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Chapter 17: 17

He rubbed his hands together in embarrassment . “There, there . No need for you to get upset, girl . I didn’t stalk you on purpose . I just felt guilty for earning the 10,000 silver taels . Although I am short of money, that doesn’t mean I can bully a young girl like you against my conscience, right?”

Chu Liuyue raised an eyebrow . “There simply is no need for you to follow me because of this . To me, that red stone is worth 10,000 silver taels . ” It was more than worth it; she bought it for a great price!

The old man didn’t believe her as he shook his hand . “Hey, you don’t have to be so polite, girl . I’ve seen my share of red stones, around 90,000 to 100,000 of them . However, none of them are worth 10,000 taels . How about this? I give you something else as compensation?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head . “I’m not interested . ”

The old man looked crestfallen . This girl was a handful .

“What was it that you actually want to ask? You might as well spit it out . ”

He looked at the calm Chu Liuyue . Her sparkling dark eyes had already read his mind, so he stopped pretending to be embarrassed . “Actually… I wanted to know who your master is . ”

Although there was no fluctuation of force from her body, he could tell that those few movements definitely originated from one or more profound martial art techniques .

She must be learning from a highly-skilled expert . Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to defeat a stage three martial artist like Lu Zhitao .

He had been leading a boring life all these years . It would be great if he could spar with the expert!

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes . “What do I have to gain by telling you?”

The old man scratched his head in annoyance . He was penniless, and she didn’t look like she was in a shortage of money either . He finally patted his head after a long time and took out a jade pendant . “Why don’t we use this to trade? It’s still worth something . ”

Chu Liuyue looked at his hand, and her eyes lit up briefly .

It was a jade pendant with the carving of the Xuan symbol . From the looks of it, the pendant with the Xuan symbol wasn’t of inferior quality . It was definitely worth more than 10,000 taels! How could he offer it to her so casually?


“Of course . ” Sensing that his proposition somewhat moved her, the old man advanced a few steps and shoved the jade pendant into her hand . “An old man like me has no use for this thing . Since you like it, it’s yours . ”

After a moment’s thought, Chu Liuyue accepted the pendant . She gladly accepted it since he dared to give it to her . “Fine . I’ll be honest with you . I don’t have a master,” declared Chu Liuyue openly .

The old man was so excited and full of anticipation that he instantly froze .

“What? No master? How can this be? Don’t tell me you actually mastered the skills on your own?”

Chu Liuyue coughed . She really had no explanation . “It’s true . I don’t have a master . ”

The old man caught her wrist in disbelief . “Damn, girl . You better tell me the truth…” He suddenly paused halfway through his words . As he stared at Chu Liuyue, his face turned a few shades darker and gradually showed shock . “You… you…”

Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows knitted tightly together, and she intended to break away .

“… You’re that girl from the Chu family?”

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Chu Liuyue froze . He could actually tell who she was without looking at her face? She had no recollection of such a person .

The old man grew incredulous at her silence . “You’re really Chu Liuyue, but I thought your Yuan meridian…”

Oh, he recognized me by checking my pulse .  Chu Liuyue let out a sigh of relief, and she removed her bamboo hat . “Yes, I am Chu Liuyue . You are?”

The old man was startled for a moment when he saw the beautiful face before him . “I can’t believe you’ve grown so big . But it shouldn’t be… your Yuan meridian was…” He suddenly paused, at a loss as to what he should say .

When Chu Liuyue was young, he checked her pulse and repeatedly confirmed that she was born with a defective Yuan meridian . She would never be able to cultivate for the rest of her life . However, when he accidentally touched her pulse earlier, he noticed that there seemed to be a subtle change in her Yuan meridian!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the old man’s changing expression .

My Yuan meridian has only just begun to repair itself; ordinary people shouldn’t be able to notice . Nevertheless, this old man could tell with just one look . He must be someone extraordinary . Could he… be a heavenly doctor? At the very least, he is someone powerful .

The old man shed his previous idle appearance and looked more serious . He let go of Chu Liuyue’s hand while he stared into her eyes intently and asked, “Girl, you better be honest with me . Who is helping you?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head sincerely . “There really isn’t anyone . You can ask around if you don’t believe me . I may be the Chu family’s titular eldest daughter, but I’ve been treated worse than a servant all these years . It’s fortunate enough that I managed to stay alive until now . What else can I ask for?”

The old man remained skeptical . He hadn’t been bothered with the daily ongoings in the world, so he didn’t really know much about what had been happening in the Imperial City .

Chu Liuyue was a born loser . Anyone could guess the kind of life she had been living all these years .

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What if there is someone helping them behind their backs… But she and Chu Ning have nobody to rely on . Who would they go to? “… There’s some truth in what you’ve said, girl . However, your Yuan meridian… there simply isn’t any explanation for it . ”

The old man thought long and hard, but he couldn’t guess the reason for the sudden change in Chu Liuyue’s Yuan meridian . He hit his head with his fan in agony .

Chu Liuyue glanced at the sky, noting its color . “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave . ” Although she couldn’t be sure of this old man’s identity, Chu Liuyue was certain that his origins were definitely not simple . She wouldn’t offend someone like that now .

The old man waved his hand casually, still frowning as he pondered the question that he didn’t have the answer to . “Is it…”

Chu Liuyue didn’t stay long; she left with haste .

All that was left in the alleyway was that old man deep in his thoughts .

Everything was normal as Chu Liuyue returned to the Chu family .

The new batch of herbs had been delivered . As per the norm, she boiled Chu Ning’s medicine first and awaited his return to give it to him .

Without saying a word, Chu Ning drank all his medicine . His initial misgivings had long since been dispelled by his apparent improvement in health . In his opinion, his daughter was an indisputable genius! He felt the warm power surge through his limbs .

Chu Ning sighed softly . “Yue’er, I’ll take you to a master when I’m feeling better . A talent like yours must not be wasted!”

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Chu Liuyue asked, seemingly unintentionally, “Father, how many heavenly doctors are there in Country Yao Chen?”

Chu Ning thought for a moment . “The conditions for becoming a heavenly doctor are very harsh . Even those who are slightly gifted might not become one in the end . Today, there are only seven heavenly doctors throughout the entire Country Yao Chen . ”

Chu Liuyue asked some indirect questions, but it was a pity that Chu Ning had little knowledge regarding the heavenly doctors . In the end, she could find nothing to link that old man .

She knew there was no point in rushing, so she stopped her inquiries completely . When Chu Ning left, she resumed boiling her own medication .

Xue Xue didn’t come that night .

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed .

An unwelcome guest arrived just when Chu Liuyue was going to boil Chu Ning’s medication—it was that old man .

He had apparently not entered through the main entrance . He was still clothed in the same tattered cotton jacket . There were even a few pieces of fallen leaves on his head; the dark eye bags beneath his eyes indicated that he had not slept for the last few days .

Chu Liuyue was surprised to see him like this . “How did you enter?”

The old man’s eyes were sad . “I have pondered for the past three days and three nights, but I just can’t figure out…”

Chu Liuyue was shocked to hear that he had not had a single day or night’s rest since she last saw him .

He reached out with his quivering hands, pointed to the pot of aromatic herbs, and complained as if he had suffered a great deception . “You still haven’t told me who is helping you! You have made this old man very miserable!”


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