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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 108: Gifts to Curry Favor ~

Di Ming Jue doesn't respond to Han Ye’s words. He also doesn't take notice of the surroundings as he heads straight to Xia’an State.

While walking, he fiercely creases his brows.

Damn it!

Since his real body had descended to Yanwu Continent, his cultivation is also suppressed to the level that this Continent can bear.

It's to the extent that he can't teleport or even fly.

Otherwise, he would appear in front Muyan within an instant.

If that little woman sees him, would she be surprised? Would she throw herself into his arms?

Di Ming Jue’s ears slightly redden at that thought, and the pace of his footsteps also speed up.

If Han Ye hears his Jun Shang's thought process, he would want to cough three liters of blood to protest: Jun Shang, just where do you get your confidence? You think Miss Jun will throw herself into your arms? It would already be good enough if she doesn't throw you.

On foot, the pair's pace is extremely fast.

They look like they're walking, but their speed is similar to flying.

After just a short period of time, they've already arrived inside Xia’an State.

Di Ming Jue quickly determines Muyan’s position due to the oath he planted in her with a kiss.

He was about to rush forward at maximum speed, but Han Ye holds him back, “*cough*… Jun Shang, maybe, you probably shouldn't go straight to find Miss Jun?”

When Di Ming Jue hears this, he gives Han Ye a glance filled with impatience.

That faint, icy expression in those eyes clearly conveys: are you an idiot? Ben Jun descended to this lower realm in order to find that woman. If I don't go directly to her, am I supposed to play in the damnable area that has no Spiritual Energy?

Being looked at by Jun Shang's scornful eyes, Han Ye’s psyche surged with the rampage of ten thousand mud horses.

He bears the suffering and lightly coughs once again, "Jun Shang, this subordinate heard that… there's a custom in Yanwu Continent, that if a man wants to pursue a woman, it is only natural for him to offer gifts. Especially after reuniting after a long absence, when one visits again, one must prepare gifts for the other party and her family. This may improve the other party's good impression of you.”

Di Ming Jue handsome face tightens, coldy saying: “Ben Jun needs to improve my impression?!”

“Not really! Not really!” Han Ye immediately sings him praises, “Jun Shang, you are peerlessly handsome, matchless in skill, overflowing with power. There is no woman in the world who doesn't want you, and would throw themselves to your embrace…”

“What should I give?”

Before Han Ye finishes his words, it's suddenly cut off by his master's cold inquiry.

His monologue comes to an abrupt end as he stares blankly at the other.

Di Ming Jue impatiently says: “Ben Jun is asking you, what should I give that woman?”

Humph! By no means is he currying that little woman's favor! It’s just… it's just because she is destined to be his, Di Ming Jue's wife, so what harm is there in spoiling her in advance?

Han Ye immediately returns to his senses. He looks around, then he points at a jewelry store not far from them: “Jun Shang, why don’t we go there and take a look, choose a gift?”

Most things in the Xiuxian Continent can't be brought down to the Yanwu Continent. Otherwise, they could wreck the equilibrium in Yanwu Continent.

So Di Ming Jue and Han Ye descended only as they are. The clothes on their bodies are also the most ordinary. On his person, Han Ye only carries some gold, silver, and gems that don't have any spiritual power – no one in Xiuxian Continent would pick them up if these things are thrown on the ground.

As soon as he draws near the shop, Di Ming Jue immediately has a deep frown.

This shop is called the Treasure Pavilion. Inside, it exhibits some exquisite and luxurious jewelry for sale.

But although these jewelries are bright and beautiful, they are awfully vulgar. They are completely incompatible with Muyan’s ethereal temperament.

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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