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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:13:40 PM

Chapter 97: Lennart Green Wooden Box

Lu Feiyan’s smile stiffened . “Who are you to command me to do things?”

Not to mention that Chu Liuyue had already left the Chu family and was worth nothing, even if she were still the Chu family’s Big Missy, she did not have this right .

“Lu Feiyan, this is Tian Lu Academy, not your Lu family . Why are you throwing a tantrum?” Bai Chen spoke directly and harshly . He had seen such scenes often and was not affected by it at all . “If you want to throw a tantrum, go back to the Lu family . ”

After getting scolded, Lu Feiyan toned down a little . However, it was impossible for her to be Chu Liuyue’s servant . “Teacher Bai Chen, Chu Liuyue only entered the academy today . Even though we’re in the same cohort, we shouldn’t be doing this for her, right?”

Bai Chen sneered . “Even though it’s her first day here, her capabilities and talent are way better than yours . In Tian Lu Academy, capabilities are the most important thing . Besides, I’m just asking you to help her hold some things, yet you’re so reluctant about it . Am I not a teacher in your eyes?”

Lu Feiyan and the rest did not dare to rebut Bai Chen and could only reluctantly walk over when they realized that they could not avoid it .

Lu Feiyan glanced at the horse carriage .  What kind of good things can a lonely and poor household without backing have? I’m worried my hands will get dirty .

Chu Liuyue walked over and took out a black wooden box with flower engravings . It exuded a faint fragrance .

Bai Chen took a deep breath in and felt that the fragrance had infiltrated his body and refreshed his soul . His eyes brightened . “Is this lennart green?”

“Teacher Bai Chen, you have good eyesight . ”

Lu Feiyan knitted her brows once she heard the words ‘lennart green’ . Actually, when Chu Liuyue first took out the box, Lu Feiyan could smell the vague plum fragrance and guessed that it was lennart green, but she did not quite believe it .

Lennart green was very precious and only lived in harsh winter, growing an inch every three years . It would only blossom after living for more than 100 years .

An average person might not even be able to see it once in their lifetime, let alone have it .

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The girl at the side could not help but softly ask, “Yan’er, your bracelet is also made from lennart green, right?”

Lu Feiyan’s face turned a little pale . When she first entered Tian Lu Academy, her mother specifically bought her a bracelet made from lennart green to reward her . She loved it very much and always had it with her, so the people around her all knew about it .

This bracelet had attracted many envious stares . However, Chu Liuyue actually took out a wooden box made of lennart green . The box’s material alone was worth a lot more than that bracelet of hers .

“Her wooden box costs quite a bit, right?” muttered another girl .

“What do you know? There are good quality lennart greens and bad ones . This wooden box might be big, but it’s probably just made with some inferior and cheap material,” said Lu Feiyan with annoyance .

Chu Liuyue raised her brows . “Oh, so Big Lu Missy has seen lennart green before . I can rest assured then; you can hold this . ”

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Lu Feiyan was taken aback and suddenly felt some weight on her hands . Chu Liuyue had already placed the item on them .

The box was cold to touch, and Lu Feiyan could vaguely feel the engravings on the box . The fragrance was also much stronger than before . She could not help but look down and see the intricate carvings of lively plum blossoms on the wooden box .

She chuckled and could not hide her contempt . “You’re really from a poor background and haven’t seen much of the world . Lennart green grows very slowly and is found in cold places, so the material is cold and heavy, which helps to refresh one’s mind . However, once you destroy the patterns and randomly carve something on it, the fragrance will quickly dissipate, and it’ll just become a piece of rotten wood . Your lennart green is completely destroyed . ”

Chu Liuyue did not show any form of regret after hearing her words and laughed instead . “Everyone says that the Lu family’s wealth is incomparable, and Big Lu Missy, you’re really knowledgeable . Randomly carving on lennart green will indeed spoil it easily, but this problem won’t exist if one soaks it in the juice made from lennart green flowers . ”

Lu Feiyan started stuttering . “W-what? Lennart green flower… juice? Soak it?”

Lennart greens were so hard to find, let alone its flowers . She had not seen one before .

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“If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look at the plum blossom . The petals are green because of the lennart green flower juice used . ”

Lu Feiyan hurriedly looked down and indeed saw that the plum blossoms had a tinge of green . The fragrance was also especially refreshing . Lu Feiyan widened her eyes in disbelief .

This… This item can really be considered super precious . Just this lennart green box alone is worth hundreds of thousands of silver taels . With that lennart green flower juice…

“Y-you…” Lu Feiyan was stunned, but she refused to admit defeat . She could only put up a front and said, “I think this precious item of yours is your family asset, right? You even need to bring it with you everywhere in the academy…”

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly . “I put tea in the box, so I must bring it along . ”

Lu Feiyan was stumped and later chuckled coldly . “Tea? What kind of good tea do you have?” Chu Liuyue probably doesn’t have any tea that is worthy of this lennart green box .

Chu Liuyue nodded gently . “I really don’t have any good tea . I just placed some flower tea in it for me to soak my feet when I have nothing to do . ”

Lu Feiyan was stunned, taking a while to recover her senses . Her face flashed green and white at the same time, which made her look amusing .  Chu Liuyue actually made me carry her feet-washing items?

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