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“You told me, that one.”

I made my eyes round.

That little slip of paper was when I wrote about my favorite observatory.

“Ah, this is…”

“Be prepared – you’re going to be needed next month. The director of the observatory seemed to have liked your paper. She was quite pleased to have read it. Work hard and do your best… That’s all.”

“Such a thing… I…”

As I was informed of that, I had met my uncle ahead of time who told me about it.

At the time, my uncle was into astronomy.

“Of course… I can really go? It’s always been my dream to go.”

Well, it was a dream… but…

Now I’m just thinking that I’ll be able to see that gentle smile again…

I would be able to see Seiya.

I’d love to go to that place, and remain there for eternity.


“I still think that you have some time left, so please consider.”


I should be happy about it, but now I’m just feeling depressed.

Why did it have to happen with such timing…?

After that, my head was filled with an endless barrage of stories.

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