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Chapter 201
Chapter 201: Another Loss!

Situ Xingchen stood up uncontrollably and stared straight at the dagger in Chu Liuyue’s hands .

“Xingchen, what’s the matter?” Cheng Han looked at her in surprise . He rarely saw such an expression on Situ Xingchen’s face .

“Huh? What?” Situ Xingchen suddenly woke up and looked at Cheng Han . She then realized that she had lost her manners and hurriedly sat back down . “N-nothing much…”

Cheng Han was her mentor and understood her the best .  How can there be nothing wrong?

“What are you looking at?” Cheng Han followed her gaze and saw Chu Liuyue’s back view as she left the arena .

He slightly knitted his brows . “That Chu Liuyue is a little weird . What can you tell?”

Situ Xingchen knew that her mentor was talking about something different from her thoughts, but she could not explicitly talk about it . Hence, she could only hide her unease and smile . “… Nothing; I’m just a little shocked . The dagger seemed like it was nailed to the floor… White marble is very hard, so ordinary objects can’t even leave a scar on it . I can’t believe Chu Liuyue has such a sharp dagger . It shouldn’t be something ordinary…”

Once Cheng Han heard that, he thought that Situ Xingchen made sense . He stroked his beard as he said, “You’re right . Chu Liuyue is just a stage-one warrior, but she directly halted Lei Mingwei’s attack . That dagger should’ve helped her quite a bit . However, she acted too swiftly, and we’re a little too far away . Thus, I couldn’t see what happened clearly . ”

If I have the chance, I must take a closer look . Perhaps I can tell what she’s doing .

Upon seeing Situ Xingchen’s distracted appearance, Cheng Han was a little confused . “Xingchen, you’re a heavenly doctor, and she’s a warrior . You won’t meet each other in a competition . Why do you seem so interested in her dagger?”

Situ Xingchen forced a smile onto her face . “I was just curious . Don’t worry, Mentor . ”

Cheng Han then nodded . His disciple was from a distinguished family and had outstanding talent . She was great in every way .

Perhaps Situ Xingchen truly was curious about this minor matter .

Chu Liuyue walked down the arena and received the enthusiastic welcomes from the Tian Lu Academy crowd . She went back to her seat with much difficulty and lightly exhaled .

“Hu… Everyone’s too friendly!”

“Hehe, Liuyue, you’re a famous character in our academy now!” Si Yang leaned in close with a face filled with admiration . “Lei Mingwei is an intermediate stage-four warrior, yet you still won against him! Way to go!”

Everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was bound to lose this match, but who would’ve thought that she would win? She directly earned back the academy’s pride!

Chu Liuyue laughed . “That’s too much of an exaggeration . ”

“Of course not! If you don’t believe me, you can ask my Big—” Si Yang hurriedly stopped halfway through his sentence and wanted to bite off his own tongue when he saw his big brother’s calm expression .

Si Ting did not look awkward as he nodded at Chu Liuyue . “Congratulations . ”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly . “Thank you . ”

Now that everything was out in the open, there was nothing much between them .

Seeing how both of them did not seem too awkward, Si Yang heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly changed the topic . “Did you know? The win or loss of Qing Jiao Competition’s first match can greatly affect the other students’ matches later on . Your win is a welcome blessing, and it’s a super powerful one! Everyone admires you!”

Chu Liuyue did not care much about this, and her lips just curved up slightly . “This is just the start . The later matches will be even fiercer . ”

Chu Liuyue was also the one who would most likely be picked again . This process would naturally occur if she wanted to take first place .

I should recover my force first .

The second match was between Tai Yan Academy and Nan Feng Academy .

Tai Yan Academy picked a slim and tall young man—Jia Yiming .

Nan Feng Academy was against a pretty and tall young woman—Liu Yinyin .

Both of them were stage-three warriors and could be considered as evenly matched .

Tai Yan Academy’s people were increasingly nervous and hoped that they would win this round . They had already lost miserably in the first match . If they still lost in the second match, their reputation would be tarnished!

Nan Feng Academy people were instead happy to see Tai Yan Academy’s downfall . They wanted to win this match by doing their best and harshly trample on Tai Yan Academy .

Both fighters went up to the arena, and the match started amidst the anxious atmosphere .

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Tian Lu Academy finally started to calm down as their attention returned to the match .

Chu Liuyue then heaved a sigh of relief . Her eyes turned, and she looked at the Tai Yan Academy crowd . She squinted her eyes slightly .

When I walked down the arena earlier, I clearly felt an unusual gaze . If I did not guess it wrongly, it seems to be from… that Situ Xingchen?

Chu Liuyue looked down and flipped the dagger in her hands .

The dagger shone brightly, still as sharp as ever . A few peach blossoms were engraved on the dagger handle .

Rong Xiu seemed to love peach blossoms a lot; even the hairpin he gave to Chu Liuyue previously was a peach blossom hairpin .

A similar pattern was also engraved on it .

Actually, one shouldn’t be able to see the pattern clearly if they do not look carefully . However, Situ Xingchen seemed to be staring at this dagger…

Yes, Situ Xingchen’s clothes also had a similar cloud pattern .  Chu Liuyue thought for a while and smiled .  How interesting…

She hid her thoughts and looked at the arena once again .

The second match continued on intensely .

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Of course, it had not much reference value to her . She only watched on for a while before she decisively closed her eyes, gathered her focus, and started to meditate .

“Hey, Liuyue, did you see how Liu Yinyin attacked just now?” asked Si Yang . When he did not hear Chu Liuyue’s reply, he turned around and saw that she was actually…

“Are you for real? You can cultivate here?” Si Yang’s eyelids twitched .

The surroundings were so noisy, and Chu Liuyue just finished a match, yet she could continue cultivating .

He wanted to say something else, but he saw that Si Ting also seemed to be meditating . Thus, he obediently kept quiet .  Geniuses are indeed different from an average person!

Maybe it was because Chu Liuyue’s match against Lei Mingwei was too interesting, but the second was much duller .

The two people’s abilities were of equal level, and they battled for a very long time . Jia Yiming seemed to have exhausted his force, and he finally revealed a weakness—which Liu Yinyin immediately attacked . She then kicked him out of the arena .

Liu Yinyin won the second match!

Tai Yan Academy lost again!

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