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Chapter 80: Wait

The next morning .

After Chu Liuyue woke up, she realized that Chu Ning had returned home and even prepared breakfast as he waited for her to join him in the living room .

Chu Ning knew about this place since Chu Liuyue had already told him about moving to a new residence earlier on .

“Father, why are you back so early? Didn’t the Emperor say that he wanted to talk to you throughout the night? Did you come right back home after it ended?”

Chu Ning looked at her dotingly . “Hurry up, come here and eat . I actually came back at midnight . However, I saw you asleep, so I didn’t wake you up . ”

Chu Liuyue sat down beside him and could not help but tease when she saw the piping hot breakfast . “Dad, you’re already the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief . This meal is so precious!”

Chu Ning raised his hand, seeming like he wanted to pat her head . However, he paused in his actions, retracted his hand, and sighed . “You’re the most precious person to me . Yesterday was the day you reached marriageable age, so I intended to come home right away after talking to the Emperor . However, I didn’t expect to talk to him for so long, and it even rained . That’s why I came home so late . ”

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm . “Father, you already made longevity noodles for me yesterday . That was enough . ”

Chu Ning shook his head, looking regretful and apologetic . “It’s a pity I can’t hold a grand banquet for you . ”

“Father, you becoming the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief is already the best gift to me . Besides, I’m more than happy because you allowed me to sever ties with the Chu family . ”

Chu Ning was different from her as he had feelings for the Chu family . However, when he heard her say that, he agreed after keeping silent for a while .

“In the past, we were in a very difficult position . Leaving the Chu family would only make it worse, but everything is different now . We don’t need to stay there anymore . ” Chu Ning smiled, and his face filled with pride . “However, I didn’t realize that your Yuan meridian had recovered and that you also had so much Xuan Master talent . Don’t worry . I’ve already asked my subordinates to send out the invitation cards . We’ll hold a banquet at Ying Bin Restaurant this afternoon to celebrate . ”

It was more than simple for him to do such things . After all, his current identity was different; he had also recovered his previous connections and resources .

“Yue’er, how many tables do you think we should have? I told Zhao Ming to book ten tables . Will that be enough?”

Chu Liuyue held up a bowl of porridge . “You can decide . ”

“Then, we’ll have ten tables first . We can add more if they aren’t enough . ”

At this moment, a man wearing imperial guard armor walked in through the door . “Greetings, Commander . ”

“Zhao Ming, have you settled the matter with Ying Bin Restaurant?” asked Chu Ning while smiling .

Zhao Ming seemed hesitant . “Commander, Ying Bin Restaurant said that they are fully booked today and can’t hold another banquet…”

Chu Ning’s smile faded . “We can just change to another restaurant then . Chun Xing Restaurant is not bad . ”

Zhao Ming’s head hung even lower . “Commander, I have already asked Chun Xing Restaurant, and they said that they are also fully booked today . All the famous restaurants in the Imperial City said they are fully booked…”

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Chu Ning already realized something . “So, all of them are not willing to let us hold a banquet?”

Zhao Ming did not dare to speak . It wasn’t only these famous restaurants; he had even gone to ask the average ones as well .

Initially, they were all very polite when they heard that Zhao Ming wanted to hold a banquet . However, once they heard that the hosts were Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue, they rejected him and avoided him like he was a scorpion .

Everybody’s reactions were very similar, as if they had discussed it in advance .

Chu Ning’s face turned cold, and he gradually clenched his fists .  The Chu family is obviously stirring up trouble . They are purposely humiliating us .

The Chu family estate .

“My pitiful Minmin! Chu Liuyue is too cruel to hurt you to this state . ” Lu Yao almost fainted when she saw Chu Xianmin’s appearance when Chu Xianmin returned home the previous day .

Even after a night, she still trembled in anger when she talked about this .

Chu Xianmin lay on the bed hopelessly, her face as white as a sheet . Her entire person looked much frailer than before .

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Shattered glass pieces from a mirror were scattered beside her bed .

Her eyes did not focus as she kept muttering, “My face… My face…”

She started crying again when she talked about it . “Mother, my face is ruined! The Crown Prince won’t want me anymore! It’s all Chu Liuyue’s fault! That b*tch deserves to die!”

Lu Yao went forward and hugged Chu Xianmin dotingly as she ground her teeth . “Minmin, your face will get better . I’ll definitely help you . I won’t let Chu Liuyue off the hook . ”

Chu Yan—who had a darkened face since the start—finally shouted in frustration . “That’s enough . What’s the point of crying? Your face doesn’t amount to anything . The point is that she crushed your talent . ”

Chu Xianmin trembled, and her tears dropped even quicker .

Chu Xianmin was still his daughter in the end, so Chu Yan held himself back and suppressed the anger in his heart . He then said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take revenge for you . Neither Chu Liuyue nor Chu Ning can play any tricks this time round . Weren’t they very happy yesterday and even said they wanted to hold a banquet to celebrate? I want to see which restaurant will dare to go against the Chu family and allow them to host a banquet . With no backing, it won’t be easy for them to make a name out of themselves in the Imperial City . ”

Chu Xianmin clutched the corner of her sleeves in indignance . “However, Chu Ning is already the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief, and Chu Liuyue became a genius . Even if they can’t hold this banquet, next time—”

Lu Yao sneered . “They might not even have a next time . ”

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“Father, don’t bother asking . All these restaurants in the Imperial City have clearly received some ‘hints . ’ Even if they didn’t, a sensible person wouldn’t go against the Chu family . ” Chu Liuyue finished her porridge calmly and wiped the corner of her mouth .

Chu Ning’s brows knitted tightly . He said that he wanted to hold a celebration for her, but he could not do it .

If word got out, he would become the Imperial City’s laughingstock .

“Then, what should we do now?” Chu Ning was not willing to let his daughter suffer any more grievances . “If it really can’t work, I’ll go personally—” I’m still the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief . They can’t possibly not give me any face .

Chu Liuyue pressed his shoulders and shook her head . “Father, you don’t need to show yourself . Everyone is watching us now . If you do this, everyone will think that we’ve lost at the start . ”

“Should we just let it go, then?”

“No, we need to wait . ”


“The banquet isn’t important . The important thing is the people attending it . ” Chu Liuyue looked up at the sky . “There are still three hours left to the stated time . Let’s see if anyone will come . ”

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