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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:14:02 PM

Chapter 82: Book the Whole Place

Phoenix Restaurant was situated in the Imperial City’s busiest street—Eastern Street .

Chu Liuyue and the rest followed Su Hui over . Many people were on the streets, and it was very lively .

Su Hui smiled and pointed to the front . “It’s the place in front . ”

Upon looking in the direction he was pointing at, Chu Liuyue saw a traditional two-story restaurant and could vaguely see the two words ‘Phoenix Restaurant’ on the plaque .

She was slightly shocked . Every inch of ground was worth gold in this place . Even the rental price for a small shop was ridiculous .  How can Phoenix Restaurant only have two floors as the top restaurant in the Imperial City?

Chu Liuyue casually scanned her surroundings . Even the neighboring clothes shop had three stories .

Phoenix Restaurant really looked much more low-key in comparison .

Phoenix Restaurant’s doors were tightly shut as two pageboys stood in front of the building .

A few people were at the door and speaking to the pageboy .

“Closed? Phoenix Restaurant normally closes at the end of the month, right? Why are you closed so suddenly today?”

The pageboy politely said, “Sorry Sirs, we’re only listening to our manager’s commands . I seek your kind forgiveness . ”

“It’s not over just because you apologized . I already made a deal with my brothers to gather here today . How dare you tell me this? It will be so embarrassing for me . ”

The few people looked like young masters that were very rich . The leader of the pack looked very frustrated, and his words were arrogant .

Chu Liuyue looked over and realized the person talking seemed familiar .

“Tell your manager to come out . How dare Phoenix Restaurant not care about the Lu family’s reputation?”

Oh, so it’s him, Lu family’s Fourth Young Master—Lu Zhitao .

The pageboy matter-of-factly said, “We won’t entertain any guests today . Please, come another day . If not, there are many restaurants in the Imperial City, and you can just change to another one . ”

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“How is it the same?” Lu Zhitao raised his voice . “How do you do your business? How can you chase your customers away? Do you believe I’ll—”

Su Hui stepped forward . “Young Master, I’m really sorry about it . ”

Lu Zhitao turned around and knitted his brows . “Who are you?”

The two pageboys immediately bowed . “Manager . ”

Su Hui nodded .

Lu Zhitao and the rest looked at each other and were slightly shocked . They did not expect the seemingly harmonious fatty to be Phoenix Restaurant’s manager .

Phoenix Restaurant was very famous, but only a handful of people could see the manager . Thus, they still did not know Su Hui, even though they had come a few times .

“So you’re Phoenix Restaurant’s manager . You’ve come at the right time . You’ve seen what happened earlier, right? We’re considered regulars at Phoenix Restaurant, so how can you treat us like this?” Lu Zhitao still sounded very aggressive .

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The people behind tugged him and softly said, “Fourth Young Master, Phoenix Restaurant is not simple . We should be polite…”

Lu Zhitao still smiled coldly . “It’s just a restaurant . How powerful can it be? My Lu family also does business, but we’ve never chased customers away so directly . Why, can the top restaurant in the Imperial City not care about their customers?”

His voice was very loud, quickly attracting the surrounding people’s attention .

A few people gradually started to gather around . Some of them were watching the commotion while others were enjoying the show .

Lu Zhitao felt even more justified .

Su Hui cupped his fists . “Phoenix Restaurant wouldn’t dare to claim the title of the Imperial City’s top restaurant, but someone has already booked the entire Phoenix Restaurant today . Thus, we’re really sorry for the inconvenience today . I seek your understanding on this . ”

Once he said that, the crowd’s faces instantly changed at the same time .

B-book the whole place?

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Booked the entire Phoenix Restaurant?

How much would that cost?

Who is so extravagant?

Lu Zhitao’s anger was reduced by half as he clearly knew that it was not easy to book the entire Phoenix Restaurant, even for his Lu family . It was akin to burning money .

The person who did such a thing… could not be offended .

“Oh… you should’ve said so earlier!” Lu Zhitao exchanged glances with the people behind him . “We’ll come back again tomorrow . ”

Su Hui smiled . “Sorry, that person has booked the entire place for three days straight . If you really want to come, please come three days later . ”

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