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Chapter 85: Crowd
Chapter 85: Crowd

“Yeah! We’re all Xuan Masters, so we’re family . How can we not come to your banquet?!” Si Yang did not realize that he had betrayed his brother with his words as he hopped over to Chu Liuyue and marveled at things . “However, I’ve got to say that you’re really generous! You reserved the entire Phoenix Restaurant for this? This must’ve cost a bomb, right?!”

Even he, who was the Si family’s fifth young master, could not come here whenever he wanted .

Chu Liuyue looked at Yan Ge . “Actually, I have to thank Second Master Yan from Zhen Bao Pavilion for this . ”

Si Yang and the rest paused when they heard Chu Liuyue mention Zhen Bao Pavilion . It was only then that they saw Yan Ge, who was standing by the side .

The few of them greeted him immediately . “Second Master Yan!”

Yan Ge waved and laughed out loud . “Don’t stand on ceremony, everyone . Ms . Liuyue is the star today . I’m just here to congratulate her on behalf of Zhen Bao Pavilion!”

Everyone was secretly stunned by his words .

What status does Zhen Bao Pavilion hold? In the Imperial City, only a handful of people have the guts to provoke them!

Rumor has it that Zhen Bao Pavilion stood the big families up last right, but they did not receive any trouble for it!

Here on behalf of Zhen Bao Pavilion to congratulate her?

That sounds simple, but it will be very clear that Zhen Bao Pavilion is backing Chu Liuyue up if word gets out!

Si Yang and the others took another good look at Chu Liuyue .

Everyone used to say that Chu Liuyue was a good-for-nothing . However, she got into Tian Lu Academy with stellar results! Even though she broke off her ties with the Chu family, she had Zhen Bao Pavilion backing her up in an instant!

There is probably little to no truth in the rumors about Chu Liuyue! How many cards does she still have hidden!

“Si Yang, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to introduce us?” A young man by the side nudged Si Yang and gave him a look . “Only you and Si Ting met her that day . We were behind and could not catch up!”

“Come, come! I’ll introduce you all one by one . This is Ou Zhen!” Si Yang returned to his senses and introduced them to Chu Liuyue one by one . Just as he finished the introductions, a few more young men and women came in from outside .

Without a doubt, they were here because of Si Yang .

Actually, it should be because of Si Ting .

Even though they were all in the same Xuan Master class at Tian Lu Academy, their identities were not to be belittled .

Most of them came from noble families . Some students came from outside the Imperial City, but they also had strong family backgrounds .

After all, large amounts of resources and support were required to become a Xuan Master . Common families would not be able to afford these two things .

Thus, their presence here was representative of their family’s wishes .

Of course, Chu Liuyue was not naive enough to believe that her status as a Xuan Master was enough to garner their support .

These people were probably there on account of Si Yang and Si Ting .

Especially Si Ting . His attitude was a reflection of the Si family’s attitude!

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Si Yang was more extroverted, so he was good at livening things up .

Even though Chu Liuyue did not know these people beforehand, things warmed up fast with Si Yang around .

While Chu Liuyue was surprised by everyone’s attendance, Yan Ge’s presence stunned the rest of the people .

They were there on account of Si Ting and the Si family, but they did not expect Zhen Bao Pavilion’s second-in-charge to be here before them!

No wonder Chu Liuyue had the courage to break off ties with the Chu family!

With Zhen Bao Pavilion, the Chu family cannot act as they please!

“The rooms on the second floor have been prepared . If you all would please…” Su Hui smiled extra graciously .

Si Yang and the rest were a little surprised . “Rooms on the second floor? I thought they were not usually open to the public?”

When ordinary people came to Phoenix Restaurant, they could only remain on the first floor . Rumor had it that the rooms on the second floor had exorbitant prices and hard to reserve .

“We usually have such a rule, but Ms . Liuyue has reserved the entire place today . Thus, it’s of no problem . Everyone is classmates with Ms . Liuyue, so, of course, you all have the right to take a seat . ” Su Hui smiled as he bowed .

Si Yang and the others looked at each other, stunned .

The rooms on Phoenix Restaurant’s second floor!

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Led by the manager!

What kind of treatment is this!

The youngsters were still young and unfamiliar with such situations, so they could not help but look forward to it . They followed Su Hui up the stairs excitedly .

Soon, only Si Ting remained on the first floor .

Seeing that the others had left, it did not seem appropriate for him to remain there further . Thus, he took a step forward, intending to head upstairs .

“Si Ting, thank you for today,” said Chu Liuyue seriously as she looked at him .

Without Si Ting’s maneuvers, these people would not have come today . Even though she was not worried about it, she had to thank Si Ting for his good intentions .

Si Ting glanced at her .  Sparkles seem to be rippling in Chu Liuyue’s bright, black eyes . She seems to see through… everything .

Si Ting felt his heartbeat speed up . He instinctively turned and hurried towards the second floor . “It was nothing . Don’t worry about it . ”

Chu Liuyue confusedly blinked as she watched him leave, and then she chuckled . She did not expect the Si family’s cold and sharp looking eldest young master to be shy .

Si Ting paused when he heard the laughter behind him, and he felt his face heat up . In that instant, he felt like he had been seen right through . He felt a little exposed .

Yan Ge suddenly asked, “Ms . Liuyue, are you happy with the arrangements this time?”

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Chu Liuyue touched her forehead helplessly . “Second Master Yan, your thank you gift is a little too expensive . ”

Even if high-level fiends appeared in a hunting ground, one would not be able to cover the expenses of renting out the entire Phoenix Restaurant!

“It’s already too kind of you to rent out the place for three days . I didn’t expect you to convince Manager Su to open up the rooms on the second floor… I can’t repay you even if I sold another hunting ground to you . Are you sure Zhen Bao Pavilion’s master will not have any objections to your actions?”

Yan Ge felt his head throb when he heard this .  Madam, the entire Zhen Bao Pavilion is yours, yet you’re saying this? Master is moving rather slowly . There are many things that Madam doesn’t know about yet…

He looked around before breaking into a smile . “Don’t worry about it! To be honest, all of the arrangements were Master’s ideas . ”

His ideas? Chu Liuyue was taken aback . She was just prodding for information, but she did not expect Yan Ge would actually admit to it directly!

But… she did not know Zhen Bao Pavilion’s mysterious master!

Why was he helping her?

She did not believe that it was just because of the hunting ground!

“I don’t know Zhen Bao Pavilion’s master, so how…”

“Head of the Ou family, Ou Xiangtian; Head of the Sun family, Sun Xia; Zhenbei Duke, Jiang Yuan; Xiangnan Superintendent, Mo Qing…” At this time, more announcements came from the door!

Everyone was stunned when they heard the names, and they looked towards the door .

From the corner of his eye, Yan Ge saw Si Ting—who was going up the stairs—freeze . He laughed out loud and loudly said, “Master’s orders were to make sure your banquet is lively and crowded!”

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