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The boy looked at the six burly men and said in a trembling voice, "Sir, I'm afraid I can't tutor them!"

At 1.8 meters, they were taller than him by half a head, had more than double his body width, and were standing there in front of him like a wall. Furthermore, they were bald, fierce-looking, had cold eyes, and didn't look like decent people regardless of what angle was used to view them.

The most important point was the scars that crisscrossed their bodies…

Were these the children from the mountains that you had mentioned?

How do they resemble children from the mountains?

They didn't look like they were from the mountains and didn't look like children.

Even the legendary gangsters weren't so scary. Were these people bandits?

"How should I address you?" Ren Baqian asked while smiling widely.

"Ding Jie… Mister, I don't have money, my family lives in a village, and our annual income is less than 10,000 yuan…" Ding Jie was stammering and almost in tears.

"Don't be afraid, they are good children and very candid. Their appearance isn't their fault, but that of their parents. Don't judge a person by his appearance. Don't you agree?" Ren Baqian asked kindly.

"But, they really don't look like children…"

"It will be fine if you treat them like children!" Ren Baqian stated resolutely.

"I… can't do it… I think I'm the child…" Ding Jie trembled as he clung to the door like a quail being targeted by wolves, but Ren Baqian had already preempted him by closing it.

He felt that it wasn't his day today. Earlier, he had thought that the smiling young man beside him was worthy of his respect, but he now felt like telling the young man to return the respect that had been given.

The young man was simply hoping to be let off!

"300 yuan per hour! Rest assured, we are decent people. I work for the government and have documents to prove it. Previously, these people lived in the mountains and hunted for a living. The scars are due to hunting, and they would have starved to death if they didn't hunt."

They know very little of the outside world, and I don't have much time to teach them, so that is why I'm getting them a teacher.

The nation said that those who get rich first should help others prosper. You are at least wealthy in a cognitive aspect and should help others," Ren Baqian continued to smile and offered a 100 yuan note upfront.

Ding Jie was feeling conflicted over the "high salary" of 300 yuan per hour and the threat posed by these bandits.

300 yuan per hour, once every three day, and three hours per lesson. This totaled to about 10,000 yuan per month and was close to what his whole family earned in a year.

This sum of money was enough to change the fate of his family.

"I will not do anything illegal…" Ding Jie said cautiously.

"Don't worry! We are decent people. Plus, I work for the government. Do you want to see my documents?" Ren Baqian smiled.


Ren Baqian's mouth twitched.

This child really had no EQ.

However, seeing that this kid was honest and not scheming, it was much better to let him teach the winged cavalry warriors than have someone else do it.

"Please take a seat." Ren Baqian pointed to the sofa. Then, he went upstairs to get his documents. After coming back down, he saw Ding Jie with both hands on his lap and his head so low that it was almost on his crotch.

On the opposite side, the six burly men were staring at him.

"Well, don't worry, they only look scary. Don't be so affected." Ren Baqian threw the documents on the table.

Ding Jie read the contents of the documents, looked at Ren Baqian again, then re-examined the documents. In the end, he still couldn't tell whether they were authentic. Anyway, he felt more reassured, but only a tiny bit.

"In the future, he will be your teacher. He will be responsible for teaching you some basic knowledge, and you can ask him when you don't understand something. Remember to respect your teacher. You can't scold, beat, or threaten him and mustn't treat him like exercise equipment!" Ren Baqian told the six winged cavalry warriors.

However, Ding Jie shivered every time Ren Baqian said a sentence and was wondering whether he had made the right decision.

"We understand, lady boss!"

"We understand, Sir Ren!"

The six people addressed him in two different ways.

"Call me Second Boss!" Ren Baqian said angrily. "Whoever calls me lady boss, I will strip him and hang him on the flag pole."

"You can start now and come whenever you are free," Ren Baqian said to Ding Jie. "As for the money, I will give you 35,000 yuan in advance. 30,000 yuan is the pay for 100 hours of lessons, and the 5,000 yuan is for your travel expenses during this period."

Ren Baqian didn't have the slightest worry that Ding Jie would abscond with the money.

Ding Jie didn't have the guts.

Even if he did, it still didn't matter.

He would tell him what was meant by governing the country according to the law!

Ren Baqian asked for Ding Jie's WeChat account to transfer the money and then went upstairs.

A while later, he came down again and found that Ding Jie's mood had changed. Ding Jie was strongly resisting his fear and asking the winged cavalry warriors some questions to find out their level of knowledge.

His conclusion was that this group of people really didn't know anything.

