Whoever catches that outsider, twenty taels of silver will belong to you . ”

Several cooks immediately looked surprised . Twenty taels of silver, that was their wages for several years!

They must be brave under the weight of the reward . Everyone looked eager to try . Ma Changgeng promised hurriedly, “Miss, don’t worry, the servants must be wide-eyed . As long as that person dares to come, the servants will never let her slip away!”

Yu Linglong nodded . “Okay . If you catch her, just send for me . ”

Her slender figure stood up gracefully and she walked into the inner room .

There was still one battle to be fought in the evening, so she must raise her spirits and clean up this person who was hiding in the dark .

The night was getting deeper .

Fast asleep, the faint, crying sound unknowingly came in, and it burrowed into their ears . Like how a shadow follows the body, you couldn’t free yourself from it . The murmurs and sharp cries were like the huge claws of a demon, and it enshrouded the sky of Pinlan Park .

In the inner room, Yu Linglong had already woken up with bright eyes . Xuan Cao, who did not dare close her eyes, bit her lip, for fear that she would cry out in horror .

Outside the courtyard, Ma Changgeng suddenly shouted sternly, “Who’s there!?”

Immediately after, there was the sound of jumbled footsteps, and Yu Linglong rolled over, got out of bed, and walked out . Xuan Cao quickly picked up her jacket and followed her closely .

Is someone really pretending to be a demon?

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As Yu Linglong walked into the main hall, she heard a disheveled voice in the yard, “Caught you, caught you!”

Ma Changgeng panted and ran into the room, “Miss is really clever, the servants have been guarding for most of the night, and they indeed caught the unfamiliar girl!”

A few cooks dragged her by the arm, and some grabbed her shoulder, and they pulled in a young woman in a maid uniform .

Everyone rushed to show their achievements . “Reporting to Fourth Sister, it was the servants who first discovered her!”

“It was the servants who caught her fist!”

“If the servants hadn’t slapped her, she would have run away—“

As soon as Yu Linglong raised her hand, everyone immediately stopped speaking, eagerly waiting for their reward .

“Don’t worry, everyone will have a reward . ” Yu Linglong’s eyes fell on the maid with her lowered head .

“Why did you do it?” Under the candlelight, Yu Linglong’s eyes were flowing with clear swells of water, like a pond in early spring, but with cold air, “Tell me, who are you?”

Hearing Yu Linglong’s bone-cold voice, the maid suddenly knelt on the ground and her voice trembled, “Fourth Sister, please spare my life, the maid was only sent by her master to have a look, the maid doesn’t know anything!”

Yu Linglong said coldly, “Raise your head . ”

The kneeling maid lifted her face trembling, and before everyone could speak, she heard a scream of surprise from Xuan Cao .

“It’s you!?” 

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