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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:14:47 PM

Chapter 58: 58
Chapter 58: You’re the Best

“It’s finally time for the final round . Minmin, you’ll definitely come in first, won’t you?”

“That’s right! I heard you had another breakthrough a while back . We’ll get to see it all this time . ”

At the warrior assessment area, the process was halfway through . They had arrived at the final stage . This was the part with the most students, almost 300 of them . However, only two of them would be able to overcome the numerous hurdles and make it through the finals .

Chu Xianmin was definitely one of them .

Chu XIanmin’s mood finally improved after listening to the several people rallying around her . She replied modestly, “I’m not as good as you say . Besides, Gu Mingfeng is also very strong . I may not be able to get first place in the assessment this time . ”

Gu Mingfeng was the other finalist . He, too, came from one of the four great family clans .

“He is just a commoner . How can he compare to you?” A girl smirked . “If it weren’t for his little bit of talent, why would the Gu family care about him?”

In Country Yao Chen, people still valued the hierarchy between a true-born descendant and a commoner, as well as seniority .

Chu Xianmin looked at Gu Mingfeng—who was standing in the distance—and realized that he was staring at her too .

Gu Mingfeng was actually quite good-looking . His features were exquisite as if they had been carefully carved . However, his amber eyes, which always seemed a bit gloomy, chilled one’s heart .

She immediately showed her disapproval and pulled at her friend . “Strength is of the essence . Yan’er, don’t speak of such things in the future . ”

The girl named Yan’er didn’t even notice Gu Mingfeng was watching them . She stuck her tongue out . “So what? I am the Second Missy of the Lu family; I dare him to find trouble with me . ”

Although the Lu family couldn’t be compared to the Gu family, she was, after all, the first daughter of her family!

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Chu Xianmin glanced at Gu Mingfeng, but he had averted his gaze and didn’t seem to hear them .

Gu Mingfeng definitely heard them . She had intentionally wanted to do him a favor . Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be that easy to bait .

In her heart, Chu Xianmin actually despised this kind of commoner’s son, so she simply stopped thinking about it .

Lu Feiyan tugged at her sleeve and whispered to her . “Minmin, Chu Liuyue came in second place for the Xuan Master assessment . No matter what, you mustn’t lose to her . You must come in first place!”

Chu Xianmin stiffened . She was annoyed that Lu Feiyan had been ignorant enough to touch her sore spot . She nodded reluctantly . “I know what to do . ”

At this moment, a firework exploded in the distant sky .

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“First place for warrior assessment, Rong Jin from 451st batch!”

“It’s the Crown Prince! The first place is really him!”

Lu Feiyan’s eyes shone as she shook Chu Xianmin’s arm with joy . “Minmin, His Highness is really as strong as people say he is! I heard that their batch is very competitive . It is awesome that he came in first!”

Chu Xianmin laughed unconcernedly . “Brother Jin had it at his fingertips . ”

Lu Feiyan was both envious and jealous of the intimacy between Chu Xianmin and the Crown Prince . “Hey, Minmin . His Highness sees you in a different light . Will he be present for your upcoming assessment?”

Everyone surrounding her directed their attention to Chu Xianmin .

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Chu Xianmin felt slightly embarrassed . If it was before, the Crown Prince would definitely be present . Alas, his attitude towards her was much colder ever since that banquet so he probably wouldn’t come .

She forced a smile on her face . “The assessment over there has just ended . Brother Jin should still be busy and won’t…”

Before she had finished, she heard a familiar voice coming from afar . “Minmin, why did you say that? This is your finals, so I’ll definitely come . ”

Chu Xianmin’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately looked up .

The Crown Prince, Rong Jin, was headed her way while dressed in purple brocade .

Chu Xianmin was filled with joy and apprehension at the same time .  He must also know that Chu Liuyue has come in second place for the Xuan Master assessment . Why is here to see me instead of being angry?

Rong Jin came before Chu Xianmin . His expression was one of rare tenderness . He seemed to be emphasizing something with each word when he said, “You’re the best . First place will most definitely belong to you, right?”

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