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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 107: Jun Shang Arrives

Chen Qingfeng stares blankly, still somewhat unclear why the topic of conversation changed all of a sudden.

But he doesn't think too much about it. He takes the draught and immediately pours it in his mouth.

After a brief moment, his dantian bursts with an unbearably hot and restless sensation.

“Sit cross-legged and meditate!”

He could hear Muyan’s voice say, and Chen Qingfeng doesn't think any further as he immediately does as told.

Half an hour slowly passes by.

Chen Qingfeng opens his eyes, dumbfoundedly staring at the space in front of him. He abruptly jumps to get up from the ground, "I, I advanced from early Profound Stage, Miss Jun, I… I had a breakthrough to the mid Profound Stage!"

"Hm, it's nothing special.” Muyan takes a book into her hands and gently flips over a page, leisurely saying, “This bottle is a draught called a 'Philter of Barrier Breaking', it's used to break through bottlenecks. But it's only effective for practitioners under Earth Stage.”

Hearing that, Chen Qingfeng's mind gets an overwhelming shock, and he can only kneel on the spot.

His intimidated gaze brushes over Muyan, making him tremble in place.

To think that Muyan had actually refined a draught that could break through a bottleneck, and he had just consumed it so casually.

He must have fainted earlier, and he's having a bizarre dream.

Muyan just takes out two bottles of draughts that are individually labelled with "Mysterious Energy Philter" and "Philter of Barrier Breaking".

"Add this Philter of Barrier Breaking to the draughts we're selling tomorrow.”

Chen Qingfeng absent-mindedly receives it, “For the price, should we ask the young master to come and throw the dice again?”

“No need.” Muyan says with a faint smile, “Xiao Bao went out to play today. Just use yesterday’s pricing.”

Chen Qingfeng asks: "Mysterious Energy Philter will be forty thousand gold coins, but how much should we sell the Philter of Barrier Breaking for? Four… four hundred thousand gold coins?"

Muyan has her brows raised as she looks at him, with something like a smile but isn't a smile.

Chen Qingfeng promptly straightens his back and loudly says: “I got it, the Philter of Barrier Breaking will be priced at four million gold coins!”

Chen Qingfeng feels even dizzier when that statement left his mouth.

God, four million gold coins!!

Having ten of his shop would still not amount to it.

However, he completely believes that this price is not excessive.

If one thinks about it, a draught that can make people break through a bottleneck has been unheard of before.

Even if the price is higher, how can people not buy it?

Chen Qingfeng runs away in a flurry. He has to make plans as to how to present the new draught to Tian-dashao and Wang-dashao tomorrow.

Muyan looks at his back, and she can't help but laugh and shake her head.

If Xiao Bao is here, she's afraid that he'll call him a moron again.

Wu… but her baby has been out for a while, why hasn't he returned yet?

Outside of Xia’an, at a remote mountain pass,

Here is a desolate and uninhabited area, even plants and animals are scarce.

Suddenly, a blinding light emerges at the foot of the mountain.

Above the clear blue distant sky, an inexplicable rolling thundercloud appears out of nowhere.

The entire sky seems to collapse and pour down.

However, this event only lasted for about a tea time.

The thundercloud disappears as quickly as it came. After it dissipates, the sky becomes as clear as before.

In the place where the glowing light has just been, two tall silhouettes have appeared.

In the forest near the foot of the mountains, the beasts there seem to surge the moment that these two showed up. As if these beasts want to rush out, like they're fleeing in fear.

And at the skies above, countless birds hover in a circle, going round and round as they make their calls.

Their cries are like respectful greetings of welcome. if one listens carefully, there's a deep reverence in their cries.

"Jun Shang, there is a town ahead. If Elder Chang didn't make a mistake, Miss Jun should be there."

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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