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Chapter 36: 36

“Won’t be seeing anyone . ”

Chu Liuyue heard this sentence very clearly . She stopped in her tracks and raised her eyebrows slightly .

Yu Mo was also dazed when he heard this .  Won’t be seeing? However, Master clearly said before that he would not see anyone, but that we had to report to him immediately if Big Chu Missy came . That’s the reason why I dared to bring her in directly .

Why did Master say he did not want to see her? He looked at Yan Qing and asked him what was going on with his expression .

Yan Qing was also puzzled .  How would I know? He personally witnessed his master waiting for Big Chu Missy for the entire day . It was clearly impossible that he did not want to see her . Didn’t he just get angry because Big Chu Missy did not come? She finally came, but his master did not seem to cheer up and even refused to see her .

“Master, this… Big Chu Missy…”

Rong Xiu raised his head and looked at Yan Qing silently .

Yan Qing immediately swallowed his words and lowered his head obediently as he stood aside .

Rong Xiu retracted his gaze and flipped another page .

As the wind blew, one of his hands formed a fist and covered his mouth as he coughed a few times . However, that pair of eyes did not look at Chu Liuyue from the start till the end .

Chu Liuyue did not drag her feet and looked at Yu Mo . “Since your master is unwell, I won’t disturb him any longer . Please help me to return him this item, and thank your master for helping me,” said Chu Liuyue as she handed over the handkerchief in her pouch .

Yu Mo looked at the handkerchief, and his eyeballs almost popped out .  Is this not Master’s personal handkerchief? Master is normally very concerned about this handkerchief and always has it with him, but… why did it end up with Chu Liuyue?

Yu Mo did not enter the palace that day and naturally did not know what had happened .

Master actually gave this to Chu Liuyue…

“Big Chu Missy, this…” Yu Mo hesitated to pick up the handkerchief, but he suddenly felt a chill running down his spine . He shivered and immediately rejected her solemnly . “Big Chu Missy, this belongs to Master . You should return it to him yourself . ”

Chu Liuyue was speechless .  Isn’t it just a handkerchief? Why is he so serious about it?


She wanted to return it too! If not, she wouldn’t visit him at his place . However, Rong Xiu was the one who claimed that he did not want to see anyone . What could she do?

She looked inside again . She could see the bulky figure through the half-open door .


The warm light showed off his unique side view, which was flawless with its intricate details . His eyes were slightly lowered, and his thin lips were pressed against each other tightly .


Rong Xiu… seems to be angry? What is he angry about? Chu Liuyue had no idea what he was thinking and decided not to care about it after pondering for a while . She directly looked at Rong Xiu and said, “I’ve returned you your item . Prince Li, I don’t owe you anything else, right? Thank you for saving me the previous few times, but I don’t like to owe other people favors . We’re vastly different people . To avoid any future troubles, let’s not see each other anymore . ”

After she finished her sentence, she did not see Rong Xiu’s reaction and shoved the handkerchief at Yu Mo .

Rong Xiu laughed silently . He really could not do anything about her . He finally raised his head, and his eyes landed on Chu Liuyue, surrounding her invisibly . “No, you still owe me two favors . ”

Chu Liuyue’s heart jumped .

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“Firstly, Xue Xue saved you . ” His tone was gentle and calm as usual, but even colder than the moonlight . “Secondly, the Crown Prince did not send those people to kill you today . ”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes turned slightly cold .

The Imperial City seemed peaceful that day, but it was secretly filled with uproars .

In the study of Crown Prince Mansion…

Inside the room, there was only Rong Jin and an elder in a gray robe .

“Are you really sure that there’s a seventh-grade fiend in the Imperial City? But I didn’t hear any news about it…” asked Rong Jin suspiciously .

“That seventh-grade fiend only appeared for a while, and an average person can’t even detect it . However, I have already gone to check, and there were indeed battle marks left behind by a seventh-grade fiend in Eight Corner Alley of the Imperial City’s northeast region . The elder stroked his beard confidently . “Also, I can confirm that it’s not an existing fiend in the Imperial City, and it had just appeared here . Besides, I’m pretty sure that it has an owner . ”

Rong Jin knitted his brows tightly . “However, there are very few people who can conquer a seventh-grade fiend in the Imperial City… Who would it be?”

The elder shook his head . “Don’t underestimate anyone in the Imperial City . If the other party can have a seventh-grade fiend, he definitely won’t be easy to deal with . If he’s coming for you, you must be extra careful . ”

The elder shook his head . “Even though you’re already the Crown Prince, quite a few people are still eyeing your status . Your marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue ended very badly, and the Emperor is very unhappy with you . You can’t cause any more trouble at this point . ”

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Rong Jin was furious when he was reminded of this . “It’s all because of Chu Liuyue that…”

“She’s just an invalid and nothing to be worried about . You should lie low for this period of time and wait until the rumors die down . The most important thing now is to elevate your skills and allow the Emperor to see your abilities . ”

Rong Jin took a deep breath and nodded . “You’re right . I’ll definitely remember your teachings . ”

“This is your last year at Tian Lu Academy . You must grab this chance, do you understand?”


The news about the seventh-grade fiend spread quietly; it quickly reached the ears of distinguished families .

Rong Zhen also found out about it . She was very excited . The previous few fiends did not have high grades . Now that there was a rare seventh-grade fiend, she had to go and take a look . It would be amazing if she could capture it and make a vow with it . Hence, she also started sending people out to investigate the whereabouts of this seventh-grade fiend .

On the other hand, the assassination attempt on Chu Liuyue was as if it never happened . Even the disappearance of the duo did not attract any attention .

In this seemingly calm situation, Chu Liuyue finally received Tian Lu Academy’s notification .

Tian Lu Academy accepted the Emperor’s request and gave Chu Liuyue a special chance to enter the academy .

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As long as she passed the assessment, she could enter Tian Lu Academy and become a part of them .

Chu Liuyue’s 14th birthday was on the 10th of August . It was also the day of her Tian Lu Academy assessment .


Chu Ning had already prepared longevity noodles for her to eat .

In her previous life, her every birthday was spent extravagantly . Numerous people came forward to wish her well, and the list of presents was endless . Now, even though there was only Chu Ning to accompany her, this bowl of longevity noodles made her feel even warmer and more secure .

Chu Liuyue finished the noodles cleanly and briefly packed her items before heading towards Tian Lu Academy .

Chu Ning wanted to follow her, but she rejected him . She knew that Chu Ning was busy lately, and in her eyes, it was very easy to enter the academy, so she did not require anyone to accompany her . However, when Chu Liuyue arrived at Tian Lu Academy’s entrance, she realized that there were many people waiting outside .

Chu Liuyue’s appearance garnered countless stares .

Chu Liuyue instantly understood that these people clearly came here to watch a show .

A middle-aged man stood in front of Tian Lu Academy’s entrance and had a stern face . He looked at Chu Liuyue, and his eyes vaguely filled with frustration .

“Chu Liuyue, right? Since the Emperor spoke in favor of you, Tian Lu Academy will give you a chance . There are three categories for the entrance assessment: warrior, Xuan Master, and heavenly doctor . You’ll succeed if you pass any one of them . Which would you like to choose?”

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