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Chapter 81: Phoenix Restaurant

Knock knock…

Knocks could be heard coming from the door .

Zhao Ming went forward to open it and saw an unfamiliar face .

The person was wearing clothes made of cotton and looked like a pageboy . One look at his sly-looking appearance made people unhappy .

“You are?”

The person didn’t seem to expect that Zhao Ming would be the one who opened the door . Upon seeing the imperial guard garb Zhao Ming wore, the person reacted and weirdly said, “Oh, I thought you were someone else . It’s you, Official Imperial Guard . ”

Zhao Ming’s brows knitted, and his intuition told him that the incoming person had ill intentions . He hollered in a deep voice, “Speak if you have something to do . If not, get lost . ” He gestured to close the door as he talked .

“Aish… don’t be anxious! Of course, I came here to do something . ” The man hurriedly went forward and blocked Zhao Ming’s path, taking the chance to look into the residence as if he was looking for something .

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless if you don’t leave,” said Zhao Ming as he grabbed the person’s wrist and harshly pushed him out .

The pageboy staggered backward and fell onto the floor . He clenched his teeth in agony, and anger rushed up to his chest . “Do you know who I am? How dare you push me? I’m with the Chu family . ”

Zhao Ming’s anger turned into laughter once he heard the pageboy’s words .  The Chu family is simply asking for a beating when they come here .


“Chu Liuyue lives here, right? This place looks so plain and bare . Pui!” The pageboy climbed up and became even more arrogant . “Didn’t she say that she was holding a celebratory banquet today? Tsk tsk, why isn’t anyone here yet? It’s so quiet . ”

“It’s not quiet at all with a lost dog barking wildly . ” A cold woman’s voice sounded .

Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning heard the commotion and walked over .

Zhao Ming hurriedly said, “Commander, Big Missy, this person came here to stir trouble . I’ll chase him away right now . ”

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and looked at the pageboy with much interest . “Why? Is the Chu family so useless that they don’t even dare to come themselves?”

The pageboy’s face flushed red . “Who are you calling a dog?”

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders . “Whoever is the one barking . ”

The pageboy was stumped . His eyes turned, and he laughed coldly . “Hmph, didn’t you say you were holding a banquet yesterday? It’s already so late, yet both of you are still at home . Oh no… Could it be that you don’t have a place to hold the banquet? Do you intend to host your guests in such a rotten mansion? No, I think nobody would even come . Hahaha!”

Chu Ning’s face darkened . “I think you don’t want your mouth anymore . ”

A chill ran down the pageboy’s spine as he backed away in fear .

I heard that Chu Ning has already recovered his stage-five warrior cultivation, and his aura is indeed different .  However… so what? Nobody dares to do business with this father-daughter duo in the entire Imperial City . They don’t even have a restaurant that is willing to host them .

He shrugged his shoulders and teased, “Oh my, Officer Chu Ning you’re currently the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief; you won’t hold it against a mere servant like me, right? Besides, I came here to help you . First Elder told me to tell you that there’s still a way if you can’t find a place to host the banquet . ”

“The Chu family has several restaurants . If you’re willing, First Elder won’t mind lending you the place, ignoring whatever happened before . He will even give you a discount . What do you think?”

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They were riding all over him!

“Officer Chu Ning, don’t be upset . First Elder just wants to help you . Look, yesterday you said you were going to hold a banquet . If you don’t have a location today”—the pageboy hit his face—”what do you think will become of your status as the Commander in Chief?”

Chu Ning’s blood boiled, and he gathered force into his palms . He was going to deal with this pageboy straight away .

Someone walked over from not far away . “May I ask if this is Ms . Chu Liuyue’s residence?”

The few people all turned around to look at him .

The person who just spoke was a slightly chubby middle-aged man and looked very harmonious when he smiled .

Chu Liuyue nodded . “This is my house . May I know who—”

That man was slightly taken aback and smiled even friendlier afterward . “So you are Ms . Liuyue . Apologies for not recognizing you earlier . I’m Phoenix Restaurant’s manager—Su Hui . ”

Everyone was shocked when he introduced himself .

Phoenix Restaurant was an old store with a long history in the Imperial City and was very famous . Rumor had it that Phoenix Restaurant had three bests—best taste, best price, and best appearance .

The taste need not be mentioned since everyone who had been there only had praises for the food . Of course, the food was not something an average person could afford . Even some aristocratic children could not afford to eat there .

In terms of appearance, Phoenix Restaurant overflowed with elegance from top to bottom and inside to outside . It was also known as the top view in the Imperial City .

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Phoenix Restaurant was definitely the best restaurant in the Imperial City because of these . Ying Bin Restaurant and the rest could not even be compared to it .

However, why did Phoenix Restaurant’s manager come here?

“You’re here for…”

“I heard that Ms . Liuyue wants to host a banquet . May I know if Phoenix Restaurant can have the honor of being the venue?”

The surroundings fell into deep silence .

Chu Liuyue blinked . “You mean… you’re willing to host this banquet?”

Su Hui bent his back slightly . “It’s my honor . ”

Chu Liuyue really did not expect that Phoenix Restaurant would take the initiative to help them after she was rejected by all the restaurants in the Imperial City .

Even Chu Ning could not stay calm . “Manager Su, are you serious? I thought the banquets at Phoenix Restaurant had to be booked one month in advance? There won’t be space if we go there now, right?” He did not dare say this about other places, but Phoenix Restaurant would definitely be packed to the brim .

Su Hui smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Officer Chu Ning . Phoenix Restaurant has already cleared our place today, and we’ll only serve Ms . Liuyue . ”

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Su Hui’s words sounded like thunder in the few people’s ears, and they could not recover from their shock .

Chu Liuyue was the first to react .  Did… someone save me from this mess? The point is, who did? I don’t have any friends or backing in the Imperial City, and I even offended a bunch of people .

Who exactly is willing to risk offending the Chu family to help me? That’s not right . That person must come from a formidable background and has strong capabilities to get Phoenix Restaurant to do this, so why will he fear the Chu family?

“Manager Su, are you sure you want to help them? I heard a cup of tea starts from 500 silver taels . I’m afraid these two people aren’t able to afford the banquet . Are you sure you want to do a losing business?” That pageboy did not expect someone from Phoenix Restaurant would come, and he was stunned . However, he refused to admit defeat on the surface and continued talking arrogantly .

Upon hearing this, Su Hui did not even look at him and smiled at Chu Liuyue instead . He said, “Don’t worry, Ms . Liuyue . Today’s expenses have already been paid . ”

“Who did it?”

“Second Master Yan . ”

Second Master Yan? Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Yan Ge…?

“Didn’t you know? A high-level fiend appeared in the hunting ground you sold to them a few days ago . To express his gratitude, Second Master Yan specifically booked Phoenix Restaurant for you . He will also come and celebrate with you today . ”

“Officer Chu Ning and Ms . Liuyue, please—”

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