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Chapter 87: : The Dispute

Time passed slowly, bit by bit, and an endless stream of people was coming to Phoenix Restaurant . Many people belonging to rich and powerful families in the Imperial City had come .

Phoenix Restaurant, which was calm earlier, quickly became lively .

People came in succession to exchange pleasantries with Chu Ning, but they couldn’t stop themselves from looking at Chu Liuyue . Some were curious, others were confused, and some even looked fearful .

This girl’s status must be extraordinary if it can make Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Second Master Yan be so attentive to her .

At the very least, with Zhen Bao Pavilion backing her up, few people will dare to provoke her in the open from now on .

No wonder she dared to offend the Crown Prince and the Chu family without fearing the consequences . It isn’t surprising when she has such backing .

Chu Liuyue naturally noticed the different sorts of stares at her . She was calm on the surface, but in reality, she was becoming more and more confused .

Who exactly is Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Big Boss? Why is he helping me, and what exactly did he do to make the whole Imperial City so afraid of him? These people have inevitably offended the Crown Prince and the Chu family by coming to Phoenix Restaurant today . Nevertheless, they still came! When this is over, I’m going to investigate thoroughly…

Chu Liuyue pushed these thoughts away and followed Chu Ning to greet the guests .

Yan Ge stood beside them and greeted the guests as well . He looked more eager and sincere than them .

Chu Ning might have been in the limelight back then, but he had been silent all these years . Even with his recent and sudden full recovery, he still felt a bit awkward .

As Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Second Boss, Yan Ge was best at getting along with all sorts of people . His presence made things easier for both Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning .

Some people couldn’t help themselves from whispering when they saw this .

“Second Master Yan has always been a distinguished figure . Even the princes and princesses treat him with respect . Have you ever seen him treat anyone like this?”

“You’re right . This morning, when I heard that Zhen Bao Pavilion would be present, I didn’t think much of it . I assumed that Chu Ning had spared no effort with the invitations . Who would have thought that this was obviously arranged by Second Master Yan at the last minute!”

“Hey, do you guys think he’s being extra attentive toward Chu Liuyue? It seems like… he’s being cautious? He takes Chu Liuyue’s occasional words very seriously! Tsk… do you think he’s taken a liking to her?”

“Shh! Be careful about what you say! You guys arrived late . Earlier, Second Master Yan himself said he was following his master’s orders!”

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“That’s strange . Doesn’t he already have a wife…”

“Who knows what means Chu Liuyue used to deserve this? Anyway, the Crown Prince and the Chu family can’t do anything to her for the time being with Zhen Bao Pavillion in the picture! I believe there’s going to be more drama in the future!”

“Are you speaking the truth? Ou Xiangtian and the others have gone?”

The Lu family was taken aback after hearing Lu Zhitao’s words .

“I’ve spoken nothing but the truth! After Chu Liuyue offended the Crown Prince and the Chu family, I thought no one would attend the banquet even though she booked the whole Phoenix Restaurant . Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before people started to arrive one after another . Quite a number of high profile people are there too! I came back immediately with that knowledge . ”

Lu Zhitao recalled all the prestigious names, and he shuddered inwardly .  There might not even be so many attendees, even if it were a prince’s or princess’s banquet!

The Lu family members fell silent .

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Lu Feiyan listened from the side with disdain . “So what? The Ou family may be powerful, but they can’t even be compared with us! Apart from the royal family, we, the four great families, are the most powerful in the Imperial City . Si Ting and Si Yang may be there, but the other three families have yet to make their moves! Those people went for nothing!”

Lu Ming, the head of the Lu family, was sullen . “Fool! On their own, none of them can be compared to the four great families . However, they can’t be ignored when they join forces! If it were just for the sake of Chu Ning’s promotion as the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief, there’s no reason for so many of them to go! There’s definitely something fishy about it!”

Lu Feiyan was reprimanded, and she became upset . However, she didn’t retort when she saw Lu Ming’s gloomy expression .

“I don’t care if anyone goes or not; I’m not going! Chu Liuyue ruined Minmin’s face because of her own jealousy . If I go there, she might ruin my face too!”

Lu Zhitao couldn’t help from snorting as he listened . “Big Sister, I have to disagree . Minmin may be pretty, but Chu Liuyue is much more beautiful than she is . Why should she be jealous of Minmin? Chances are that Minmin did something to offend her and got herself into trouble…”

“Four, what do you mean? Have you taken a liking to that b*tch?” Lu Feiyan glared at him with bulging eyes and scolded .

Lu Zhitao sneered inwardly .

Lu Feiyan had always been domineering in the family because she had gotten into Tian Lu Academy . She acted as if she couldn’t be offended . He had had an issue with her attitude for a long time .

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“Isn’t what I said the truth? Besides, Chu Liuyue has become the envy of everyone as a genius, and she has a father who is also the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief . Many men will be asking for her hand in marriage! Minmin’s reputation and her face are ruined . The Crown Prince won’t bother himself about her well-being anymore . Sister, I advise you to keep your distance from her!”


“Enough! Shut up, all of you!” Lu Ming snapped harshly . “You will all stay put at home today! No one is to step foot outside! I’m going to the Crown Prince Mansion . ”

The Lu family had spent a lot of effort to maintain a cordial relationship with the Crown Prince . At a time like this, it was even more crucial for them to show their loyalty to him!

No matter how powerful Zhen Bao Pavilion was, it couldn’t be compared to the imperial court . In Country Yao Chen, only the words of the person sitting on the throne counted!

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