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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:15:07 PM

Chapter 48: 48
Chapter 48: Cannot be Compared to Si Ting

The Xuan formations were already set up in the woods . The assessment started the moment they entered the woods .

Before this, Si Ting had already noticed that the Xuan formation was special and that it would be troublesome to enter from this position .

The academy teachers had clearly done this on purpose . Only Xuan Masters with true talent and capabilities could recognize the Xuan formation and choose to enter it from another position .

This was also the reason why he did not follow those people in the first instance and chose to stay at the back . He never intended to enter from that entrance . However, he did not expect that someone else noticed this apart from him .

This person was precisely Chu Liuyue, who was just admitted into the academy . Thoughts flashed across Si Ting’s mind as he looked at Chu Liuyue calmly again .  Is this a coincidence, or… is she really capable?

Chu Liuyue naturally noticed Si Ting’s gaze, but she continued moving back a few steps without hesitation and opened the correct entrance to the forest . She then chose to move forward in another direction .

“If you wait any longer, I’ll be first instead . ” Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled at Si Ting .

Si Ting was taken aback and momentarily felt that the view surrounding them had lost its color .

The young girl in red seemed to have gathered all the light, becoming so dazzling that his eyes hurt . However, her pair of charming, black eyes—which were as shiny as a gem—was even brighter than all of those .

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Everything around her seemed to blur, and this young girl was the only one in color .

Si Ting’s heart tingled as if something had glided past it . When he recovered his senses, Chu Liuyue’s figure had already disappeared into the thick woods; he could only see the leaves waving in the breeze .

Si Ting closed his eyes and calmed his beating heart . After hesitating for a while, he moved back a few steps and entered from another direction .

The teachers in charge of the examination only recovered from their shock after all the students entered the forest . They looked at each other in complete disbelief .

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“How did… Chu Liuyue go inside just now? Only stage-three Xuan Masters can identify this array formation . Logically speaking, only Si Ting can find the correct way to enter . How did Chu Liuyue do it?”

Even though Si Ting had been very quiet the past half a year, a few teachers at the academy knew that he had already become a stage-three Xuan Master a few days ago . He was not even 15 years old this year, but his talent and capabilities were unmatched in the entire Country Yao Chen .

He would not even lose to his seniors . It was more than normal for him to spot the trick in the Xuan formation . However… how did Chu Liuyue do it?

“Hah, I said that Little Liuyue is a genius, yet you didn’t believe me . When the results come out, remember to glue your eyeballs to your sockets, lest they drop out . ” Bai Chen had already walked over . He was not the teacher in charge of the examination, so he could only watch by the side and not participate personally . However, this did not stop him from coming over to watch a good show .

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“Let me warn you first; I’m first in line if Little Liuyue wants to choose a teacher . None of you can fight with me,” said Bai Chen animatedly . When he saw Chu Liuyue choose to enter from the correct direction, he could not help but exclaim in his heart .  After the results come out, these people will definitely not treat Little Liuyue the same way .

A teacher nodded . “It seems like Chu Liuyue does have talent in this area . Even if she can’t compare to Si Ting, she’s still pretty decent . ”

They were all Xuan Masters, so they obviously could see her abilities . This was not something they could deny .

“Can’t be compared to Si Ting?” retorted Bai Chen as he laughed heartily, “That might not be the case . ”

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