This group of people from the mountains had really been isolated from the outside world and really hunted for a living.

Whether it was real or not, he could only convince himself that it was true.

After spending three hours in the villa, Ding Jie got up to take his leave when it was getting dark.

Ren Baqian had already transferred him the money, and it wasn't difficult to book a car, but he would rather walk down the hill to take public transport so as to save every penny.

"Ding Jie, have you got the part-time home tutor job? 200 yuan per hour? How is it? Is it reliable? Is it a scam?"

When Ding Jie reached the dormitory, he was questioned by his roommates. 200 yuan per hour was certainly not a small sum to these students.

At that time, many people saw the post and most thought it was a scam. As a result, Ding Jie was the first to apply and was successful.

After Ding Jie left for the interview, many were convinced it was a scam to con the ignorant students from the countryside.

Therefore, they were eager to ask him about it the moment he came back.

Some had kind intentions, but some were waiting to mock him.

Ding Jie didn't mention that the salary was raised to 300 yuan per hour, but forced a smile and said, "It's quite reliable."

He was thinking that it would have been better if his students looked more normal.

He was unsure whether he had really struck it rich this time because those people really scared him.

"Really? Is it weekly or monthly salary? Be careful," his roommates warned him.

"I have already received a sum of money that is enough to last me for quite a few days," Ding Jie said softly. He was very grateful to Ren Baqian for the advance payment. It was important—in fact, it was very important to him.

"How much is it?" someone curiously asked.

Ding Jie didn't socialize much and didn't know the viciousness of people. He raised three fingers.

"3,000 yuan? That guy is generous. You have met a good guy." Someone laughed.

"How do you know it isn't 300 yuan?" another person said.

"Ding Jie spent a few hours for the first lesson there, so 300 yuan isn't enough to pay for today's work. He mentioned that he was paid a sum of money in advance, so it should be at least 3,000 yuan. Ding Jie, am I right?" The person who spoke earlier was confident in his judgement.

Ding Jie opened his mouth wide and nodded. He didn't mention the 30,000 yuan he received in advance, yet many of his roommates already envied him. After all, very few of them were rich. When they initially entered the university, many students wanted to work as home tutors to make some money for their expenses, but due to various reasons, it didn't work out.

No one expected the inconspicuous Ding Jie to be the first to find such a good part-time job.

Since the next two days were weekend days, Ding Jie left the school very early. He took the subway and public transportation to the base of the hill before walking to the villa and tutoring a lesson. Although Ren Baqian told him to include the travel time as part of his teaching hours, he didn't want to do so and also didn't dare to do so.

After two days, he was finally able to look at these six people more calmly.

Although they looked like bandits, they were very forthright and not as fierce as he thought. However, there were still some certain behaviors that he couldn't accept calmly.

For example, lifting cars to exercise their bodies… Sparring in the courtyard that looked like fight scenes depicted in television shows… Making a hole in the ground with one punch… Saying they would kill people, shut them up, and exterminate the whole clan… And eating meals that were enough for 120 people…

Can someone tell me which mountain these children came from? Or am I approaching this problem from the wrong direction?

Even if he was foolish, he still knew that something wasn't right with these people.

However, he didn't dare to ask and pretended not to see anything.

Ren Baqian was very satisfied with his performance.

"Do well! There are other jobs waiting for you, but you must remember that I'm the one paying your salary. Unless a law is violated, you aren't supposed to disclose anything that happens here to anyone, including government agencies. If you have any problems, ask them to find me!

Remember, my name is Ren Baqian and you can tell them you are working for me. If they don't know me, ask them to refer to the Messier 87 department.

If I find out that any information from here was leaked out by you… The Huangpu River will be waiting to embrace you!"

Ren Baqian displayed an imposing aura when he talked. After all, he dealt with tens of thousands of people under the empress. Aside from the empress, the people he interacted with were army generals or the top experts from all over. The aura he developed under this environment was hard for ordinary people to resist.

The words of Ren Baqian and his aura made Ding Jie sweat profusely, and he nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice.

He was supposed to be a home tutor, but it seemed like he was on a pirate ship that was embarking on a path of no return…

"Well, I'm going out on a mission. If you have any problems, tell me when I return." Ren Baqian nodded with satisfaction. He liked this boy who didn't mix with others and was a little clumsy. Ren Baqian also found him more reassuring compared to Shen Feng.

After he finished speaking, he returned to his room to pack a batch of skunk bombs, drones, gas masks and other equipment for his return to Dayao.

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