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Published at 29th of October 2020 11:11:23 AM

Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Such a beast


    In the Great Hall, Dr . Song and the others have been waiting anxiously .


    Seeing her come out, each and every one of them are immediately overjoyed at the unexpected good outcome .


    “Little girl, are you all right?” Dr . Song hurries over, examining Muyan up and down .


    It’s only after making certain that she doesn’t have any serious injuries that he lets out a long sigh of relief .


    Muyan obediently lets them pull her along, lovable like a typical young girl, without a trace of impatience .


    These Elders may be a little vain and selfish, but at the most critical moment, they had dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety, all in order to defend her . That’s something that Muyan will never forget in this life .


    “Niangqin . ” holding the fat rabbit, Xiao Bao comes up from behind and grabs Muyan’s hand .


    After getting out of the Ghost Hall, Muyan released Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit from the Space .


    But who knows what the fat rabbit found, as it suddenly ran off with Xiao Bao . They just caught up now .


    Seeing a pink, jade-carved little boy suddenly appear and call Muyan ‘Niangqin’-


    Dr . Song and the others are all stunned .


    “Little girl, y-y-you-you, you actually have a son already!”


    “This is my son, Xiao Bao . ” Muyan has a slight smile as she pushes Xiao Bao to move forward, “Xiao Bao, say ‘grandpa’ . ”



    Xiao Bao’s small face is calm and cool, but his voice is childish and crisp, “Hello, grandpas . ”




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    A group of old doctors, most of them over a hundred years old, suddenly feel like an arrow has struck them in their hearts .


    A change comes over their hearts .


    Under the sun, how could there be such an adorable baby!


    “Come, Xiao Bao . This is a draught that Grandpa Song refined, I’ll give it to you . ”


    “Xiao Bao, look at the treasures Grandpa Du has over here . If you want anything as a meeting gift, just take it . ”


    And so, a crowd of old men, brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, surrounds an icy and indifferent little child .


    This scene is really odd and funny beyond words .


    With great difficulty, Xiao Bao manages to escape from the middle of the enthusiastic grandpas . In the end, he hides behind Muyan .


    There’s an expression of lingering fear on his taut little face, and he secretly lets out a sigh .

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    Muyan is tickled by this adorable little look of his, so she bends down to pick him up, smooching his soft little face .


    Just as she’s about to ask her baby what he and the fat rabbit were doing earlier-


    She hears Dr . Song: “Little girl, your son is so big . You’re married already? The child’s father is…”


    While he’s saying this as a question, Dr . Song is a little hesitant and also somewhat angry .


    That’s because, no matter how you look at it, Muyan’s age can’t be older than twenty .


    But Xiao Bao is already four or five years old .


    That means, when Muyan was pregnant with Xiao Bao, she was only fourteen or fifteen years old .


    Which man had been such a beast? To have actually laid a hand on such a young little girl, and even letting that little girl carry a child .

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    On the side, Han Ye promptly nods along in indignation: I don’t know who to kill with a thousand knives, actually stepping in before their Jun Shang, laying a hand on such a young Miss Jun . Simply a degenerate, shameless, absolutely disgraceful! If he ever comes across that shameless man, he must chop him up into ten thousand pieces .


    Muyan just smiles, kissing Xiao Bao’s face again .


    That faraway memory is indeed humiliating for her, she couldn’t stand remembering it .


    But it gave her the most precious gift in the world .


    Just as she’s about to reply, a lone figure suddenly staggers in from outside the door, bursting in with a flustered and alarmed expression .


    “He… help… help! Ghost Lord, help…”


    Before he could finish his words, this man in Ghost Envoy uniform is already tumbling to the floor . He suddenly coughs up a mouthful of blood .


    What shocks everyone, is that the blood that this man had coughed up is black-red . More than that, it’s covered by a dense swarm of tiny black bugs .

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