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Chapter 1.1 The accident before transmigrating

Inside a work room filled with many strange equipments and many pigments, Wu Sheyue lazily sits on a sofa but her eyes very carefully peers at the visitor in front of her.

The person opposite of her wears a well-ironed upright western-styled suit, using a gentlemanly smile to look back at Wu Sheyue.

Wu Sheyue’s gaze turns toward a pile of pictures on the table, in the picture is a thievish-looking fatty.

“You need to become this person?”


“The difference is a little big.” Wu Sheyue casually says this, she appears unwilling to do this.

“The group’s famous ghost hands doesn’t seem to yet have a time when she can’t do something. I believe you will have a way, please don’t play games with me.”

T/N: I translated 鬼手 as ghost hand probably means that Wu Sheyue is talented with her hands or something like that.

The person opposite of her still smiles lukewarmly, seeing Wu Sheyue’s complexion not looking good, still self-consciously supplements a sentence: “Oh, this is the head’s request, you ought to understand.

At the mention of “the head,” Wu Sheyue’s dislike almost shows on her face, she picks up a picture and coldly says: “Since it’s like this then let me say something, just using these few damaged photos, if it does not come out good then even I can’t do anything about it, if you fail your task don’t push the blame onto me.”

T/N: I translated 冷然道 as coldly says, don’t know if this is correct or not please do comment.

The corner of the man’s mouth faintly curves up into a proud smile “It does not matter, even if you say that, I believe it’s because you just want to drive me away.

Wu Sheyue gets up and walks to one side of the dressing/makeup room, the man consciously follows behind.

After going into the room, Wu Sheyue gives him a sideways glance “Take off your clothes.”

The man very obediently takes off his coat first, until only his underpants remained, then sits in front of the mirror.

Wu Sheyue holds her arm and looks at the man’s face and body, after a while, she appears to know what to do. She turns around to open the brush holder in front of the mirror, and at another side takes out a bald cover, a pigment box, glue, and a white prosthesis from the cabinet.

Around 4 hours later, the former incomparable gentleman with Wu Sheyue’s makeup turned obese and obscene.

He stands in from of the mirror and carefully looks at his appearance, sighing says a sentence: “As expected, before, the ghost hand was being modest, this kind of skill is enough to trick those people. However, how long can this makeup hold?

Wu Sheyue has already walked to one side to the sink and is washing both hands, she randomly replies: “That depends on how long you want it to hold.”

The man gives a sideways glance at Wu Sheyue whose back is facing him and under all the makeup, his eyes turn proud and profound “I understand, after I finish my task how will I take off these prosthesis on my body?”

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