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Chapter 84: The Sound Blade's Returning Trajectory

“Since it's a one-on-one life and death trial, shouldn’t Her Royal Highness the Princess personally take part?”

Yan Lie is suddenly unable to speak after he chokes on that question.

As everyone is discussing it spiritedly, they also discreetly cast their eyes on Gong Qianxue.

Because they think that what Muyan said is right.

“Talk less nonesense!” Yan Lie shouts to interrupt Muyan, “I'm the one who wants to buy this beast-slave, it has nothing to do with Qianxue! Today, you must accept my life and death challenge if you want to take this beast-slave away!"

From that simple sound blade attack just moments ago, Yan Lie knows at once that this girl’s cultivation is definitely higher than Gong Qianxue's.

The most frightening thing is that Yan Lie could distinctly guess, just looking at the body and the bones, that this girl is also younger than Gong Qianxue by several years.

A strong killing intent emerges in Yan Lie's eyes as he's thinking of this aspect.

Because he knows that if he lets this young girl survive, it will bring about a huge impact on Gong Qianxue's title as the number one genius in Yanwu Continent.

“What? Don't tell me you won't dare take up the challenge?” Seeing that Muyan still isn't coming down, Yan Lie can't help but sneer and say, “Looking at how you're so nervous about this Beast-slave number three, is it possible that he's your lover? It can't be that you've had illicit relations with him, and had a bastard mongrel, right? Hahaha…”

Yan Lie's words become more and more vulgar, precisely to infuriate Muyan.

The moment Muyan hears his last statement, the color in her eyes finally grows cold.

Holding Tian Mo Qin in her hands, the snow-white figure leaps forward. Like a feather, she lightly and gracefully lands before Yan Lie.

Under the light of the Beast Fighting Colosseum, the ghost mask covering her face reflects a chilling and eerie luminescence.

The young woman’s voice is like the sound of nature as it slowly echoes in Yan Lie’s ear. “Yan Lie, I hope you can still laugh a few moments from now.”

Yan Lie seems to have heard a funny joke, then a glaring light bursts from his eyes, "Little girl, relying on Elixirs to boost your cultivation to the peak of Heaven Stage makes you feel like you're invincible under the heavens? Hehe, then today, I'll make you regret your foolishness!”

Before he finishes his words, he has already hooked his fingers into claws, aiming an attack at the ghost mask on Muyan’s face and intending to grab the latter.

During the action, the pressure of an Internal Force belonging to a peak Heaven Stage violently rushes and floods like a river.

The strong killing intent spreads through the entire Beast Fighting Colosseum.

The first row of spectators, nearest to the arena, shivers from the terrible pressure that they could feel.

From the start, only Muyan can stand indifferently.

Under the ghost mask, there's a blooming and enchanting arch.

Moments before Yan Lie reaches her, Muyan's hand gently strums the Tian Mo Qin.

An invisible sound blade shoots towards Yan Lie like the strike of a sharp sword.

Yan Lie sneers: “Do you think that I'll still fall for the same trick?”

His body flashes like a current as he says that, instantly dodging the sound blade.

“Without the sound blade attack, I'll see what else can you still do. Accept death… Ah-!!”

He has yet to finish saying his arrogant declaration when Yan Lie suddenly feels a sharp pain from his back.

He staggers on his step and almost falls to the ground.

Muyan still smiles indifferently. A white, jade finger gently plucks on the zither strings, apologetically saying: “I’m truly sorry for being inconsiderate, forgetting to tell Commander Yan that my sound blade can turn back to attack!"

When this statement comes out, the people all throughout Beast Fighting Colosseum doubt what they heard as their own illusion.

“Don't joke around, a sound blade attack with a turning trajectory?! Is this still that useless musician class?!”

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