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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 101: Xiao Bao Sets the Price

Nevertheless, Chen Qingfeng stares in awe.

This this this… isn't this the same price of the Mysterious Energy Philter in the market?

Just how can one throw dice and determine its price?

After the die clatters around, it finally stops on a side.

Xiao Bao looks at that single side. He wrinkles his heroic brows in dissatisfaction, “Too cheap.”

Just how great is niangqin's draught, and the selling price is actually just this much.

Chen Qingfeng quickly smiles and says: "One hundred gold coins is already a lot, and the price of the Mysterious Energy Philters on the market is also the same. Even the most famous 'Hongsheng Medicine Hall' in Xia’an, that has mid-level apothecaries overseeing it and a Philter can only sell up to two hundred gold coins.”

At this time, he is 100% sure that the draught that Muyan had given him to treat his mother’s illness, must have been purchased somewhere else.

But also because of this, Chen Qingfeng thinks that Muyan had paid a large sum to give him the draught to cure his mother. All the more reason that he should properly repay this benefactor, and he must not let her down.

Even if Miss Jun’s Mysterious Energy Philter is not good enough, he will surely help sell it.

Xiao Bao shoots him a cold glance.

Those beautiful blue eyes that look so much like Muyan's, are completely filled with contempt at this moment.

As if Chen Qingfeng's words are such a huge joke.

Chen Qingfeng looks on cluelessly, and just as he's about to ask,

He hears a cold childish voice: “Who told you that it's one hundred gold coins?”

“Ah? Then… how much should we sell it?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”

Chen Qingfeng stumbles on his own feet, and his head knocks against the table all of a sudden.

But he couldn’t attend to the pain as he quickly straightens up, “You’re kidding, little master. For ten thousand gold coins, this Mysterious Energy Philter is the lowest order draught a!! Even the Heavenly Road Sect of Huang Yao Country wouldn't dare to sell it for that much! You, have you been mistaken?”

And so he looks towards Muyan for help, hoping that Muyan could correct Xiao Bao’s concept of money.

Muyan just picks Xiao Bao up to give him a kiss, beaming as she says, “How much my baby says it is, is how much we'll sell it.”

“Bu… but Miss Jun, this won't be able to sell at all! Mysterious Energy Philters only sell for 100 gold each on other shops!”

Muyan goes on, carefree as she says, “It's fine, you can give this bottle a different price, sell it separately. If someone buys it, you sell it; nobody buys it, and I won’t hold you responsible.”

How could someone buy it?

Chen Qingfeng could only lament to himself.

Isn't it simply too much to pay ten thousand gold coins for a single Mysterious Energy Philter?

He still wants them to reconsider, but Xiao Bao shoots him a cold glare, tiny mouth opens to spit out two syllables: “Moron.”

Chen Qingfeng stiffens.

Muyan knocks on her son’s head. “Don't be discourteous to Uncle Chen.”

Xiao Bao wrinkles his small nose, with a humph: “How could something that niangqin made be the same as ordinary draughts? Not knowing even this, isn’t that a moron?”

Muyan giggles at her son's pouting little face, unable to help herself from pinching his small chubby cheeks.

A blush rises on Xiao Bao's handsome features, but it immediately returns to being cold again.

Chen Qingfeng is still baffled, he still wants to raise some questions.

Mother Chen's voice could be heard from the back door, “Just do what Miss Jun told you to do. Why so much nonsense?”

Chen Qingfeng doesn't dare say anything more after having been reprimanded by his old mother.

On the other side, Mother Chen herself is holding a steamed bun that she just made. She enthusiastically calls for Muyan and Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao takes the stuffed steamed bun, his childish voice saying, “Thank you, grandma.”

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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