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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:14:20 PM

Chapter 70: They Have Nothing to do with This

After Eunuch Min finished talking, a strange silence fell over the street .

There was no joy on First Elder’s and the others’ faces . Instead, they looked like they had swallowed a fly!

Eunuch Min’s smile faded slightly, sensing something was amiss . “T-This… What’s wrong with you people?”

First Elder came back to his senses, looked at Eunuch Min, and tried to say something . However, there seemed to be a blockage in his throat, and he couldn’t utter a single word .

“How can this be? He suffered severe trauma back then . Several heavenly doctors diagnosed him and declared that the probability of him recovering in his lifetime was slim to none! How did he recover so abruptly and even break through to become a stage-five warrior?” Chu Yan shouted, stunned .

I don’t believe it! This can’t be true!

Eunuch Min narrowed his eyes, his smile cold . “What is this? Lord Chu Yan, are you suspecting me of falsely passing on an imperial decree?”

Chu Yan froze . “No, no! I didn’t mean that! I was… I was simply in shock . This… There was no news of this at all before! H-how can…”

Eunuch Min dusted himself . He was well aware of this matter . Chu Ning and his daughter had suffered some years back . Their position in the Chu family had been awkward, and they had been ostracized .

It was normal that Chu Ning hadn’t told them about his recovery and his breakthrough as a stage-five warrior .

After all, some people in the Chu family would be anxious once they got wind of this news . Wasn’t that how Chu Yan had just reacted?

Chu Ning’s rise would be Chu Yan’s greatest threat, so he certainly wouldn’t accept it!

Nevertheless, Eunuch Min didn’t bother to expose the elder . He smiled . “Not to mention you, even His Majesty has also just been informed today . His Majesty has been brooding about Lord Chu Ning’s injuries . When he heard that Lord Chu Ning broke through and became a stage-five warrior, he was overjoyed . Coincidentally, the position of the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief is vacant . Lord Chu Ning would be the perfect candidate for the job! His Majesty has also said he’s keeping the lord in the palace tonight for a late chat!”

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Chu Yan closed his eyes . Eunuch Min’s words were clearly a warning to him .

Even His Majesty didn’t know about it . So what was the big deal that he hadn’t been informed?

This only meant that His Majesty was the first person Chu Ning had told because none of them knew about it! What better way to show one’s loyalty than that?

His Majesty would just trust Chu Ning more!

What else could he say?

The Commander in Chief of the imperial guards was a powerful position .

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The only people who had ever held this position were those with outstanding capability and favored by His Majesty! Even Chu Ning—who was in the limelight back then—had only been a small captain in the imperial guards .

Chu Ning actually skipped a few levels after his recovery and was directly promoted to the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief! From now on, he would surely be the most popular person in the Imperial City!

“By His Majesty’s grace, this is a big deal . First Elder, the whole family should be rejoicing, right?” Eunuch Min continued .

First Elder opened his mouth and forced a smile on his face . He looked worse than when crying . “Y-you have a point…”

Chu Liuyue stepped forward with a smile and interrupted First Elder by saying, “Eunuch Min, thank you for making this trip . This is indeed a great joy . We will definitely throw a banquet to celebrate when Father returns tomorrow . Eunuch Min, no matter what, please grace us with your presence and come for the banquet when the time comes!”

Chu Liuyue had spoken appropriately . Eunuch Min liked her even more after he saw her behaving so sensibly . “Big Chu Missy, you are too humble! Lord Chu Ning and yourself are both persons that possess great ability! You only make me admire you more! I’ll be sure to congratulate you in person then . Look at the doorstep . From now on, I’m afraid there’s going to be a crowd at your door!”

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Chu Liuyue shook her head and cast a meaningful look at First Elder and the others . “The step is too high . I’m worried it’ll wear you out . Let’s move to another place . Oh, you might not know that I have just severed my ties with the Chu family . From today onwards, my father and I have nothing to do with the Chu family!”

Although Eunuch Min was used to seeing all sorts of occasions, he, too, was shocked by Chu Liuyue’s words . “What?”

Chu Liuyue smiled nonchalantly . “In other words, the two joyous pieces of news have nothing to do with the Chu family and these people! You only have to offer your congratulations to me!”

These people had bullied her in the past . Now, she refused to let them get a piece of the glory!

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