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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 120: Misunderstanding?

Han Ye gulps. He says with difficulty: "Jun Shang, that murder and stealing the treasure, wait no, I mean, murder and stealing the wife, isn't that a bad idea? It can warrant the Five Heavenly Lighting*. Why don't we think it over one more time?"

Heavenly punishment

Di Ming Jue looks at Han Ye coldly. After a long while, he slowly says: "Ben Jun will not do so."

Not because it's impossible, not because he wouldn't dare, but because…

If he did that, won't Muyan grieve and feel sad, won't she detest him?

"Jun Shang, if you don't intend to kill that person and steal his wife, what's to be done if we do find him?"

That's right!

What's to be done if they do find that person?

What can he do by staying here? Will he just look on and watch Muyan be close to another man?

However, at the thought of forever losing the only woman who makes his heart move, at the thought that he will never see Muyan from here on out,

Di Ming Jue feels like someone is digging out a chunk of his chest, emptying it, as if he will no longer be able to feel any joy for the rest of his life.

The man before him still has an appearance that is unparalleled in the world, his expression is still indifferent and apathetic. And yet for the first time, Han Ye perceives it as bitter and sad.

Sad for their Jun Shang.

The first time he was moved, the first time he fell for a woman, and she is already someone else's.

But Miss Muyan, isn't she supposed to be Jun Shang's woman of destiny?

How could she and Jun Shang be destined to meet but not fated to be together?

Wait wait, woman of destiny!!

"Jun Shang – !!" Han Ye suddenly shrieks.

Even Di Ming Jue flinches from surprise, and he calmly looks at the other.

Han Ye is completely not worried about Di Ming Jue's cold look this time. Instead, he's in high spirits: "Jun Shang, maybe there's some sort of misunderstanding?"


"That's right! Jun Shang, did you forget? Miss Jun is your destined, the fate between the two of you is foreordained by the Heavens. Elder Chang's divination had never been wrong, it's even more unlikely to be wrong if it concerns Jun Shang's fate."

"Therefore, there's either a misunderstanding or some secret about this matter. We might as well investigate to understand it more thoroughly!"

Hearing that, a bright flame roars to life in the depths of Di Ming Jue's eyes.

The curtain drops on a farce, and darkness colors the sky.

After their evening meal, Muyan takes Xiao Bao back to their room.

But unlike on normal evenings when Xiao Bao would usually stick to her and sleep together, he actually takes the initiative to let himself enter the space this time.

Muyan asks him why.

A tiny face, a cold and childish voice: "Xiao Bao is growing big, I can't just stick to niangqin. Xiao Bao wants to be stronger, so I can protect niangqin."

He pauses, then says: "Niangqin, this time, I will breakthrough to the middle of Heaven Stage before going out again."

He doesn't want to feel any more of his weakness and helplessness. Not only is he unable to protect his mother, his mother is the one protecting him instead.

Muyan's eyes flood with distress.

Looking at him, he's only a small four-year-boy but he's already so clever and sensible. It makes her both proud and also sad.

But she doesn't express this, she only shows a smile, and bends down to kiss her son's forehead. She softly says: "Mn, okay. Niangqin believes that Xiao Bao will definitely succeed."

On his ice-cold little face, a small happy smile blooms because of Muyan's words.

Xiao Bao spontaneously reaches out to hold Muyan's face this time, and gives her a kiss.

Then he goes into the space with a blushing small face.

Then, Muyan directly seals the space in a way that while Xiao Bao is inside, he won't be able to see or hear anything happening outside.

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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