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Chapter 154: Replacement
Chapter 154: Replacement

“You!” Upon hearing this, Mu Hongyu’s anger was piqued, and she swung her hand towards Chu Xianmin’s face!

Chu Xianmin did not back down . She grabbed Mu Hongyu’s and shoved her hard .

Mu Hongyu fell back uncontrollably . Several of her wounds ripped open, and blood flowed out, leaving stains on her clothes .

She had been severely injured and was at her weakest now . She definitely wasn’t Chu Xianmin’s match .

Chu Xianmin stepped through the door and looked down at her mockingly . “Are you angry? What’s there to be angry about? Was anything I said untrue? I heard Chu Liuyue died in the hands of the black flying python . The entire mountain collapsed! I’m assuming her body hasn’t been found either?”

Mu Hongyu felt something churning in her chest, and black shadows flashed before her eyes . “You… get out!”

Chu Xianmin laughed . “I’m visiting you out of goodwill, but you’re so unappreciative . However, don’t worry . I won’t let things go so easily after Chu Liuyue did this to me . It’s such a pity that I didn’t get to see how she died or get rid of her myself . However, you shall pay for it then since you’re close to her . I’ll make sure to do it slowly . ”

With that, Chu Xianmin turned to leave .

The golden mane bear cub suddenly caught up with Chu Xianmin and bit down onto her leg tightly .

“Ah!” Chu Xianmin cried out in pain as she looked down . She was stunned and angry to see that it was the golden mane bear cub . “Get lost!”

The cub was flung away and fell to the ground . It trembled but spat out a piece of bloodied flesh from its mouth . It had bitten off an entire piece of flesh from Chu Xianmin’s calf!

Chu Xianmin’s face was pale from the pain . Her heart trembled as she looked at her bloody calf .  I finally recovered, but that little beast attacked me! Such a deep wound is bound to leave a scar!

“You’re tired of living!” Chu Xianmin pulled out her sword from her waist and slashed in the direction of the golden mane bear cub .

The cub looked up at her as all its fur stood up on end, its eyes full of enmity .

As the sword arrived, the golden mane bear cub charged towards Chu Xianmin .

The sword grazed the cub’s back . However, the golden mane bear cub was a fourth-grade fiend by birth . It was very strong and evaded quickly, so the sword only cut some of its brown fur . It did not even draw any blood!


The golden mane bear cub charged into Chu Xianmin’s abdomen and knocked her down to the ground .

The back of Chu Xianmin’s head heavily landed on the ground, making her head ring . Chu Xianmin was driven mad with anger . She sent the golden mane bear cub flying with a kick before she struggled up and thrust her sword at the golden mane bear cub’s abdomen .

“Congcong!” Mu Hongyu cried out as she lunged over .

The tip of Chu Xianmin’s sword was at Mu Hongyu’s back .


A flying rock hit the sword with precision, knocking Chu Xianmin’s sword away .

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It missed Mu Hongyu narrowly .

Chu Xianmin looked back angrily . “Who dares…”

The instant she spoke, she was silenced as if there was something in her throat .

It was Mr . Wen Yan!

He hurried over and helped Mu Hongyu up . He only glared at Chu Xianmin sternly when he had ensured that Mu Hongyu was okay . “Chu Xianmin, what are you doing?!”

He was going to check on Mu Hongyu’s recovery, but he saw Chu Xianmin standing at the door with her sword when he approached from afar . When he got close, he clearly saw Chu Xianmin attacking Mu Hongyu!

“This is the academy! Are you crazy? You actually have the nerve to attack your classmates!?”

Damn it! The door wasn’t closed . Mr . Wen Yan must have seen everything! Chu Xianmin tried to defend herself . “Mr . Wen Yan, listen to me . It’s not what you think . I just wanted to visit Mu Hongyu, but her fiend attacked me first! I just retaliated out of self-defense!”

Wen Yan did not believe a word she said . “Enough of that! Since when were you this close to Mu Hongyu?!”

Chu Xianmin bit her lip and said, “Wen Yan, everything I said is true! Look if you don’t believe it! This is an injury the fiend left on me!” Chu Xianmin pointed to her calf .

Wen Yan looked over with a frown and saw that her calf was indeed missing a chunk of flesh .

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He looked over at Mu Hongyu and the golden mane bear cub .

The cub was still highly alert and staring at Chu Xianmin intently .

Wen Yan shook his head disappointedly . “Fiends are really sensitive, especially the young ones . It’s very wary of you because it had sensed your enmity . Mu Hongyu is its master . Do you really want me to keep asking?”

Chu Xianmin panicked . “Mr . Wen Yan—”

Wen Yan cut her off impatiently . “That’s enough . You’re injured too, so we’ll call it quits, and I won’t pursue this . Hurry back! Don’t let something like this happen again . ”

“… Yes . ” Chu Xianmin knew that there was no point in arguing . She had no choice but to take it lying down as she hobbled away .

Wen Yan stared at her back and sighed after a long pause .  Chu Xianmin used to be smart and hardworking . How did she turn into who she is today?

Mu Hongyu hugged the golden mane bear cub in her arms and gently patted before it recovered and lay in her arms comfortably .

Wen Yan turned around, but he did not know what to say when he saw Mu Hongyu’s dazed and broken appearance . In the end, he pulled out a letter from his sleeve . “Hongyu, your father—Prince Ping Jiang—has sent a letter . ”

Chu Xianmin returned to her residence and dressed her wound, but her anger grew when she thought about it .

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Chu Liuyue ruined me when she was still alive . She disfigured me and forced me to marry the Crown Prince as a concubine . Even now, I am looked down on! Even though Chu Liuyue is dead, things have not changed! I cannot take this lying down .

As she thought this, she got up and headed for Peach Garden .

Inside Peach Garden, Ling Zhu was dealing with the compensation for dead and injured students when he heard that Chu Xianmin had arrived . He set the documents down and headed to the courtyard where Chu Xianmin was . “Xianmin, what brings you here?”

Ling Zhu used to admire Chu Xianmin . Even though he had sensed that she had changed since she returned, he did not pay much attention to it .

Changes were normal after everything that Chu Xianmin had been through .

Chu Xianmin looked towards the inside quietly . “Teacher Ling Zhu, is Elder Sun here? I have something I would like to report . ”

Ling Zhu shook his head . “Elder Sun is busy, so I doubt he’ll have the time to see you . You can just talk to me, and I’ll relay it to Elder Sun .

Chu Xianmin hesitated but spoke anyway . “… Teacher Ling Zhu, the envoy of the Tianling Dynasty is going to be here soon, right?”

Ling Zhu paused, and his expression turned more serious . “En, why are you asking about this?”

Chu Xianmin paused as if she were a little hesitant . “… Sister’s accident happened too suddenly . However, it doesn’t seem appropriate to go back on our word at the last minute . I was wondering if Elder Sun intends to send a replacement?”

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