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Chapter 108: Wait For You

Chu Liuyue asked in shock, “Why are you here?”

Rong Xiu’s long arm held her thin and soft waist, bringing the two of them even closer .

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and was about to take action .

“Wu…” Rong Xiu seemed not to notice that danger was lurking as his entire person leaned against Chu Liuyue and his chin gently rested on her forehead . He sighed softly . “I’m so tired…”

Chu Liuyue was speechless .

The duo’s close to hugging posture allowed Chu Liuyue to feel the warmth of Rong Xiu’s body through the shirt . She could even hear his clear and powerful heartbeats .

The warmth from the duo’s contact started to spread, making her feel a little hot .

She clenched her teeth . “Rong Xiu, if you don’t let go of me, I won’t be nice to you!”

Rong Xiu’s hand that was restricting her moved slowly, and he knocked Chu Liuyue’s fingers lightly, causing the sharp knife to land in his hands .

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to retaliate, but Rong Xiu was too strong, and she was not his match . She could only watch on as the other party took her things away .

Rong Xiu looked down and saw the blade shining brightly; it was as sharp as ever .  If this knife slashed me… Pfft .

“Yue’er, why do you always hide weapons on you? If you accidentally hurt me, won’t your heart hurt to death?”

Chu Liuyue turned speechless after listening to his shameless words . “I just use it for self-defence, so I’ll naturally kill whoever has ill intentions . I’ll only act faster towards shameless people . ”

Rong Xiu laughed deeply, and Chu Liuyue could clearly feel his chest vibrating .

Just when Chu Liuyue really could not take it any longer, Rong Xiu finally let go of her . At the same time, his fingers bent, and the flying blade immediately contorted, turning into useless metal .

Chu Liuyue glared at him .

However, her gaze was bright and very comfortable to Rong Xiu . He chuckled lightly and walked into the house while holding Chu Liuyue’s hand .

“This is of poor quality . I’ll give you a good one tomorrow . ”

Chu Liuyue really did not know how to reply to him . She looked down and saw Rong Xiu holding her hand tightly, without any intention of letting her go . There was no use for her to struggle, so she decisively gave up on that idea .

Logic was useless in front of this type of person, and she was no match for him in terms of violence, so it was useless for her to struggle .

“Your Highness, did you come to the wrong place? This is Tian Lu Academy . Isn’t it inappropriate if you come in just like this?” Chu Liuyue suddenly had a question in her heart when she thought of this . “That’s not right . The academy has tight security, and trespassers aren’t allowed to enter at all . How did you come in?”

Rong Xiu pulled her into the house and walked straight to the bed as he smiled lightly . “I have my own ways of coming in . ”

Chu Liuyue seriously looked at him .  There are barriers outside Tian Lu Academy, and countless strong talents are holding the fort inside . Logically speaking, they should definitely detect an outsider trespassing into the area . However, they clearly did not detect him . How exactly did Rong Xiu do it?

Just when Chu Liuyue was thinking about this, Rong Xiu had already reached the bed .

Chu Liuyue secretly gathered her strength and suddenly pushed him .

Somehow, Rong Xiu seemed to have predicted this, so he turned around .

Chu Liuyue’s strength struck the air, and her entire person fell forward uncontrollably .

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Rong Xiu moved backward and conveniently fell onto the bed .

The sound of impact between the body and the bed made one’s teeth ache .

Chu Liuyue landed straight on Rong Xiu’s chest .

Rong Xiu grunted but still held her tight, using his body to block the impact .

Everything happened in just a moment . When Chu Liuyue recovered her senses, she noticed that she was in Rong Xiu’s embrace .

And he—

“Yue’er, I can be pushed easily . You don’t have to use so much strength,” teased Rong Xiu .

That bit of guilt in Chu Liuyue’s heart instantly vanished into thin air . She looked up at him . “Who wanted to push you…”

Before Chu Liuyue could finish her sentence, she saw Rong Xiu’s slightly pale face and the faint dark green beneath his eyes from the moonlight that shone in through the window . She paused, and her brows knitted slightly . “Your Highness, since when did you become so weak?”

Rong Xiu’s lips curved up . “Yue’er, you really care about me . ”

Chu Liuyue glared at him angrily but felt that something was indeed wrong, judging by his appearance .

“I haven’t slept in the past two days, so I am pretty tired . ”

“Yet, you didn’t forget to come over even when you’re tired . Prince Li, you really have a lot of energy,” muttered Chu Liuyue, but she eliminated the idea of kicking Rong Xiu down from the bed .

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Rong Xiu looked at her, and his eyes sparkled . He laughed deeply . “I can only sleep well in your place . What else can I do?” His voice was low, similar to the strumming of an instrument . He looked especially genuine under the brilliant moonlight .

Chu Liuyue tightly pressed her lips against each other . She naturally did not believe his words, but she could not help hesitating when she saw Rong Xiu’s appearance . After some time, she then said, “Your Highness, you come and go as you please, and others can’t say anything about it . Go ahead . ”

She was about to stand up .

“Really?” Rong Xiu raised his brows and exerted some strength with his hands, trapping Chu Liuyue in his embrace .

The both of them were very close to each other . When Rong Xiu talked, Chu Liuyue could even feel his warm breath by her ears .

Rong Xiu shifted his gaze, and it traveled around her face, finally landing on her petal-like lips . His eyes were dark, and he slowly inched in closer .

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt uncomfortable, and her entire person froze .

Unexpectedly, Rong Xiu stopped and smiled . “What are you… waiting for?”

Chu Liuyue was shocked and only recovered her senses afterward . She immediately stood up . “Whose waiting for you?”

Rong Xiu liked Chu Liuyue even more as he stared at the young girl with a pair of bright and fiery eyes in front of him .

Her current appearance—which was different from her usual calm and composed demeanor—was the most attractive one .

He started to relax, and the feelings of lethargy kicked in . He laughed deeply and looked at Chu Liuyue before closing his eyes to rest .

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief for some reason when she saw him close his eyes and hide his mesmerizing gaze . That earlier look made her heart beat a lot faster .

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“Rong Xiu—” Chu Liuyue was about to say something else, but Rong Xiu breathed deeply as if he had already fallen asleep .

Chu Liuyue swallowed her remaining words and looked at Rong Xiu for a while .  This is weird . How can someone with such complicated thinking fall asleep in someone else’s place so quickly? Is he really not worried that I’ll do something bad to him?

Rong Xiu is definitely someone that doesn’t trust the people around him easily, but he never guards himself against me for some reason . Why exactly is that so… .

Chu Liuyue looked at him for a while and turned around to leave .

After walking out, she heard a faint mutter .

“… Yue’er…”

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw that Rong Xiu’s eyes were tightly shut, and he had not woken up .

He dreamt of me? What did he dream of? However, his tone is very warm and loving .

Chu Liuyue inched in closer, but Rong Xiu did not say anything else . She waited for a while and finally stood up to leave .  Perhaps… I heard it wrongly .  

When Chu Liuyue left, the room fell into dead silence once again .

Rong Xiu seemed to have a nightmare since he knitted his brows . After a long time, his lips moved slightly, and he let out a light mutter . “… Don’t go back…”

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