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Chapter 71: I’ve Waited for You for a Long Time

“T-This is such a big issue . I’m afraid the Emperor doesn’t know about it yet…” said Eunuch Min hesitantly as he looked at First Elder and the rest .

“Is this confirmed?”

“The contract is already written, and we have many witnesses, so it’s confirmed . Don’t worry, Eunuch Min . I’ll explain this to the Emperor personally another day . ”

Seeing that none of the Chu family members were willing to explain this incident, Eunuch Min knew that there was no turning back on the matter and could not help but sigh secretly . He did not expect that the rumored cowardly and weak Chu family’s good-for-nothing could actually be so bold and decisive .

Severing her ties with the Chu family was akin to gaining a huge enemy for herself . However, now that Chu Ning was the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief and Chu Liuyue was a talent everyone admired, the Chu family would not dare to do anything to them openly .

Eunuch Min had always been a sensible person and quickly gathered his thoughts . As he bowed towards Chu Liuyue, he smiled and said, “Then, I’ll congratulate Officer Chu and Ms . Liuyue on your honor . I still have other things to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first . ”

Chu Liuyue knew that Eunuch Min did not want to interfere with their family’s affairs and readily said, “Eunuch Min, please be careful on your way out . ”

Eunuch Min then bade farewell to First Elder and the rest before leaving quickly .

Chu Liuyue did not stay any longer and turned around to leave . When she took a step out, she suddenly remembered something and turned back to say, “Oh yes . I heard that many people in the Imperial City sent gifts to the residence . All of these should be for me, so may I trouble you to send them over with the other items?”

After she finished her sentence, she did not bother to look at those people’s wretched expressions and left relaxingly .

First Elder glared at Chu Liuyue’s back view with a deadly gaze, wanting to go up to her and teach her a lesson . However, he still held himself back and hollered, “Let’s go back!”


The Chu family residence’s gate was shut tightly after the crowd went back in . However, the major news of what happened in the Chu family had immediately spread across the Imperial City .

“First Elder, this Chu Liuyue is such a bully! If we don’t get back at her for what we suffered today, how can we hold ourselves up high in the Imperial City?”

After they returned to the residence, First Elder only asked the few people who had the most say in the Chu family to stay and discuss the issue .

Chu Yan was the first to speak, and he looked infuriated .

First Elder’s face darkened, but he did not say a word .

“Yeah! Even if she has entered Tian Lu Academy, she’s way too arrogant! If she dares to do this now, who knows what she’ll do in the future?”

“If we don’t do anything this time round and take it lying, the entire Imperial City will think that we’re cowards . I won’t let her go this easily . ”

“Hmph, does that Chu Liuyue think she can have a stable life after leaving the Chu family? We should let her see what we are capable of . If not, she really will think that we have nothing against her . ”

The few people broke into heated discussions as if they wanted to let Chu Liuyue know how formidable they were immediately .

Third Elder stood at the side and shook his head as he lightly said, “Don’t forget that she still has Chu Ning . ”

The few people were instantly stumped .

Chu Ning was currently the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief… It was indeed a tough situation .

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“… So what? Can Chu Ning alone go against our entire Chu family?” Chu Yan laughed sinisterly, and cruelty flashed across his eyes . “The various powers are deeply connected to each other in the Imperial City . It may seem like Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue have turned the tables, but things aren’t so simple . Since they decided to sever ties with us, they need to have the courage to accept the consequences . ”

This sentence enlightened First Elder as he paced back and forth before finally making a decision . “That’s right! Didn’t Chu Liuyue say that she wanted to hold a celebratory banquet? I would like to see how many people in the Imperial City will go!”

Chu Liuyue walked to her new mansion alone . She was in a good mood today after settling a few issues .

It was already evening, and a gentle breeze blew her loose strands of hair up in the air .

The setting sun cast a long shadow over her .

She walked step by step in rare relaxation and freedom .

During the entire month after her rebirth, she had nervously been planning everything . Now, she could finally relax a little .

The bustling noise in the surroundings gradually disappeared and quietened down .

Chu Liuyue looked up and could see the green roof of her new mansion . She used 100,000 of the 300,000 silver taels she earned from selling the hunting ground to buy this mansion .

The mansion was located in the Imperial City’s western region . It was very isolated and quiet . Distinguished families would normally not like it here, but Chu Liuyue loved it at first sight .

She had had enough of the beautiful but cold palaces in her previous life . She no longer held any interest in them after she was reborn . She liked quiet places like this even more .

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Her lips could not help but curve up into a smile when she thought of her and Chu Ning spending the rest of their lives away from the people in the Chu family .

Suddenly, something cold dropped on her face .

Chu Liuyue was taken aback and looked up .

Water droplets fell down rapidly, quickly forming a line .

It was raining!

Chu Liuyue hastened her steps . Her house was located at the end of the marble path around the corner in front . However, Chu Liuyue was stunned after she turned around the corner .

A person was standing in front of the mansion at the end of the simple marble path . He was tall and wore a snow-white robe with a black cloak .

The sky quickly changed to grayish-blue as the rain poured down, erecting an invisible rain scene between heaven and earth .

The rain landed and splashed on the marble path and formed a thin layer of white mist, causing the view in front to be blurred . However, she could still see the man’s distinguished face clearly .

The white and black clothes complemented his cold and handsome appearance . He was like a flower at the top of the mountain that one could only look at .

It was actually…

Rong Xiu? The moment the name flashed across Chu Liuyue’s heart, the man started walking towards her .

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He looked like he was emerging from the darkness as the sky turned dark, and the rain poured down .

For some reason, Chu Liuyue felt that this Rong Xiu was different from before . She could not help but inch closer towards him .

Finally, Rong Xiu walked to Chu Liuyue and stood in front of her firmly .

“You…” Chu Liuyue spoke hesitantly .


Rong Xiu suddenly raised his hand, and a black figure swept past . Suddenly, the rain above Chu Liuyue’s head disappeared .

Rong Xiu held a black umbrella up for her .

Chu Liuyue looked up at him and met his gaze .

Rong Xiu’s dark eyes were as bottomless as the night sky .

“Yue’er . ” His cold and misty voice contained a tinge of undetectable love . “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time . ”

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