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Chapter 136: Asking for Pats
Chapter 136: Asking for Pats

Chu Liuyue’s words unsettled Gu Mingzhu, making her cry out sharply . “Chu Liuyue, wh-what do you want?! I’m telling you that I’m the Gu family’s Gu family . If anything happens to me, they’ll never let you off!”

Chu Liuyue could not be bothered with her . “Make her shut up . ”

Gu Mingfeng looked around and ripped out a section of the sleeve from Gu Mingzhu’s shirt . He crumpled it into a ball and shoved it in her mouth .

Gu Mingzhu felt embarrassed and upset by her exposed arm . She tried to cry out, only to find that she was gagged and could not speak .

Gu Mingfeng suddenly looked at her .

Gu Mingzhu immediately thought of the slap from earlier, and she instinctively kept quiet .  Gu Mingfeng seems exceptionally quiet and aggressive today . I even feel that Gu Mingfeng might actually kill me if he is provoked!

At the end of the day, Gu Mingzhu valued her life . She chose to keep quiet .

Chu Liuyue ground the golden mane bear’s pearl of essence into powder . She added two herbs that could help with recovery and blood production to the mixture before feeding it to Mu Hongyu .

Cen Hu saw this and could not help but ask, “Liuyue, why does Hongyu get better treatment than I do? I swallowed the pearl of essence directly, but hers is so refined . You can’t just treat me like this because I’m a guy!”

Mu Hongyu felt that she was recovering, so she was in a good mood . She raised her chin arrogantly and said, “Cen Hu, you still remember that you’re a guy? Why so jealous? Of course, Liuyue treats me the best! You all are behind! You’re not as lovable as I am!”

Her words amused the others .

Chu Liuyue explained the reasoning behind her actions . “The livid horse is a third-grade fiend, so it’s okay to consume its pearl of essence directly . However, the golden mane bear’s pearl of essence is different . Hongyu is injured and weak right now . If she ingested the entire pearl of essence now, it would be more harmful than it is helpful . ”

She placed the remaining powder in Mu Hongyu’s hands, and solemnly gave her instructions . “Split the rest into two portions and take one portion every eight hours . Your internal injuries should feel much better then . ”

“Really? That’s great!” Mu Hongyu put it away carefully . “I never expected that I could actually use a powder made from a golden mane bear’s pearl of essence to treat my injuries! Not to mention the pearl of essence from one that I helped kill!” She said her thoughts aloud as she thought about everything that had happened .

Liuyue said that we were key participants too . This victory belonged to the four of us! Even though we are hurt, such a result will make us look good when the others find out!

Rong Jin was the talk of campus for a long while after he hunted a fourth-grade fiend back then . Our achievement is definitely better than his! Even if one looks across the entire campus, we can definitely be considered the best!

“Sigh, it’s a pity that the golden mane bear is dead . If not, it would be great if we could hunt and tame it,” said Cen Hu . “That’s a fourth-grade fiend after all!”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips . “That golden mane bear is a mother bear that has been angered . There is no chance of taming her . You would only create problems for yourself if you kept her by your side . ”

Cen Hu laughed . “Just kidding! It was either the bear that died or us . Of course, we had to end its life!”

Mu Hongyu agreed as she leaned against a tree with her non-injured shoulder . “Yeah, a fourth-grade fiend is a rare sight… Now that all of us are hurt, it’s going to be tough to take down a fiend of this grade . ”

They finally ran into one, but it was a death trap brought by Gu Mingzhu .

Chu Liuyue and Gu Mingfeng were in better shape, but Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu’s injuries were rather serious . They probably would not get much out of their time in Wan Ling Mountain this time .

“Sigh, I wanted a fourth-grade fiend . I guess there’s no hope now…”

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However, Chu Liuyue suddenly knocked on her head . “Who says that there’s no hope?”

Mu Hongyu’s eyes widened . “Wait… are you going to help me hunt for one?”

Chu Liuyue smiled cryptically . “Don’t bother . We already have one present, don’t we?”

“It’s right inside,” said Gu Mingzhu unwillingly as she stood in front of a cave .

“You walk ahead,” commanded Chu Liuyue .

Gu Mingzhu suppressed her anger as she headed inside .

Chu Liuyue and the others followed closely behind .

Gu Mingzhu had been tied up well, so they were not worried that she would have any tricks up her sleeve, nor were they afraid she would escape .

The cave seemed narrow but was actually rather spacious . The few of them only arrived at the cave’s innermost area after walking for a while .

Chu Liuyue saw a nest .

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“That’s where the golden mane bear cub is,” Gu Mingzhu said unwillingly, her resentment slowly killing her . She thought that she had found a shortcut, only to realize it was a deathtrap, which left her stuck with Chu Liuyue!

She had been tied up since yesterday . She could not lie down nor sit down . She stood all night and looked more haggard than ever . However, Chu Liuyue did not let her leave . Instead, she forced her to divulge the whereabouts of the golden mane bear cub . She could do nothing else but bring them here .

As if noticing the commotion, a noise came from the nest, like something was moving .

A small round head peeked out .

“It really is a golden mane bear cub!” Mu Hongyu cried out .

The cub was only the size of an adult human’s forearm . Its fur was still a light gray, only the ring of fur around its neck was a little darker . It was clearly a newborn . As it grew, its fur would turn into a golden-brown .

It blinked and curiously looked at Chu Liuyue and the others as it scratched its round ears as if it were confused by what was happening . Finally, its eyes landed on Mu Hongyu, and it stretched out its arms .

Mu Hongyu’s eyes widened . “W-what does it mean? D-does it want me to pick it up?”

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment before saying, “Perhaps it’s because you consumed the mother bear’s pearl of essence . Therefore, it feels a familiar aura coming from you . That’s why it’s especially close to you . ”

“Really?” Mu Hongyu did not fully believe it .

As they spoke, the golden mane bear cub realized that it was not getting a response . It made its way out of the nest and stumbled over to Mu Hongyu’s side . It grabbed her leg tightly .

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Mu Hongyu felt her heart melt, and she picked it up .

The cub rubbed its head against her shoulder intimately .

Chu Liuyue smiled . “It’s still too small and young . It will not survive if we leave it here . Why don’t you take it with you?”

Mu Hongyu was stunned and elated . “Really?”

“No one else here is a better fit . ”

Mu Hongyu obviously did not turn the offer down . It was the cub of a fourth-grade fiend . It was easier to hunt and tame . Besides, the cub was really close to her, and she was really fond of it .

“Then I won’t stand on ceremony!” Mu Hongyu carried the cub carefully and pinched its ears .

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt an itch on her cheek . She looked down and saw that the small fellow had poked its head out as if waiting for something . The blood ferret’s ears trembled when it saw that Chu Liuyue did not move .

Chu Liuyue raised her brows .  It is… asking for pats?!

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