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Chapter 152: Come Home
Chapter 152: Come Home

When Chu Yan heard the news, he immediately rushed over to find Chu Ning and indeed saw him in a dejected state . The anger he had held in could finally be released .

“Even though you’re not part of the Chu family anymore, you’re still my biological eldest brother no matter what . Something happened to Chu Liuyue, so I’m very worried for you as your younger brother . Big Brother, the dead can’t be resurrected . My condolences… to you . ”

Chu Yan put on a devastated expression, but the delight and arrogance in his eyes were about to spill out .

Every single one of Chu Yan’s words were like a sword that harshly stabbed Chu Ning’s heart . It was as if they were about to tear his heart apart . Chu Ning used all the strength in his body to stabilize himself, and he stared at Chu Yan with a deadly gaze . “Are you done talking?”

A stage-five warrior’s suppression could not be underestimated . Chu Ning’s gaze made Chu Yan subconsciously shudder and fearful . However, Chu Yan was in too good of a mood to care about this .

“Aiyo . Big Brother, why are you angry? You can’t blame me for this . I was just too worried, so I came over to comfort you . Remember when Chu Liuyue entered Tian Lu Academy by passing all three examinations, and you booked the entire Phoenix Restaurant to celebrate the joyous occasion? How lively it was! Back then, who would’ve thought this day would come, right?” said Chu Yan as he purposely sighed .

“At first, I thought my Minmin wasn’t as outstanding and was a lot weaker than Chu Liuyue . However, I didn’t expect Minmin to avoid so much danger just because she was especially cautious due to the fact that her body just recovered . Big Brother, you see, it’s really true that blessings and misfortunes come together . Sometimes, when a person is in the limelight, at any point, they might just—”

“Get lost!” hollered Chu Ning as he harshly kicked Chu Yan aside .

Chu Yan was not prepared at all, and the kick landed squarely on him . In addition to his weaker capabilities compared to that of Chu Ning, Chu Ning’s fierce kick had directly broken a few of his bones .

Chu Yan landed on the floor, and he was in so much pain that his face turned as white as a sheet .

Chu Ning’s face was dark and scary as he quickly approached Chu Yan .

Chu Yan was struggling to get up .

However, Chu Ning’s leg had already mercilessly stepped on his wrist before he could stand up .


The sound of bone cracking was crisp .

“Ah!” Chu Yan yelled out in pain and almost fainted .

Chu Ning directly lifted Chu Yan up by his collar and punched him square on the face . He could not tolerate this mouth or this person a single bit!

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The people at the side had already recognized the two of them . At first, they did not dare to stop the fight . However, someone carefully stopped Chu Ning when they saw his eyes turn red as he crazily beat up Chu Yan—who had fainted—as if Chu Ning was determined to kill him .

“Lord Chu Ning, Lord Chu Ning, stop fighting . He’ll die if you continue…”

Chu Ning did not care at all as he smashed Chu Yan’s head against the floor .

It’ll be better if he dies! If he dies, the Chu family can come collect his corpse! When Chu Ning thought of this, he stopped in his actions as an idea flashed across his mind .

Yue’er… Eunuch Min reported that Wan Ling Mountain had collapsed and that Yue’er’s body was nowhere to be found . However, I must see her body, dead or alive . Even if it means combing the entire Wan Ling Mountain, I’ll still go!

Chu Ning threw Chu Yan on the floor and turned around to leave .

Upon hearing the news that Chu Ning was here, Elder Sun personally went up to welcome him . He was shocked to see the bloodstained Chu Ning . “Lord Chu Ning, what happened to you?”

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Chu Ning stared at him . “Elder Sun, I have a request . I want to go to Wan Ling Mountain and find Yue’er . I heard that you’re the last person that saw her, so could you tell me the general location? I want to start looking for her from there . ”

How could Elder Sun not know what Chu Ning was thinking?


“Lord Chu Ning, we’re all saddened by Liuyue’s situation . I understand that you want to find her, but she was swallowed by the black flying python’s black hole—which is its killer move…”

Chu Ning’s face became increasingly pale as his body shook; he almost collapsed to the ground . He knew what a black flying python was . Once someone was sucked into the black hole, it would be very hard to find the person’s corpse .

Elder Sun hurriedly helped Chu Ning up and closed his eyes . “… So, even if you go, it’ll be to no avail… Our academy is fully responsible for this—”

“Please, tell me the location . I’ll go and look for her,” said Chu Ning calmly as he pushed Elder Sun’s hands away .

“Lord—” Elder Sun wanted to advise Chu Ning otherwise, but he could not do it when he saw Chu Ning’s expression . He took a deep breath and finally said, “Lord Chu Ning, I’m not going to hide it from you . When we brought the students back to the academy, I felt very uneasy and went back to Wan Ling Mountain to check one more time . ”

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Chu Ning was taken aback .

Elder Sun paused, terrified when he recalled the scene he saw .

“… The entire Wan Ling Mountain was washed out by blood . All the fiends were completely killed . The rivers that came from the mountain were saturated with blood, and countless fiends’ corpses floated on them . That scene really was… like a mortal hell!”

The originally lively and energetic Wan Ling Mountain became dead silent . Only the bloody smell in the sky made people fearful .

Elder Sun guessed that it was 80% likely that this was done by the advanced fiend . He still looked for an entire round, but he did not find the other party’s traces .

In such a situation, it was hard to find a person’s traces before they died, let alone finding Chu Liuyue .

Chu Ning looked defeated and was silent for a very long time . In the end, he still stubbornly insisted, “I must make this trip . I must go, whether or not I can find her . My Yue’er is most afraid of being alone… I’ll bring her…”

He stiffly turned around . The moment Chu Ning took a step away, he spat out blood, collapsed to the ground, and fainted .

“… Home…”

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