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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 153: A Truce

This piece of jade is very important, but… marrying Muyan is even more important!

Di Ming Jue extends his hand towards Xiao Bao and slowly opens his palms, "Do you want this jade?"

Xiao Bao raises his small head, looking at him unblinkingly.

Di Ming Jue has a wooden expression as he faces the other, "I will only give you this one chance. If you don't take it today, there won't be any more opportunities in the future."

Sure enough, a keen expression immediately appears on Xiao Bao's face. Fair, delicate little hands reaches out to snatch the jade.

However, Di Ming Jue moves his hands to the side, saying unhurriedly: "With one condition, you can't stop me from being with your mother."

Xiao Bao wrinkles his brows and glares at him, "Niangqin will not agree to marry you."

"Humph, this is Ben Jun's affair, and it nothing to do with you! You only have to agree not to obstruct or make trouble, and it's fine."

Xiao Bao frowns in hesitation for a long time. In the end, he couldn't resist the temptation of that vermilion jade, so he agrees to sign a "temporary truce" with Di Ming Jue!

Muyan has an unusually restful sleep. Waking up, she doesn't open her eyes immediately but directly enters the Space instead.

That's because she could feel some strange Internal Force fluctuations inside.

This means that her Xiao Bao has already succeeded in advancing.

"Baby, are you done with your closed-door cultivation?"

Muyan is just about to hug her darling boy and pepper him with kisses, when she sees Xiao Bao hastily hide something.

Unhappiness, discontentment and attachment flashes through his little face.

But when he turns around and sees Muyan, he immediately throws himself over to her.

Although his face is still as expressionless as before, those enormous eyes are sparkling, filled with happiness – he missed her.

Before Muyan could hug Xiao Bao, he's already clinging to her tightly.

The little figure buries itself in her embrace, softly rubbing and rubbing, indescribably unable to let go.

However, Muyan could feel a peculiar mood coming from her son.

She gives it a thought, eventually coming to a conclusion.

She can't help but soften her expression as she hugs him, and gently says: "Don't be scared baby. Niangqin is okay, I was just very tired so I fell asleep."

Xiao Bao nods in her embrace and gives a muffled response. But he still refuses to let go.

Muyan can only carry him, and gently pat her baby in a cajoling manner.

She's somewhat gratified in her mind, and also a bit amused: she never expected that her darling son would also have this day, where he would act spoiled and willful.

After the mother and child pair have cuddled for a while, Muyan suddenly remembers something, "Baby, what were you looking at earlier?"

Xiao Bao immediately stiffens after he hears her question, silently lowering his head.

"Is it something that niangqin can't see?"

Xiao Bao's long eyelashes flutters for a bit, but he only says in a low voice: "Right now, not yet."

Muyan sees Xiao Bao's expression and realizes that something must've happened while she was asleep.

But since her baby son doesn't want to say it, she won't force him.

If she wants to know what happened, she naturally knows where to ask.

After Muyan leaves the Space, Xiao Bao once again takes out the piece of vermilion jade.

Tightly pursing his lips, there's an unswerving determination within his huge eyes, "This jade, I'll wait until after I defeat that lecher, then I'll give it to niangqin fair and square!"

After that, he looks at the fat rabbit at the side.

He places the jade in front its mouth: "Put this away for me, you absolutely mustn't lose it!"

How can a rabbit eat a jade ornament?!

But in the next moment, something magical happens.

The fat rabbit slightly opens its mouth, and the jade within Xiao Bao's hands immediately disappears.

When the rabbit has finished swallowing the jade, it scuttles to Xiao Bao's side, sticking its tongue out to lick him.

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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