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Chapter 124: Late
Chapter 124: Late

Wan Ling Mountain was a two-day journey away from the Imperial City, and the Tian Lu Academy teachers would bring the willing students there to train every year .

Some students went there to obtain fiends they were satisfied with, while others want to upgrade their skills through the rare real battles . One’s potential usually increased after battling with fiends, allowing them to unleash greater strength .

Sometimes, this would help cultivators break through their bottlenecks and advance to the next level . Hence, the majority of the academy’s students had signed up for it .

When the sky just started to brighten up, the students had already gathered together .

The older students looked normal, but the new students brimmed with unconcealable excitement .

“I wonder if I can find a fourth-grade fiend in this Fiend Tidal . ”

“Haha, just based on yourself? Don’t overthink . Only the most talented and capable people can have such high-level fiends . ”

“Hah, that might not be true! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet with one . Besides, our group is pretty strong! If we work together, there’s a chance of us succeeding . ”

“I’m not thinking so far ahead . I just want to battle against a few strong fiends . ”

“Pfft, when you meet a high-level fiend, you will only be worried that you don’t have enough time to run away . ”


The crowd discussed amongst themselves and teased each other, clearly showing their high hopes for the event .

Outside of the crowded bunch, a few people were exceptionally quiet .

“Why isn’t Liuyue here? It’s almost time to leave . ” Mu Hongyu looked at the sky and was a little anxious . She had specifically reminded Chu Liuyue twice about today’s departure time and told her that she could not be late . However, everyone was already here, but her shadow had still yet to be seen .

“Is she delayed by something?” asked a skinny and tall young man beside Mu Hongyu . He had white skin and looked very gentlemanly . He spoke slower than an average person and sounded especially gentle . This person was Liao Zhongshu .

Mu Hongyu shook her head . “What can be more important than Fiend Tidal? Logically speaking, she shouldn’t forget about it…”

Chu Liuyue didn’t seem like someone unreliable .

“Do you know where she lives? Why don’t we go and find her,” comforted Liao Zhongshu .

Mu Hongyu covered her face . “Did you forget that she’s a Xuan Master? She lives in a different place from us . ” She had gotten much closer to Chu Liuyue these few days, but she did not ask Chu Liuyue where exactly she stayed .

Liao Zhongshu was silent for a while . He really forgot about that…

“What’s there to be conflicted about? If she really doesn’t come, the four of us can just group together . We can still go, even if we are short of a person,” said a muscular and dark-skinned man beside Liao Zhongshu .

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“Cen Hu, are you a tiger[1]?” Mu Hongyu rolled her eyes at him . “Everyone else has five people in their group, and we only have four . That’s too disadvantageous for us! Don’t forget that we battle in our small teams when we reach Wan Ling Mountain . ”

Cen Hu shuddered from her scolding and scratched his head . He muttered, “Let’s find someone else then…”

Mu Hongyu glared at him . “Everyone has already gathered in groups of five by this time . Where can we find another person?”

Cen Hu finally kept quiet .

“All teams, come forward and collect your items . ”

The few of them turned around to take a look .

“We’re really leaving after we collect the items,” said Liao Zhongshu with his brows knitted .

Mu Hongyu bit her lips . “I’ll ask Teacher Bai Chen!”

On the other side, Bai Chen was currently counting the number of Xuan Masters . After counting, he found something amiss . “… Where’s Chu Liuyue? Why isn’t she here?”

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The crowd looked at each other, but nobody said a word .

“Teacher Bai Chen! Do you know where Liuyue stays? She hasn’t come yet, so I want to look for her,” said Mu Hongyu in a straightforward manner as she rushed to Bai Chen .

Bai Chen was shocked . “Is she really not here yet?” Upon seeing Mu Hongyu’s anxious look, he thought for a while and immediately turned to Si Ting . “Si Ting, you know where she stays, right? Take Mu Hongyu with you and have a look . ”

Si Ting nodded . “Yes . ”

Before the two of them moved, Gu Mingzhu—who had been watching from the side—could not help but mock, “Teacher Bai Chen, time is almost up . If they go and find her now, what if they don’t make it back in time? It’s Chu Liuyue’s fault for not taking note of the time and missing the event . You can’t implicate the others just because of her . ”

Mu Hongyu glared at her in frustration . “Gu Mingzhu, is this related to you? We’re in different teams . Even if it causes a delay, you won’t be delayed . What are you anxious about?”

Gu Mingzhu’s face flushed red from the scolding . “Am I not speaking the truth? Chu Liuyue is on the same team as you . If you want, you can go look for her yourself . Don’t drag anyone else into your troubles . ” Gu Mingzhu sneered as she frowned . “I think there’s an 80% chance she purposely didn’t come because she’s probably scared . ”

“You…” Mu Hongyu suppressed the anger in her heart . “I have no time to talk nonsense with you . I’ll teach you a lesson when I come back . Si Ting, lead the way . ”

The two of them then turned around to leave .

“Don’t need to look for me . I’m here . ”

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A familiar voice sounded, and Mu Hongyu looked up in surprise . As expected, she saw Chu Liuyue’s figure .

“Liuyue! You’re finally here!” Mu Hongyu quickly walked to Chu Liuyue and could not help but pat her elbow . “Why are you so late? I thought you were going to stand us up!”

Chu Liuyue clasped her fingers together and teasingly said, “Sorry, something happened . Am I on time?”

“Of course, you are!” Mu Hongyu purposely raised her voice as she glanced at Gu Mingzhu . “Some people would love it if you didn’t come . If you didn’t, they’d step all over you . ”

Gu Mingzhu wanted to argue, but she forced herself to calm down when she saw Si Ting standing at the side . She then turned around, upset .

“Little Liuyue, you almost didn’t make it!” Bai Chen shook his head but was reluctant to scold her . Thus, he could only wave at her . “Hurry up and go back! It’s your turn soon!”

“Thank you, Teacher Bai Chen . ”

Chu Liuyue then went back with Mu Hongyu and met with the rest .

Mu Hongyu poked her and softly asked, “Hey, what happened today? Why are you so late?”

Chu Liuyue coughed . “Something minor happened, but I dealt with it already . ”

Mm, it was just Prince Li and Xue Xue bugging me the entire time .

[1] ‘tiger’ is pronounced as ‘hu’ in Chinese, so she was playing a pun on his name

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