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Chapter 111: Ferocious Beast!

The next moment, the palm that she placed on the door seemed to attract all sorts of fire as it burned crazily .

Almost immediately, the fire seemed to extend from her palm to the rest of her body . The fiery, boiling heat surrounded her .

It was as though every inch of her body was scorching because of the burning fire . It was as if something had wrapped around her organs tightly, hurting the depths of her heart .

Chu Liuyue was shocked and angry .  This fire is killing me .  

She wanted to move backward, but she discovered that she could not move at all . Her entire person was controlled by something else .

The fire rapidly burned her limbs and bones, heading straight for her dantian .

The harsh and petrifying murderous intent made Chu Liuyue’s hair stand on end .

The dantian was the most important thing to a cultivator . Once it was spoiled, one would never be able to cultivate again .

This fire was actually going straight for her dantian .

When the strong force was about to strike her dantian, the water droplet—which had always been quietly floating in Chu Liuyue’s dantian—suddenly started spinning rapidly .


An invisible pressure burst out of Chu Liuyue’s body and went straight out .

Chu Liuyue could even clearly feel the two forces intensely clashing as the terrifying strength spread around her body . At this moment, Chu Liuyue felt as if her entire body had been invaded by molten lava . Every single inch of her body hurt .

The lucky thing was that the energy exuded by the water droplet was very powerful . It had almost overwhelmed and killed off the energy that wanted to kill Chu Liuyue .

The horrifying pain then gradually dissipated .

However, Chu Liuyue did not dare to relax as she stared at the etching on the door .

The eagle’s eyes were actually closed as if everything that happened just now was just an illusion .

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists tightly .  No . That definitely wasn’t an illusion! Without the water droplet’s power, I would’ve died .

She had never expected her to walk on the edge of life, even before she entered Jiuyou Tower .

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?” asked the elder curiously when he saw Chu Liuyue stand in front of the door and did not move .

Chu Liuyue turned back .

The elder and the surrounding people seemed not to have noticed what just happened the moment before .

A thought flashed across her mind, and she shook her head . “Nothing . ” Then, she no longer stopped in her tracks and walked in .

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Jiuyou Tower had nine levels in total and many different rooms . It was very spacious inside .

The people who walked in had already familiarly walked towards the rooms they liked to start cultivating .

A spiral staircase was situated in the middle of the building, and it was clearly connected to the higher floors . Some people did not stop at the first floor and went straight up .

The higher the floor, the denser the Heaven and Earth Force in Jiuyou Tower . However, every floor was separated by a boundary . Anyone who wanted to enter the higher floors to cultivate had to make it past the boundary .

This would then be based on one’s capabilities .

Normally, students with lower cultivations could only practice on the first floor .

Chu Liuyue did not eagerly choose which room to cultivate in, but she stood still and lowered her head to look at her palm . The scorching burn mark could still be clearly seen .

She had previously placed this hand on that door . That petrifying fire had also entered her body through her palm . That burn mark was the best evidence for whatever had just happened .

But why did it happen…? All the other students clearly had no issues entering Jiuyou Tower, so why did such a situation happen to me? Why did the eagle suddenly open its eyes and direct such murderous intent towards me? Perhaps… the murderous intent wasn’t directed at me, but the water droplet in my dantian .

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly, but she had no answers .

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“Chu Liuyue, have you not picked a room?” A voice suddenly sounded from behind .

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw an unfamiliar young girl’s face .

The girl was quite pretty, and her pair of almond-like eyes were very cute . She raised her hand and pointed at the side . “Actually, the rooms on the first floor are the same . You can just choose any one of them and go in to cultivate . However, those with names on the door means that there’s someone inside . Therefore, you can just choose the ones without anyone inside . ”

Chu Liuyue nodded . “Thank you . ”

That young girl smiled and revealed her teeth . “What’s there to thank? I’m Mu Hongyu . You can just call me Hongyu . ”

It turns out that this girl is an extrovert and makes friends easily .  Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh . Chu Liuyue liked her personality, but she did not know the girl, so why did the girl seem so enthusiastic?

“Okay . You can call me Liuyue then . ”

Mu Hongyu curiously sized Chu Liuyue up . “You’re really different from the rumors . ”

Without needing to ask Mu Hongyu what the ‘rumors’ said about her, Chu Liuyue could already guess . She also did not have any interest in asking . “Everyone is avoiding me, so why did you take the initiative to help me?”

Mu Hongyu grunted . “You taught Chu Xianmin a lesson, so I’ll naturally stand at your side . An enemy’s enemy is a friend . ”

Chu Liuyue felt amused .  It seems like this lady purposely helped me because she had grudges against Chu Xianmin . However, I do agree with whatever Mu Hongyu said .

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“I can’t talk to you anymore . I need to go up and cultivate . ” After Mu Hongyu finished her sentence, she decisively turned around and went upstairs .

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to head upstairs as well . However, upon thinking about what had happened earlier, she hesitated and chose to cultivate on the first floor instead .

Chu Liuyue generally surveyed her surroundings and discovered that the layout of every room was the same . Eventually, she chose a room in an isolated corner .

After closing the door and hiding away from everyone’s gazes, Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged on the stone in the room . She was not in a rush to cultivate . Instead, she looked at the burn mark on her palm .

Just looking at it made her feel pain .

Chu Liuyue entered deep thought .  Jiuyou Tower is the most important place in Tian Lu Academy . It is also the academy’s foundation . If there were any movements in it, the academy teachers definitely wouldn’t sit around and do nothing . However, that elder was so near to me, but it seemed like he did not detect anything .

Chu Liuyue did not dare guarantee that nobody else knew about this . However, the most important thing now was to find out why Jiuyou Tower would target her, or perhaps, target the water droplet in her body .

“Where did you come from? Why did you attract so much trouble?” asked Chu Liuyue in her heart .

However, the water droplet remained motionless .

“Today is my first time coming here . Luckily, I was only shocked and not hurt . However, this won’t happen again if I come here in the future, right?” Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched . “If this happens every day, I can’t come to Jiuyou Tower anymore . ”

It’s so troublesome!

This time, the water droplet vibrated lightly and finally made a line of words appear . “What’s there to be afraid of a mere evil beast?”

Evil beast? Chu Liuyue was stunned as a cold feeling rose from the bottom of her foot . “You mean that Jiuyou Tower has fiends? How can that be possible?”

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