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Chapter 50: 50
Chapter 50: Pity

“Si Ting is extremely talented and seemed to have improved by quite a bit in this period . It’s not a surprise that he can find the formation eye . ” Sun Zhongyan was not shocked and waved his hands . “However, I’m surprised because he always kept a low profile after he entered the academy . Why did he…?”

Showing off his abilities was not Si Ting’s style .

“Perhaps he already noticed that a worthy opponent had appeared…” muttered Sun Zhongyan .

The other two looked at each other in confusion .

“Worthy opponent? Elder Sun, are you being serious? Out of all the students at the academy, who can pose a threat to Si Ting?”

Outsiders might not know, but as Xuan Masters, they knew how strong Si Ting’s capabilities and talents were . It was not an exaggeration to say that the seniors from two cohorts before him might not even be his match .

“Didn’t you say that Si Ting’s talent as a Xuan Master was a rare sight that would only appear once in 100 years?”

Sun Zhongyan extended his finger and pointed towards the Xuan formation in the middle of the trio . “Take a closer look . Even though Chu Liuyue is walking messily, she has been walking towards a certain direction . ”

The two of them lowered their heads in confusion upon hearing his words .

From the position she entered the woods, she was walking all the way to…

“Formation eye?”

Although her process was kind of messy, Chu Liuyue was indeed walking towards the formation eye in general .

“How is this possible? She’s not even a stage-one Xuan Master . How can she find the formation eye? She’s probably just walking around based on her intuition . ”

Disbelief filled the two men’s faces .

Sun Zhongyan laughed . “If she didn’t take the wrong path at the three-way path, she would’ve already reached the formation eye . Perhaps… she might even be faster than Si Ting . ”

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This sentence made the two men fall into deep silence .

“No wonder Bai Chen was so emotional just now . It looks like he really did discover a rare talent . ”

Sun Zhongyan looked at the Xuan formation excitedly, filled with curiosity about Chu Liuyue .  Either she is doing this because she’s unfamiliar with Xuan formations, or she’s doing it on purpose to hide herself .

Chu Liuyue navigated her way through the woods . At some point, she suddenly stopped and closed her eyes to feel the Xuan formation’s changes .

“I’m finally here…” Chu Liuyue muttered and opened her eyes .  Si Ting should have already reached the formation eye . I can now proceed on .

Firstly, she had no interest and did not plan to reveal all her skills today . However, her results could not be too bad . If not, other people would still label her as a good-for-nothing . She took a deep breath, changed her direction, and walked forward .

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Si Ting heaved a sigh of relief in his heart after he arrived at the formation eye and realized that nobody was there . It seemed like no one was ahead of him . Thereafter, he immediately knitted his brows .  Why am I afraid that someone will be ahead of me? I’m absolutely confident in myself and have never felt this way before . What is wrong with me today? Is it because of what Chu Liuyue said?

Si Ting clenched his fists tighter .

In actual fact, he did feel a dangerous aura from Chu Liuyue . He did not know where this feeling came from, but his gut feeling was that Chu Liuyue was not simple .

Luckily, he had reached the formation eye first . Since he reached the formation eye, the competition was close to being over .

Si Ting waved his palm, and a silver line flew out, forming a weird pattern in mid-air .

In the next moment, the silver line vibrated intensely and disappeared .

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Si Ting looked at the direction the line was at and was about to go forward .

Once he moved, he heard footsteps coming from behind .

He instinctively turned around to look .

A thin, young girl’s figure entered his vision .

Chu Liuyue looked up and met with his eyes . She smiled and shrugged her shoulders . “What a pity, I’m behind you . ”

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