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725 I Didn’t Know She Was the Female Lead of the Game Story

After all, in the gaming circle, strength was the most important.

In the first round, Shi Xi had won the match.


The camera swept past one by one. When it came to Shi Xi, the girl’s eyes were black and bright, and she was smiling.

Shi Xi wore a professional gaming headset and sat on the e-sports chair. She looked even more like an e-sports girl than an e-sports girl.

Seeing that the camera was aimed at her, Shi Xi blinked her left eye and gave a beautiful wink.

[I really like sweet girls! Swish.]

[Did you just give Shi Xi a beauty filter? I feel like she’s not on the same level as the others.]

[Ah, I’m dead! This must be the female lead of an e-sports novel! Strength and looks are both at the top!]

[It’s fine to say that she’s good-looking, but Shi Xi’s gaming standards… Can’t be said to be top, right?]

[Shee’s still a god even if she’s a noob.]

The winning group was in good condition.

Zhou Qing, who had failed, vented her anger on her teammates and began to review the previous round. “If you guys hadn’t insisted on fighting the dragon just now, we definitely wouldn’t have lost so quickly!”

“If you don’t send it, there’s still a chance of winning.”

Zhou Qing was furious.

The camera of the game’s live broadcast wasn’t polite. They were all directly facing each other.

Most gaming fans didn’t have high standards for looks.

However, sometimes, the netizens watching the live broadcast became harsh.

[Please look at Shi Xi!]

[The caster’s camera, switch to Shi Xi! I want to see Shi Xi!]

[Are Shi Xi’s fans beggars? You want a camera here?]

The netizens who wanted to watch the game were speechless.

[I’m dying of laughter. During the preparation period, the director is always looking for beautiful women! Shi Xi is beautiful. Who else should he cut to if not her?]

[Don’t bring the fan circle to our gaming circle. Get lost!]

The black fans were immediately lectured.

Some gaming fans even asked, [Why are there so many haters for Shi Xi? Is she very popular?]

Shi Xi’s fans and haters were both silent.

While waiting, the second round began.

This time, Zhou Qing banned Ming Shiyin and Yao from playing Shi Xi’s games.

“Can I play Marco Polo?” asked Shi Xi.

Shi Shuo thought of how Shi Xi had been flustered playing with Ming Shiyin and said, “You play Daji, Brother Fatty will support, I’ll be the jungler.”

As the captain of the JS Team, Shi Shuo arranged the tactics smoothly.

Coincidentally, Zhou Qing was also a mid-lane mage.

When Zhou Qing saw that Shi Xi was in a lane match with her, she was first surprised before revealing a confident smile.

She could definitely cripple Shi Xi!

A minute later.

Zhou Qing stepped forward confidently, ready to kill Shi Xi.

Then, she was taken away by Shi Shuo, who was lying in ambush.

[God Shuo] First Blood

[God Shuo] Double Kill

[God Shuo] Penta kill! (Five consecutive peerless)

[Opposite team wiped out]

It was similar to the first round.

There were only three matches in King’s entertainment.

Under Shi Shuo’s leadership, Shi Xi won all three rounds.

She even killed many people.

Shi Xi: Woohoo! The game was so fun!

When the game ended, Zhou Qing could no longer maintain her smile. She looked like someone owed her millions.

Shi Xi, who had won the award, received a gift from the production team.

It was a medal made of pure gold.

Shi Xi took it in surprise.

I didn’t expect her to be the female lead of a game novel!

Shi Xi and Zhou Qing’s completely different expressions were put together for comparison.

#Zhou Qing vs Shi Xi, the joys and sorrows of humans are different#

Zhou Qing’s face was filled with impatience.

Shi Xi won the award proudly.

The joys and sorrows of humans are not interlinked, they only think they are noisy.

[That’s too wicked. Who made this picture?]

[Qing Qing has a strong desire to win. You can understand why she’s unhappy after losing three rounds in a row, right?]

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