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Chapter 16: 16

“Why don’t you ask around for the name of the Lu family’s Fourth Young Master?”

It suddenly dawned on Chu Liuyue .  So, this is Chu Xianmin’s cousin .

Things haven’t even begun to take shape, yet he was trying to claim his connections . Indeed, people who didn’t belong together also didn’t get to live together .

The old man scoffed . “I don’t care who you are! Ten thousand silver taels, not a penny less . You can’t afford it, but there are many who can . ”

Lu Zhitao was so furious that he could only laugh . Playing with that red stone, he spoke openly, “Really? I’d like to see who would be willing to buy this thing . ”

He glared at his surroundings with a look of warning . Those who had been interested in the red stone stopped in their tracks . Nobody could afford to offend the Lu family’s Fourth Young Master .

A red stone of this size would cost 2,000 silver taels at most . Nobody would pay 10,000 silver taels for it .

Moreover, Lu Zhitao deliberately made a spectacle of himself by announcing his name . One would be going against him if they bought the stone .

Most people had heard that the Crown Prince was fond of Chu Xianmin . For the past two days, it was even rumored that the Crown Prince’s personal bodyguard, Song Yuan, had hand-delivered her invitation to the Crown Prince’s birthday banquet .

It seemed that Chu Xianmin would be the future Crown Princess . To offend the Lu family was akin to offending the Crown Prince .

There was dead silence in the area .

Lu Zhitao was proud of himself . “Old man, you should know better . No one will buy this except me . ”

“Ten thousand silver taels . I’ll take it . ” A cold and clear voice called out . At the same time, a fair hand suddenly came out from the side and took that red stone away .

Lu Zhitao never expected anyone to have the guts to steal what he wanted . It took him a while before he reacted .

At first glance, the other party seemed to be a young girl dressed in a black robe with a bamboo hat .

Lu Zhitao was so angry he almost hit the roof . “Who do you think you are? Did you eat a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gall? You dare to steal what I wanted?”

The old man was surprised too . He finally opened his other eye and took a closer look at Chu Liuyue . “Really?”

Indeed, the red stone had excellent color, but it was definitely not worth 10,000 taels . He had casually said he would sell it for 10,000 taels because he was short of money lately, and he didn’t want to sell it to Lu Zhitao . He didn’t expect anyone to buy it willingly .

Chu Liuyue took out a 10,000 silver tael banknote and gave it to the old man .

At first, the old man hesitated, but when he saw the banknote, his eyes lit up, and he immediately accepted it . Recently, he was in a state of poverty .

“Don’t you understand that the highest bidder gets the item? Besides, this red stone is worth 1,000 silver taels . If you want to buy it for 100 taels, where in the world would you get such a deal?” said Chu Liuyue with a laugh . “Or did the Lu family gain its fortune by resorting to such tactics?”

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Lu Zhitao’s face turned scarlet-red from anger . His family had been implicated . Without a thought, he drew out his sword at his waist, intending to strike Chu Liuyue . “I will do as I please . You are in no position to lecture me! Meet your doom!”

The old man—who had just received the banknote—clasped his hands . His eyelids fluttered, and he was about to move . He stopped in surprise and looked at Chu Liuyue .

She moved aside with light steps, turned around, and somehow managed to avoid Lu Zhitao’s sword .

Seeing that he missed, Lu Zhitao flew into a rage out of humiliation . He charged at Chu Liuyue again .

Instead of avoiding this time, Chu Liuyue moved forward . Her body strangely bypassed his sword . She raised her leg and kicked Lu Zhitao above his elbow hard .

The kick numbed his elbow, making him drop his sword .

In the next moment, he felt a coldness against his neck . Chu Liuyue had already picked up his sword and placed it on his shoulders .

He might lose his head if he moved .

The old man’s eyes changed from amazement to curiosity because of what he saw . He examined Chu Liuyue carefully . “Huh?”

Apparently, there was no fluctuation of force from this young lady . So, logically, she wasn’t a match for Lu Zhitao . Those moves earlier were simple yet deadly .

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If she wanted, she could have Lu Zhitao dead in an instant .


Lu Zhitao immediately broke into a cold sweat as he stammered, “W-What… W-What… are… y-you doing? H-How d-dare…”

Chu Liuyue exerted more force . Blood began to ooze from Lu Zhitao’s neck .


Lu Zhitao was scared to death . He swallowed the rest of his words . He could tell that the other party was reckless . She would do anything . He really didn’t have the talent for cultivation, but over the years, the Lu family had thrown in a lot of money to allow him to become a stage three martial artist at the very least .

A martial artist of this level didn’t have a rich source of force . One could only master some simple martial skills . However, no ordinary person could compare to them, regardless of physical strength or fighting skills .

The other party was obviously not a warrior, but she could defeat him easily .

“Get lost!” shouted Chu Liuyue .

It made Lu Zhitao shiver as he stood up . He retreated continuously for more than ten paces before he finally shouted in return, putting on a show . “You! Just you wait!” Without waiting for Chu Liuyue to respond, he turned around and fled .

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Chu Liuyue didn’t take him seriously . She threw the sword down and turned to leave .  It’s a blessing to have bought that red stone . There’s no point in staying here any longer .  Besides, she knew that Lu Zhitao must have gone back to get help . She had no wish of revealing her identity so soon .

The crowd that had gathered in a circle made way for Chu Liuyue subconsciously when they saw that she was leaving . Although nobody could make out this person’s frame or face, there was something about her that made people submit subconsciously .

“Hey . You there, wait . ” The old man reacted quickly just as she was leaving . He packed his things in a hurry and chased after her . However, when he looked up, Chu Liuyue was nowhere to be seen .

He was so stunned that he couldn’t help but shake his head as he chucked a curse . “She’s really an alert girl!” She must be dreaming if she thinks she can lose me like that .

Chu Liuyue soon realized that someone was following her . She quickly changed her route and walked through several streets . Instead of returning to the Chu family, she went further and further off the beaten path, which eventually led her to a remote and narrow street with a dead end .

All was silent when she arrived on the street . She turned around . “It must have been hard on you to follow me all this way . You may speak your mind . ”

The silhouette of an aged, stooping man appeared in the alleyway . It was the old man in the tattered cotton jacket .

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