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One punch was enough to kill him.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Long Fei took a step forward, stood by Mu Yao's side, looked at the stage indifferently, and said: "Did you see it clearly?"

"Who's thinking too highly of themselves?"

"Now do you know what I mean by reality?"

His words were like a slap to the face.


To Mu Yao, every word that he said was like a slap that ruthlessly slapped her face. Both her left and right cheeks were burning hot.

She could not speak a word.

The instant Mu Yun punched out, she knew that it was the beginning of the Eight Explosion Fist.

At that time, she had thought that at that distance, if she punched at that speed, she wouldn't have much strength.

However …

She was wrong, ridiculously wrong.

Not only was the power shockingly great, it was also … When the real power of the Eight Explosion Fist was unleashed, every single one of the eight violent winds was extremely violent.

Every attack was seriously injured.

A violent strength was stronger than a violent strength.

Mu Feng had died. If he hadn't died, the heaviest injury on his body wouldn't have been his internal organs, but it would have been the last bit of his consciousness.

Most likely, his sea of consciousness had already collapsed.

Mu Yun had displayed the power of the Eight Explosion Fist in one move. If that was the case, Mu Yao could still consider it from his guidance.

At most, she was only a little envious of him, but that didn't affect her swan attitude.

However …

Mu Yao struck out with both fists, each fist striking out with the Eight Explosion Fist, resulting in sixteen explosions.

I've never seen it before.

An unheard-of existence.

It was beyond her comprehension.

Too strong!

Mu Yao's heart was completely shaken. She didn't know how to describe her current mood, as if it was a pleasant surprise that had just discovered a new continent, but also as if she had been fiercely humiliated.

Mu Yao was a little taken aback. He turned around to look at Long Fei and asked: "How did he do it?"

Long Fei laughed coldly and said: "Do you want to learn it?"

Mu Yao looked at Long Fei's hoodlum face. If it was before, she would not have bothered to take another look, but now … "Can you teach me?"

Long Fei said: "What do you think?"

Mu Yao pursed his lips and did not say a word.

Long Fei turned around and left, saying indifferently: "If you want to learn, then go find the people you know.

Mu Yao watched as Mu Yun walked down the stage.

Her heart was in torment.

It was very hard.

Because of Mu Yun's transformation, a service disciple overturned the strongest disciple in the Eastern Region and everyone was staring at him.

He didn't dare to mock them again.

Those who had just mocked him all lowered their heads.


Several elders stepped forward to check on Mu Feng's injuries. One of the elders frowned and shouted, "You dare to kill someone?"

"Little bastard, I want your life."

The clan elder bellowed angrily as he leapt up from the stage and flew into the air, straight towards the back of Mu Yun's head.

He was Mu Feng's master.

Mu Feng was the disciple he was most proud of.

He had poured too much effort and resources into Mu Feng, so he still wanted to rely on Mu Feng to build a relationship with the South Area's elders.

But now …

Mu Feng had actually died.

How could he tolerate anger?

He flew straight up into the air, ready to kill Mu Yun.


A muffled sound rang out in the air.

Presided elders shouted, "Fifth Elder..."

Mu Yun did not discover the danger behind him.

However …

Long Fei sensed it.

He suddenly stopped and turned, walked to Mu Yao's side, locking onto the Fifth Elder who was in mid air, he smiled: "I'll let you see the reality clearly again."

Before he finished speaking, Long Fei's figure had already disappeared.

Mu Yao only saw a blur before his eyes and then Long Fei was gone.

In the next moment, a figure appeared in midair.

In an instant.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The aura of the Everlasting Realm was released and it directly crushed the Fifth Elder's body.

Fifth Elder was only at the seventh stage of the Divine Moon realm. When facing the pressure of the Limitless realm, she instantly stopped, and her whole body fell down from the sky.

However, Long Fei did not let him fall down so easily.

Attacking his brother?

If it was outside, he would definitely kill him. This was the Mu Clan, and it was his grandfather's family.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

One of his legs formed a whip and kicked the Fifth Elder's abdomen.

The Fifth Elder heavily smashed into the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Long Fei slowly descended, retracting the aura of the Limitless Realm, "A sneak attack? Are you even fit to be an elder? "

The Fifth Elder's face was pale white. She looked at Long Fei with frightened eyes and said: "Limitless Realm … No, no, impossible, how could you be in the Limitless Realm? "

As soon as he finished speaking.

The crowd exploded.

Infinity Realm?

There were actually experts of the Everlasting Realm in the East District?

Not an elder, nor an elite disciple, but a service disciple?

If these two words didn't come from an elder, no one would believe them.

"He's at the Limitless realm?"

"A mere service disciple like him is actually at the Limitless realm?"

"This, this, this is impossible right?"

"Did you not sense the aura just now? "It's like I'm kneeling on the ground. That aura is too strong."

"What kind of world is this? Servant disciples are all in the Everlasting Realm?"

… ….

A few elders quickly walked forward.

The idea on Presided elders slightly moved, wanting to feel Long Fei's cultivation realm.

Long Fei frowned, he stared straight at the Presided elders, and said indifferently: "I have just stepped into the Limitless Realm, anyone who isn't convinced can come up."

Presided elders's expression changed slightly as he immediately retracted his aura and carefully said. "Mu Fei, your cultivation … I was just wondering why Elder Xingyun would recommend you, and why Seven Strongmen of North Region would call you Eldest Brother, so that's how it is. "

"My apologies."

Presided elders bowed over and over.

The other Elders followed.

The surrounding disciples all bowed towards Long Fei.

This was the world.

powerhouse was respected.

No matter what your identity is, as long as you're strong enough, the entire world will make way for you.

Long Fei laughed: "The assessment will continue, don't delay everyone's assessment just because of me."

Presided elders immediately replied: "Yes, yes, yes."

He didn't dare offend Long Fei right now.

Forget about the relationships behind Long Fei, just with his current strength, he could easily take his place.

Presided elders walked to the stage, "The assessment will continue, the next round will be …."

The test continued.

Long Fei walked past Mu Yao and said: "Did you see the reality clearly?"


With that, Long Fei left with big strides.

Leaving behind a trembling Mu Yao.

The Goddess of the East District?

A high and mighty swan?

Already been selected by the South Area Clan Elder?

Looking down on service disciples?

Now it seemed that she found herself to be like a clown in front of Long Fei, incomparably laughable.

Sixteen violent punches, impossible to match.

Now, Long Fei was even in the Limitless Realm …

He looked up at them as if they were existences.

Her heart was battered again and again.

His face was swollen.

and even thought that he could defeat Long Fei, but from the looks of it … It was all a joke.

She clenched her fists tightly and turned to look for Long Fei.

It was also at this time.

Suddenly, a voice came out from Long Fei's sea of consciousness, "Master, we found Mu Changfeng, he is heavily injured …"

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