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Chapter 72: A Peach Blossom Hairpin Gift

His deep voice sounded like an instrument’s strings—which were played by the gentle wind, and every note rippled gently in the rain .

Chu Liuyue felt dazed momentarily .

It seemed like Rong Xiu really had been waiting for her for some time .

She finally recovered her senses when the cold rain droplets splashed on her face, and a chill ran down her spine .

“Why are you here?” She bought this mansion secretly, and nobody knew about it . How did Rong Xiu find out, even coming to this place to wait for her?

Rong Xiu’s gaze shifted and landed on the raindrops on her face . He immediately bent down a bit lower and raised his hand .


“Don’t move . ”

Chu Liuyue instinctively wanted to stop him, but she subconsciously retracted her hand when she heard his voice .

Rong Xiu’s fingers were long, white, and had distinct joints, but his skin felt incredibly soft as he gently wiped away the raindrops on her face . Rong Xiu was very close to Chu Liuyue, to the point that she could clearly feel his long black lashes trembling slightly .

He looked very serious as if this was an important task .

For some reason, Chu Liuyue held her breath .

This moment seemed to be much longer than usual .

After some time, Rong Xiu suddenly laughed before speaking in a low voice . “Breathe . ”

Chu Liuyue instinctively answered with an “Oh” and heaved a sigh of relief .

The warm breaths that landed on his face felt like landing meteorites, burning his face instantly . Rong Xiu paused in his actions, and his eyes darkened .

“Are you done?” asked Chu Liuyue .  Is there a need to wipe so long? I was only in the rain for a while .

Rong Xiu silently retracted his hand, and his fingers curled up and brushed past her lips as if it were unintentional .

It happened in a flash, but Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled, and she suddenly felt awkward .

She looked up at Rong Xiu but saw that he had already retracted his hands . He looked very calm as if he did not notice anything wrong .

It… shouldn’t be on purpose… But why does he have to wipe my face every time we meet? Chu Liuyue muttered in her heart and suppressed the ripple she previously felt as she once again asked, “Why are you here?”

Rong Xiu smiled . He directly held Chu Liuyue’s hand and walked back while slowly saying, “Let’s talk when we go home . ”

Chu Liuyue lowered her head, and her lips twitched .  Go home? That’s my home, not yours! What’s with your righteous tone?

“Prince Li, what are you doing?”

Even though no one is around, we shouldn’t be doing this, right?

“I’m cold,” said Rong Xiu lightly . His righteous attitude stumped Chu Liuyue; she could not think of how to retort him in such a short time .

Rong Xiu pulled her closer again .

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Chu Liuyue raised her brows . “Your Highness, you won’t feel warm this way . ”

Rong Xiu nodded . “Mm, but at least I won’t get wet . ”

Chu Liuyue was dazed, and her gaze shifted .

The cloak on his body was truly slightly drenched .

She suddenly remembered that the umbrella was tilted towards her side when Rong Xiu held it up for her . After taking the umbrella incident into consideration, Chu Liuyue decided not to pursue the matter .

The two of them walked on without saying a word and reached the front door .

Chu Liuyue struggled a little, so Rong Xiu naturally let go of her hands .

Chu Liuyue then opened the door and walked in . After walking forward two steps, she turned around as she suddenly thought of something .

Rong Xiu was still standing outside the door, not looking like he intended to leave .

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth in secret . “Your Highness, do you want to sit in my humble home for a while?”

Rong Xiu’s lips separated slightly . “Since you’re so hospitable, I won’t reject you,” said Rong Xiu as he walked in .

Chu Liuyue was speechless .  Why didn’t I see that Rong Xiu was so shameless before?

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Chu Liuyue only came to this mansion once—it was when she bought it—and it was still rather dirty then .

After the renovation, it looked much cleaner and more exquisite .

Chu Liuyue invited Rong Xiu to take a seat as she went to make some ginger tea .

“My house is rather simple, and I have nothing much to serve you . ” Chu Liuyue no longer busied herself after she offered Rong Xiu some tea and sat opposite him .

“This ginger tea will suffice . ” Rong Xiu seemed like he did not mind at all as he poured two cups of tea—one for Chu Liuyue and one for himself . He gently sipped his cup of tea .

The white steam rose up, causing his brows to relax .

His words and actions did not make him look like a prince, and he really seemed pretty satisfied…

Chu Liuyue was curious .  This ginger tea is a very common item, and the smell is a bit harsh to the nose . Aristocratic children will usually find faults with it, but he is still drinking it so leisurely . Did he live bitter and simple days at Mingyue Tianshan previously?

“It seems like you didn’t have good days before,” said Chu Liuyue on purpose . “You’re used to drinking things like ginger tea . ”

“I’m not”—Rong Xiu smiled—”but it’s rare for you to make it for me . Thus, I got used to it, even if I’m not . ”

I got used to it, even if I’m not…

Rong Xiu’s tone was as calm as before, but the sentence sounded very flirtatious .

Chu Liuyue did not know what to say and tightly pressed her lips against each other . She really would be stupid if she could not guess Rong Xiu’s feelings towards her .

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Helping her once was a coincidence, but what about the second time and the third time? However, she did not know what exactly Rong Xiu saw in her .

Her looks?

When they first met, her yellow skin looked like a vegetable; she was definitely ugly then .


She only entered Tian Lu Academy academy today .


An average person would run away from her—the ex-fiancée abandoned by the Crown Prince and a Big Missy detested by the Chu family—let alone Prince Li with a distinguished status .

“Your Highness, let’s be honest with each other . Just say your thoughts directly . ” Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in, straightened her back, and looked at Rong Xiu seriously . “Why did you come here today? Or rather, what do you want from me? Even if I managed to turn the tables for myself today, I have very little power . I can’t help you much, so you’re just wasting your time and effort on me . ”

Rong Xiu turned the teacup in his hands and looked down in silence . After a while, he looked up at her .

The two of them stared straight into each other’s eyes .

Rong Xiu’s eyes sparkled with countless stars, reflecting the young girl’s entire face . “I came here to celebrate your birthday . ”

Chu Liuyue was taken aback .

Rong Xiu suddenly took out a wooden box, which exuded a light fragrance . It was a very intricate agarwood box . “This is a gift for you . ”

Chu Liuyue took it hesitantly, and the box opened with a slight move of her fingers .

A peach blossom hairpin quietly laid inside .

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