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Chapter 179
Chapter 179: Torturing People

Chu Liuyue silently called him shameless in her heart, but her ears became warm .

It was lucky that the sky was pretty dark, so Rong Xiu probably could not see her clearly .

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down . She then went up the stairs and pretended as if nothing had happened . “Your Highness, you already have your own place in the academy . Why must you come to my place every day?”

Rong Xiu did not answer her, but he had a half-smile on his face . “Your place is great, and you can clearly see whatever I’m doing from here . However, instead of that, isn’t it better if I come here personally?”

Chu Liuyue paused . “Your Highness, I chose this place first . ”

If she knew that Rong Xiu would come and coincidentally stay at that place, she wouldn’t have chosen this house, no matter what .

She walked to the cupboard and took out a fragrant ginger slice before scattering it over the teapot .

As the hot water brewed the tea, a bitter and spicy fragrance permeated the room .

She purposely poured a cup of tea and passed it to him . “Your Highness, have some tea . ”

Rong Xiu looked at her and laughed . “Why is it always this ginger tea whenever I come here?”

Chu Liuyue seriously said, “I don’t have any good tea here . If you’re so picky and unwilling to drink it, you don’t have to force yourself . ”

Rong Xiu smiled with deep meaning as he directly took the teacup from her hands .

Both of their hands touched for a brief moment .

The point of contact was slightly cold as Rong Xiu’s white long fingers casually slid across the back of her hand, causing a ticklish sensation .

Chu Liuyue looked up at Rong Xiu but noticed that he looked as calm as usual . It was as if he did not notice anything wrong .

His skin is still as thick as usual! Chu Liuyue silently cursed to herself .

“You smell like herbs . Have you been refining medicine the entire night?” Rong Xiu sipped on his tea when his gaze landed on her face, and his smile faded slightly .

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes . “Your Highness, how did you know that?”

Did he come over yesterday? No, I don’t remember that he did .

Rong Xiu raised his chin .

Chu Liuyue extended her hands and touched her face . “Is there something on my face?”

Rong Xiu sighed helplessly and chuckled .  Someone who has always been smart is somehow always confused at times like this .

He walked a few steps closer and stood in front of Chu Liuyue .

Rong Xiu’s tall body—which increasingly got closer—instantly made Chu Liuyue feel an unknown suppression .

He extended his hand the next moment .

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Chu Liuyue wanted to move backward, but her gaze met with his eyes .

Rong Xiu’s calm and deep eyes seemed to have silent ripples and some undetectable faint signs of love .

Chu Liuyue’s body seemed to have completely frozen, and she could not move at all .

Rong Xiu’s warm fingertips landed beneath her eyes . Under the candlelight, he could clearly see the faint black areas under her eyes .  If she did not stay up for an entire night, she would not look like this .

“He’s just a classmate . Is it worth it for you to do so much?” His voice was clear and low, but Chu Liuyue could not see through his eyes .

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly . She did not mind Rong Xiu knowing that she was helping Liao Zhongshu . After all, she intended to spread the news and lure the enemy . “He has once experienced life and death with me, so I can’t just leave him to die . ”

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes .  She is not wrong, but I’m not in a good mood . If I find out that she has any other intentions…

“Never again . ” His tone was calm and composed, but he did not allow for any rejection .

Chu Liuyue raised her brows . “Your Highness, this is my business . I don’t think you have the right to control me . ”

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up . “Oh? What if I say that I have the right?”

Chu Liuyue snickered . “Your Highness, you’re indeed of distinguished status, but why must I listen to you?”

Rong Xiu’s fingers slid down Chu Liuyue’s cheeks, and he held her face . He suddenly leaned in closer .

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As she stared at the demonic-like appearance in front of her that rapidly closed in, Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly skipped a beat . She wanted to move backward, but her hands in the sleeves clenched tightly before unclenching . She still did not move in the end .

She was not sure when, but she seemed to have gotten used to Rong Xiu’s intimate actions . It seemed like… everything was natural .

He looked at her with a profound gaze as if an unknown force was going to swallow everything . Then, he tilted his head, went to her ear, and laughed in a low voice . “Because… I am very familiar with the person you like . ”

His lips gently touched her thin ear, and it felt like a comet was burning them . However, the words he uttered were like terrifying lightning that struck Chu Liuyue’s heart .

He really did hear it! He definitely heard it very clearly!

Previously, Chu Liuyue could still pretend that she did not know that he heard her words . But she could not continue with her act now . Her heart started beating rapidly as if a fire had descended from her ear and ignited her entire body .

She hurriedly extended her hands and pushed him away . “Your Highness, I think you heard me wrongly . I didn’t say that the person is you . ”

“Did I say that the person was me?”

Rong Xiu’s simple retort stumped Chu Liuyue .

Her hands were on his wide and hard chest, and she did not know what to do for a moment .  I revealed exactly what I wanted to hide!

Rong Xiu looked down and satisfyingly admired the young woman’s shy appearance . He felt very comfortable .

Suddenly, he hugged her waist and carried her princess style .

“Your Highness?”

“Shh . You didn’t sleep well last night . Let me accompany you today . ” Rong Xiu carried her to the bed and gently put her down . Then, he sat down beside her .

Chu Liuyue was surprised and blinked . “… Oh . Your Highness, are you not sleeping?”

Rong Xiu leaned down and lowered his voice . “I can’t sleep when I’m so close to you . You can just sleep; don’t mind anything else . ”

Chu Liuyue swallowed her remaining words and closed her eyes after some slight hesitation .

Chu Liuyue was probably too exhausted for the past two days, which was why she quickly fell into a deep sleep .

Rong Xiu held her wrist with one hand, and a faint silver light silently entered Chu Liuyue’s palm .

Chu Liuyue’s breathing started to slow down . Perhaps she had a nightmare, but she furrowed her brows tightly, looking like she was in extreme pain .

Rong Xiu looked at her and extended his hand to relax her brows . He leaned close to her ears and whispered, “Yue’er, don’t be afraid . I’m here…”

His voice was very light . It was as though it could disappear into the wind at any moment .

However, the pain on Chu Liuyue’s face seemed to subside, and she looked calm again .

She instinctively leaned in closer to the warm place until her entire body was in Rong Xiu’s arms . It was only then that she finally quietened down .

Rong Xiu closed his eyes and suppressed the unknown restlessness within his body .  She really knows how to torture me…

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