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Chapter 118: Chase Debt

Rong Jin really did not have it easy these few days . Princes hurting each other to fight for power and authority was one of the things that the Emperor hated the most .

Emperor Jiawen had earned his throne in a similar manner back then, so he was extremely sensitive and suspicious about this .

Of course, he knew that this was an unavoidable fight in the royal family . However, he did not believe that Rong Jin was the first to strike .

Back then, the Emperor’s father did not appoint the Crown Prince until way later, causing his other brothers and him to fight brutally . Thus, when it was his turn to choose, he appointed the Empress’s eldest son—Rong Jin—as the Crown Prince early on as he was afraid that history would repeat itself .

However, reality was different from his wishes, and Rong Jin really disappointed him thoroughly .

Emperor Jiawen did not understand . Rong Jin was the Crown Prince, had a distinguished status, and was more talented than the rest . As long as the others did not revolt, the throne would be his . So why couldn’t he hold himself back?

Emperor Jiawen did not announce this incident, commanded that everything should be kept confidential and that nobody should spread a word about this .

He then told Rong Jin to reflect on himself in his residence and confiscated his authority to supervise the six divisions .

All the booklets that had been sent to Crown Prince Mansion were sent back to the Imperial Study overnight by Rong Jin .

Rong Jin knew that the Emperor no longer trusted him . This was his biggest loss, compared to the rest . If the Emperor still could not trust him in the future, then…

Rong Jin did not dare to overthink as he knew that he was in the wrong . He did his best to admit his mistakes and clearly showed his stance in hopes of reducing his father’s anger .

This was the biggest secret loss he had incurred since he became the Crown Prince . However, he could not take revenge on the instigator .

Rong Jin was very indignant, but he did not even dare to throw a tantrum as his father was definitely watching him in secret . What else could he do?

After much thinking, he could only shut himself in the study and not go out for two days .

On the third day, Chu Xianmin brought soup over as usual and was halted outside the door without surprise . Chu Xianmin could not hold herself back much longer .

On the first day she married the Crown Prince, he was called into the palace overnight and went straight to the study when he returned . She could not even catch a glimpse of him .

These three days, all the servants in the mansion talked bad about her . Many of them were also very rude to her as they saw that the Crown Prince didn’t love her .

I must do something for myself today .  However, Chu Xianmin knew that forcefully barging in was not advantageous to her . Therefore, she could only swallow her indignance and face the tightly shut door before saying, “Your Highness, I’ll put the fritillary bulb and pear soup here . Do drink it when you have the time and don’t tire yourself out . Also, I have a request . My body has recovered quite a fair bit after resting for a while, so I would like to go back to the academy tomorrow . What do you think?”

If she were the Crown Princess, she would, of course, be too lazy to head back . However, she was disfigured and was only left with this path .

If she still had capabilities, the Crown Prince would not be overboard with her . She had to go back, even if her most hated enemy, Chu Liuyue, was inside the academy .

After Chu Xianmin finished her sentence, she waited outside the door anxiously . She only heard Rong Jin’s reply after a long time .

“You can go back to the academy if you want, but you’re not allowed to stay there . Come back to the mansion every day . Also, you should always take care of yourself . Don’t embarrass me . ”

Chu Xianmin acted as if she was granted something extravagant . “Thank you very much, Your Highness . ”

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Early in the morning the next day, Chu Ning left in a rush .

Chu Liuyue guessed that the Crown Prince was in even more trouble than expected . This thought put her in a good mood, so she did not rest at home and walked out of the house and headed to Zhen Bao Pavilion .

Once her figure appeared in Zhen Bao Pavilion, a sharp-eyed pageboy went to the back and told Yan Ge .

Yan Ge, who was busy checking the stocks, did not continue with his work and reached the front desk in no time . His face was filled with enthusiasm, but he did not lose his manners . “Ms . Liuyue, what brings you here?”

“I have a break today, so I came here to take a look . ”

“Hehe, that sounds great! Look around and see what you like!” Yan Ge rubbed his hands, and his gaze was filled with hope as if he would immediately give Chu Liuyue the item she liked .

Chu Liuyue hurriedly waved her hands . “No, no . Second Master Yan, you’re too kind . I still have many of the things you gave me, and I haven’t used them . I came here today to get a few people from you . ”

Yan Ge was dazed . “You want some people from me? What are you planning to do?”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly . “Chase a debt . ”

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In the Chu family’s main living room .

First Elder sat at the head of the table, and a stack of account books was on the table . The few people, who looked like they were managing things, stood in front of him with their heads hung low with faces filled with nervousness .

The room was very quiet, and one could only hear the sound of First Elder flipping the books .

With every page First Elder flipped through, the darker his face looked . At the very end, his gaze completely darkened, and he slammed the books on the table . “What’s the matter? Not only did the stores under the Chu family’s name not make any profit, but we have even suffered losses! What are you all doing?”

The few managers were frightened until they shivered .

One of them wiped the sweat off their foreheads and had a bitter look as he muttered, “First Elder, we have no choice . This year is a bad year, and we can’t collect the rental fee for the fields . Our business is also doing badly, and there’s nothing we can improve on . Besides, the residence has a large expenditure… so more money went out than in, resulting in huge losses . ”

“Weren’t a few stores earning money? Where are their accounts?” First Elder flipped the books in frustration .

The few of them exchanged looks and spoke even softer .

“… First Elder, did you forget that those stores were given to Chu Ning by the head of the family? They’re all written under his name… When he severed ties with the Chu family he sent people over to claim those stores . ”

First Elder was shocked and only remembered the incident then .

Chu Ning was originally very loved in the Chu family, publicly thought to be the next family head, so he had quite a few assets under his name . After he lost favor, his name was still written on the title deeds even though his situation was bad and the stores were taken away .

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When Chu Ning was appointed as the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief, it was not a problem for him to claim those stores back . The Chu family also did not have the guts to go against Chu Ning upfront .

First Elder’s blood boiled, and he almost ripped the book apart .  If this goes on, the Chu family’s lives will be even worse!

“First Elder, C-Chu Liuyue is here!” At this moment, a pageboy suddenly ran into the house with a face filled with panic .

Everyone thought that they had heard him wrongly .  Didn’t Chu Liuyue sever ties with the Chu family? Why would she dare to come here?

First Elder squinted his eyes . “Is it really her?”

“Y-Yes it is . ” The pageboy was on the brink of tears . “She even brought a few people with her, and they’re outside the door . ”

“She really ate bear hearts and leopard galls!” First Elder slammed the table and stood up . “How dare she come to the Chu family? I want to see what she’s up to this time . ”

Even if she knelt down and begged him, he would not go easy on her .

The pageboy huffed and puffed before speaking with much difficulty . “First Elder, Chu Liuyue s-said…”

“Said what?”

“She said she came to chase a debt . ”

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