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Chapter 148: Aura
Chapter 148: Aura

“Si Ting, stay here!” A teacher swiftly moved forward and blocked his path . “It’s very dangerous there . How can you proceed?”

Si Ting’s handsome face had a layer of frost over it, and he looked extremely cold .

When the teacher saw him, he was taken aback . However, he still insisted on dissuading Si Ting from his foolish actions . “Two advanced fiends are now fighting each other, and the entire Wan Ling Mountain is in chaos . If you go over now, you’re just pushing yourself to your own death . Even if anything happens, there’s still Elder Sun . We must evacuate!”

Si Ting coldly said, “There are other people who haven’t come out yet . ”

“You’re still caring about other people at this point? If this continues, we might not even be able to leave safely!”

The teacher behind the two couldn’t stand aside and do nothing when he saw this . He knitted his brows and asked, “Si Ting, you’re always calm and disciplined . What has gotten into you today?”

Si Ting’s lips moved, and his jaw tightened .

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The loud sound reverberated throughout the woods .

The black hole in the sky exploded and turned into countless black sparks that descended downwards .

All sorts of fiends loudly shrieked at the same time, which made people panic .

“Let’s go!” Without hesitation, that teacher pulled Si Ting away by his shoulders .

With the other teachers, they forcefully brought the students away .

Just as they took a few steps out, a loud sound reverberated through the mountain once again .

Si Ting’s heart skipped a beat . When he turned around, he saw that the entire mountain had collapsed .

Xue Xue and the black flying python battled very intensely . Their immense strength made the entire mountain collapse . The forest looked terrible .

If one could head closer and take a look, they would realize that this battle was one-sided . The black flying python was on the losing end, unable to retaliate at all .

After battling for a few rounds, its body was filled with injuries . The originally pretty and hard scales had almost completely disappeared . Blood also spurted out from the few holes in its stomach . Even its forehead was injured; blood was spilling out of the injury, making it look extremely miserable .

Its initial arrogant attitude had completely disappeared; it only felt endless regret and fear .

The black flying python really regretted its decisions! When it battled with Xue Xue previously, it had been completely tortured . Therefore, the black flying python was furious about it and took it to heart .

After all, Wan Ling Mountain was its territory . How could it allow other people to mess around here?

All these years, the black flying python held its anger in and cultivated in seclusion, finally breaking through and becoming a seventh-grade fiend .

Since the black flying python had met Xue Xue again, it was determined to kill Xue Xue . However, it did not expect Xue Xue to improve faster than it did .

Previously, the black flying python could still unleash a few moves . However, the black flying python was totally defeated this time .

The main point was that this thrashing happened in front of so many Wan Ling Mountain fiends . The black flying python’s reputation was thoroughly tarnished .


Xue Xue bit the black flying python’s tail and harshly flung it .

The black flying python drew long streaks of blood on the ground and finally smashed against a pile of rocks, covering its body in dust and blood .

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It hung onto its last breath and could not move at all . The black flying python looked as though it would die in the next moment .

Xue Xue looked at the black flying python with eyes still filled with anger . Xue Xue’s anger had yet to subside . From the start till now, Xue Xue had never cared about this fellow . However, it did not expect the black flying python to be so vengeful .

It even wanted to kill Chu Liuyue…

Who else could Xue Xue hit?

Just as Xue Xue was about to go forward and teach the python a lesson, Xue Xue suddenly paused and turned around .

A transparent ripple appeared in the air .

Afterward, a muscular figure emerged from within .

It was Rong Xiu! He carried a woman—Chu Liuyue—in a princess carry .

When Xue Xue saw Chu Liuyue’s bloodstained clothes and frightening wounds, its eyes filled with guilt and pain . It hurriedly ran over to take a closer look .

Rong Xiu glanced at it slightly .

Xue Xue suddenly stopped in its tracks and lowered its head in a self-reproaching manner .

The scene in front of Chu Liuyue’s eyes was suddenly bright . She then recovered her senses and realized that they had escaped from the black hole .

She looked at Rong Xiu dazedly .  He actually… did it? How strong is he?

After noticing the commotion at the side, she turned around and saw Xue Xue .

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She saw the black flying python lying in the middle of the rocks near Xue Xue . She didn’t know if the python was alive or dead .

The black flying python’s entire body was covered in injuries, not a single spot remaining uninjured . This clearly showed how harsh Xue Xue was when it attacked .

Chu Liuyue opened her mouth .

Xue Xue… is so powerful as well? Xue Xue can actually torture and injure a seventh-grade fiend to such a state, yet it remained unscathed?

“Punish yourself after this matter has concluded,” said Rong Xiu lightly .

Xue Xue wept softly and lowered its head even more .

“Why are you punishing Xue Xue all of a sudden?” Chu Liuyue pulled Rong Xiu’s collar .  Xue Xue even taught the black flying python a lesson!

Rong Xiu squinted its eyes slightly . “It has spent too much time with you, so your body has its aura . This black flying python has a feud with Xue Xue, so it brutally acted when it detected Xue Xue’s aura on your body . ”

Chu Liuyue was stunned for quite a while .  So… it was because of this?

She was caught between laughter and tears for a moment . She was confused about why the black flying python hated her so much . However, she did not expect this to be the reason .

“Forget it . Xue Xue didn’t do it on purpose . We can only say that it’s a coincidence . ” Chu Liuyue really liked Xue Xue . Even though this trouble occurred because of Xue Xue, she still could not blame Xue Xue at the end of the day .

When Xue Xue heard her, it became even more remorseful, and its tail drooped down .

“However, I was only close to Xue Xue for a short period of time . It also isn’t my fiend, so why is Xue Xue’s aura on my body?” muttered Chu Liuyue in confusion .  Even if Xue Xue’s aura is on my body, it should be very faint . Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have triggered the black flying python’s immense murderous intent .

Xue Xue’s body stiffened .

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Rong Xiu’s eyes darkened, and a layer of mist covered his eyes, preventing anyone from seeing their depths . He lightly said, “… Perhaps you’ve spent too much time with Xue Xue . Just try not to meet Xue Xue in the future . ”

Xue Xue raised its head in shock, unable to believe that it had been betrayed . It had diligently infused Rong Xiu’s strength over all those nights, carefully transferring it to Chu Liuyue’s body to help her recover her Yuan meridian .  I should be credited for my efforts! Why did he ignore me now?

The aura around Chu Liuyue’s body wasn’t Xue Xue’s; it was clearly Rong Xiu’s .

Xue Xue and Rong Xiu were master and servant, so their auras were connected . It didn’t matter if the black flying python had misunderstood, but Rong Xiu had even misled Chu Liuyue .

Xue Xue wanted to retaliate but was met with Rong Xiu’s cold gaze . It immediately quietened down .

Chu Liuyue nodded and did not pursue the matter . She surveyed her surroundings and discovered that the tall mountain had been leveled to the ground .

She sighed in her heart .  The fight between two advanced fiends with formidable power is indeed terrifying .

Rong Xiu found a clean spot and put her down . He placed one hand near the back of her heart and kept injecting his force into her .

Chu Liuyue shook her head . “They’re all light injuries . You don’t have to do this—”

Rong Xiu’s other hand lightly covered her eyes . “Rest for a while . We’ll leave after I’m done . ”

Chu Liuyue could only see black, and she could not help but ask, “… Done with what?”

Rong Xiu’s lips curved up slightly, but his smile did not reach his eyes . “Finishing things that should be gone…”

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