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Chapter 205: 205
Chapter 205: Avoid the Gleam

The two people went onto the arena and stared at each other .

Everyone watched the scene nervously and excitedly .

“Even though Jiang Yuan is a beginner stage-four warrior, he’s definitely stronger than Lei Mingwei . Thus, I think Chu Liuyue is bound to lose . ”

“I think so too . Even though she’s powerful, Jiang Yuan is also a tough nut to crack . I’m afraid her journey as Qing Jiao Competition’s black horse is about to end . ”

“Such a pity! I wanted to see her compete in a few more rounds . I also thought that she could get a good ranking this year, but that’s most likely impossible now…”

“I heard that she used to be a good-for-nothing and only became famous in the last few months . After thinking about it carefully, her cultivation speed is scary…”

Everyone partook in heated discussions .

When Situ Xingchen heard the discussions, she was frustrated for some reason . Ever since she saw Chu Liuyue’s dagger yesterday, she paid extra attention to Chu Liuyue . Now that Chu Liuyue went onto the arena once again, she was also very concerned .

She had never heard of this name before, but she secretly went around and asked about Chu Liuyue after she went back yesterday .

This Chu Liuyue is indeed unusual .  She could not help but lean toward Cheng Han and softly ask, “Mentor, can people who naturally lack a Yuan meridian recover their Yuan meridian and start cultivating?”

Cheng Han knitted his brows . “You’re talking about Chu Liuyue?”

He had also heard something related to Chu Liuyue yesterday, so he could instantly guess it when he heard Situ Xingchen ask about it .

Situ Xingchen lightly nodded .

Cheng Han stroked his beard . “This… It is indeed pretty impossible, but there are many strong warriors in the world . If people of that caliber are willing to help her, it isn’t impossible for her to recover her Yuan meridian…”

Situ Xingchen immediately understood what he meant . No matter if it were Country Yao Chen, Country Huai Cang, or their Country Xing Luo, they had an equal ranking of existence . There were still major unreachable characters above them .

Even though she was Country Xing Luo’s eldest princess, she was still as small as an ant in front of those people .

“However, I thought she’s an ordinary daughter of a normal family in Country Yao Chen’s Imperial City . How can she do so much?”

This was something that Situ Xingchen could not figure out . Chu Liuyue had a decent family background, but she already could not be considered as a daughter from a distinguished family when the Chu family went down, and her father was so injured that he could not cultivate .

With her identity, how did she recover her Yuan meridian and become a genius?

Cheng Han thought for a really long time . “Perhaps, she has some other fate… Nobody can be certain about such things . ”

Situ Xingchen bit her lips .

Seeing that she looked a little off, Cheng Han comforted her . “Xingchen, no matter how strong she is, she doesn’t have the right to compete with you . Why take her to heart?”

Situ Xingchen forced a smile onto her face . “Mentor, don’t misunderstand . I was just curious . ”

Cheng Han nodded and did not think too much .

Situ Xingchen slowly clenched her fists in her sleeves .  Fate… I can ignore her talent for now, but… what about that dagger?

In the arena, Jiang Yuan curiously sized Chu Liuyue up . He had watched her match with Lei Mingwei yesterday very closely .  This girl truly has unusual combat prowess . No matter if it is her movement techniques or offensive moves, they all showed that she has immense fighting experience .

“No offense, but I heard that you only started cultivating a few months ago?”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and did not deny it . “That’s right . ”

Either way, everybody in the Imperial City knew about this .

Jiang Yuan’s eyes changed, and he looked even more serious .  Who can cultivate to have capabilities equivalent to a stage-four warrior in a mere few months? This Chu Liuyue is indeed a worthy opponent . In time to come, she will definitely become a top warrior!

Seeing the change in his eyes, Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and secretly circulated her force, making her muscles tense up as she entered combat mode .

Lei Mingwei lost as he thought too highly of himself, but this Jiang Yuan is not that easy to deal with .  She twisted her wrist and held the dagger in her hands .

Jiang Yuan smiled .  It seems like Chu Liuyue is planning to use all that she has on me directly . That’s great!

“Please!” After saying that, Jiang Yuan then closed his eyes . It was as if he turned into another person when he opened them again .

The warm smile on his face faded away, and he looked colder . His eyes were as sharp as a knife .

The next moment, the force surrounding his body exploded .

Beginner stage-four warrior!

The crowd was shocked .

“Jiang Yuan actually put in his all right from the beginning?”

“It seems like he thinks very highly of Chu Liuyue . Hence, he doesn’t dare to let his guard down . ”

“Actually, this is also pretty normal . Everyone saw Chu Liuyue’s abilities yesterday . If Jiang Yuan doesn’t take her seriously, he will lose in the same way as Lei Mingwei did . ”

“A stage-one warrior that continuously challenged two stage-four warriors… She won against one and even caused the other one to use their full force at the beginning of the match… Even if she loses this round, Chu Liuyue will definitely become famous after the Qing Jiao Competition!”

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Jiang Yuan crossed his arms, and a ball of faint green force gradually formed .

The vague suppression spread out from the ball’s center .

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely, and she became even more alert as the force in her body circulated even faster . The next moment, she stood on her toes and rapidly dashed toward Jiang Yuan .

The crowd was shocked . They did not expect Chu Liuyue to be the one who chose to attack first between the two of them .

Chu Liuyue clearly knows she is not his match, yet she dares to rush over directly . Does she have a death wish?

In the blink of an eye, Chu Liuyue was already three steps away from Jiang Yuan . However, Jiang Yuan suddenly moved backward at this moment and avoided Chu Liuyue .

The distance between the two of them was once again widened .

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank slightly .

“What’s the matter? Why did Jiang Yuan move backward?”

“Is he scared of Chu Liuyue?”

The crowd was in chaos . However, Sun Zhongyan and the rest—who were spectating the match from below—looked even more serious .

“Jiang Yuan is indeed meticulous . He knows that Liuyue is better at close combat, so he purposely avoided her blade’s gleam . ”

Actually, according to his abilities, Jiang Yuan should have an advantage even if they had a close-combat fight . However, he was unwilling to take this risk and decided to use a long-range attack strategy against Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue’s greatest weakness was that she was unable to circulate her force outside her body .

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Jiang Yuan was banking on this right from the start .

“He really wants to win this match…”

Once Chu Liuyue saw Jiang Yuan move backward, she knew his plan .

He is strong and meticulous . Such an opponent is indeed difficult to handle . Besides, both of us are already a river width’s distance away from each other .  A thought flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind as she hurriedly chased him .

Jiang Yuan moved backward again .

Chu Liuyue quickly discovered that Jiang Yuan’s speed was comparable to hers . It was clearly impossible for her to launch a close-range attack if she purely used her speed .

When Chu Liuyue discovered this, she decisively stopped and held her dagger tightly .

At this point, a gigantic, green, ice ball had already appeared in front of Jiang Yuan .

The sinister cold air gradually exuded from the top of the ball .

“Ghostly Eye Heavenly Ice!”

With this holler, the green ice ball rapidly flew toward Chu Liuyue directly .

A thin layer of frost formed on the ground as the ball went past .

Harsh cold winds came straight for Chu Liuyue .

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